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WARNING FOR ALL LIVEJOURNAL USERSCategory: Seriously; if you post fiction on LJ please look!!
Wednesday, 30 May 2007
09:25:15 AM (GMT)
Mmmkay, the title may seem a little odd but I swear what I'm going on about deserves
the block-capital treatment.

I'm not sure how many people on here use Livejournal, but it still needs to be said.
There is currently a massive purge going on, which is meant to get rid of paedophiles
and other harmful users/communities/content and has apparently managed to do
so......once or twice. Aside from that, innocent users are seeing their
communities/journals deleted because of the appearence of several key words in their
interests regardless of the actual content (other users have wondered whether a
support group for victims of domestic violence would be deleted because it would
obviously contain the interest 'domestic abuse'; right now, it would be safe to say
it would). I repeat; they are deleting accounts and communities based on their
interests and not the content.

It must be said though, LJ is not deleting accounts randomly. It has a method,
and is sticking to it. The method however, is very flawed

Right now, the best idea is to ensure you don't have any targeted interests, remove
any fics that could potentially get the LJ Abuse group interested in you/your
community and also check your pics. It has been alleged that a user had their
account deleted due to one of their userpics, so for the time being check your pics,
and save/delete any which could be considered suspicious before they get to you. If
you have a community you feel could be targeted, you could temporarily shut the comm
down until the purges are over, or turn it into a friends only area*.

As one user rightly pointed out 'I doubt they will go through all 12 million
accounts', however, it is safe to say anyone involved in the fictional community of
LJ is putting the old saying 'better safe than sorry' into action. It makes sense to
follow suit.

*The thing about 'friends only' is that it prevents the general public from viewing
material, so something that is friends only is less likely to be deleted than
something which everyone can view. Uncoincidentally, private material hasn't really
been touched on yet, so chances are if you have something you're not sure about on LJ
and would prefer to keep hold of it, turn it private for the best chance or friends
only for decent security (or if you have friends who also want to view the

Look, I'm not trying to stir up a storm (the LJ Abuse team have done that for
themselves in a spectacular manner), I'm just trying to make sure the LJ users on
Kupika are protected from the purge. Consider it an act of good will to the users of
this site, and to the fiction writers of LJ (especially as I intend to start posting
fanfic and normal fic on there soon; well, maybe not that soon...).

In any case, if you're an LJ user, now is the time to err on the side of caution.
I've gathered a few links to places around LJ which can fill you in more than I have.
I know this alert is more than a little late, but I'd rather try and help than
presume someone has already made this point and let it go. The whole thing reeks of
'witch hunt' but there is nothing LJ users can do right now other than try to protect
themselves from being targeted.

Oh, one last thing, don't link the groups website into your LJ. They have admitted
they can track where visitors come from so if you stick a link into your area and
people start visiting their page via your journal chances are they'll look at your
journal, which as this diary entry clearly shows, is far from a good thing. If you
want people to check the site for themselves, tell them to google the group. Better
yet, refer people to other users who have mentioned the group; apparently even
mentioning their name can cause interest in journals...

One final last thing; don't start spamming or abusing the LJ Abuse team or the
group that forced the purge, it will only cause more grief! Seriously, just make
sure you and your friends are protected as much as possible and wait for the purge to
die down, more information will crawl out of the woodwork in the meantime.

As of time of writing, these are currently the keywords being targeted:
child abuse, human sacrifice, kidnapping, killing, murder, paedophiles,
paedophilia, rape, beating people up, incest, shota, loli, lolita

Just checked several comms, it is alleged that these words may become target words
yaoi, boys (in the sense of 'boys kissing'; consider all combinations involving
'boys' and anything 'adult' to be a no go), shounen/shounen ai

RP groups are being shut down. Also, several HP groups have been shut down, so be
liz_marcs post about what has been going on the group that is almost certainly behind
it. A very good read to get the basics of what is going on down, and why the group
which everyone has attributed to the purge is...well...suspicious, for lack of a
better word. Check the groups response after reading the post, the link is at the top
of the entry with the others.

Having read through liz_marcs post revolving around the groups response to her email,
I thoroughly feel it deserves a link of its own.

A useful entry that is being updated, and has links to software/sites that can be
used to retrieve deleted stuff. Worth keeping an eye on.

REMEMBER:- try not to worry. As of now, do what you want on LJ, but try
not to do something which could cause you trouble. Chances are, you won't be
affected! Just try to 'keep your nose clean' just in case, okay?

‹RainbowBunion› says:   30 May 2007   887836  
i dodnt read it it was too friggen long >
neoeno says:   17 June 2007   685937  
LJ really made a blunder with this decision.

And btw, it's possible for all websites to find out what pages you
came from. If someone has a link to my site on their LJ, and someone
clicks it, that shows up on my site's stats page. It's useful for
finding out who is linking to you. But it's not something uncommon.
Sanyu says :   28 November 2007   489175  
This caused so much fucking trouble over at EGL. It caused oz_lolita
to go friends only, god damnit. Doesn't bother me since I'm a member
but it was just so wrong.. That stupid organisation didn't have their
facts straight at all. *kicks them*

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