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I've had enough.Category: (general)
Saturday, 7 July 2007
02:31:22 AM (GMT)
Alright PinkyPink. I got your message. I can't send you a message because I'm not on
your friends list. So here's another public entry you can give me crap for.
I didn't claim that Rei is God. I never did, and neither did she. I talked about God
because you talked about God and you claimed only non-racist people went to Heaven. I
would have liked to know how you can say that and be against Rei because she's
Japanese, but I don't care anymore. And grammar was never the only situation. I was
more concentrated on your behavior here. See, when you register for a site like this,
you're supposed to make friends, not join to say mean things.
When I joined Kupika, I was under the impression that everyone here was interested in
making friends. And that's what I did. I made a friendship with Rei. When you came
along and started sending her messages or whatever you were doing to upset her, you
upset me. See, something that happens when you become friends with someone is that
you defend them. I know you understand this, because you claimed your friends were
coming to your defense to go after Rei.
I almost didn't say anything to you, you know. I almost left you alone. But like I
said, when you have friends, you want to help them out when they're upset.
I don't know why you started anything with Rei. I don't care why you started it. I
just know what you were doing was wrong. You shouldn't hurt people like that and do
it purposefully. That's called flaming, and under most circumstances it will get you
Also, I don't wait by the computer for a response. And I certainly don't give a damn
if you have a Sidekick 3 and can "watch my every move." I'm not a material girl. What
I do have, I cherish. So... whatever, keep on making assumptions. I don't care.
OK look, after this, unless YOU wish to continue communications, I honestly want
nothing further to do with you. Whatever you decide to do from now on, I plan to
ignore you. You were never worth my time or my anger. I don't care what you have to
say anymore. You understand that? I don't care.
It's too bad we didn't meet before this affair began. I get the feeling that outside
of Kupika, you're a very nice person. And I'm being honest, too. Maybe if we meet on
some other site and don't recognize each other, we'll become friends. See, I'm
genuinely interested in making friends, and I can't stand it when someone hates me or
someone I know.
Have a great life. I'll go ahead and apologize for pissing you off. I'm sure you
don't think you deserved it, and maybe you didn't. So, see ya.


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