Rystone Accademy Part 1 If you copy without my permission u will
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Rystone Accademy Part 1 If you copy without my permission u will
Category: (general)
Saturday, 5 May 2007
02:23:56 PM (GMT)
"Beep-beep beep-beee-." My hand reached out from under the covers, searching for the
alarm i hit snooze. "10 more minutes!" I muttered. "Wake up Shea!" "Shut up Mark i'm
tired!" Mark yanked the covers out from under me. "School starts in 47 minutes!" He
said as if he knew everything. "Not for me, i have 1 hour!" "What, no don't u go to
Oakland High?" "NO!" i couldn't stop from yellin'. "i go to Ry- great! Sorry i do go
to Oakland High. 
       This is the hard part, getting away from my brother before we reach the
Oakland High Bus Stop. I bent down to tie my shoe. As soon as he looked the other way
i stood up and made a sharp turn to the right. "Shea?"Great he's following me! When i
reached the coast-line i was shicked. I didn't think this many people whould be here!
I didn't reconize anybody. The ship was so beautiful. 
       A guy walked up behind me, he didn't look lost. He had mid-neck lenght black
hair, with hazel eyes. He must have been here before. I took a breath and asked, "Is
this the ship to Rystone Accademy?" He kind of looked at me then said "Yea it is."
"Thanks," i felt akward, "call me Shea." He smiled, "Call me Jake." "I can't believe
it1 i have to go to school with 2,050 strangers!" He just laughed, "You'll make
friends." "Do u want to share a compartment?" "Sure." Why not? He is the only one i
       As we're boaring the ship Marissa comes up to me, "OMG! You're going to
Rystone Accademy too?" "Yea," i decieded to interduce her. "Jake this is Marissa,
Marissa this is Jake." "Hi, Marissa," he studered on her name. "Do you want to share
the compartment with us?" I could tell he was trying to be nice. "Sure!" 
      After a boring leature we went to our compartment and went to bed. The next
thing i know Marissa was shaking me. "Wake up!" "What?" i muddered. "Jake is gone!"
"What?" i sat straight up. "OMG u have a crush on Jake!" She used her 'ohh voice'.
"So? Big deal!" Trying to change the subject i asked, "Is Pete here?" "I don't know."
she said dreamily. Right after she said that a guys head poped in, "Do you gu-
Marissa?!" "Petey!" It was like watching the sound of music, they ran to each other
and kissed. They left for his compartment. "Jake where are you?" I mutterd in my
shark-voice that i use to talk about things without anyone else knowing waht i'm
sayin'.  With a sigh i sat down nexy to the window. Muddering some words in the
shark-voice 2 sharks came up to the boat. "What are you doing?" I nearly fell over,
"talking to sha-" What the hey i might as well tell him, "Talking to sharks." "Oh,"
he probally thinks i'm retatarded. "Where did Marissa go?" "She went of with Pete." 
i almost used my shark-voice. 'Yess- i mean sorry." That's OK." I laughed alittle.
"Want any bisskets? they're homemade." "Sure, i'm hungry." I said as i reached over
to grab one.
        Nibbleing on my bissket i looked out my window. Something was moving in the
water. "Jake come over here!" "What?" I pointed. "is that a long-tailed marine
dragon?" He nodded. Before he could stop me i reached out the window. She came right
up to me. "She needs firestone," i spoke quikly as i reached into my pocket. I've
seen picture, just never a real dragon! She jumped out the window and into the water.
"You know, my dad is the teacher in Dragon Sceinces." "Cool!" "Porfesser
Smitherwick."  So that's how he knew his way, his dad works here!

Black_Cats_Bring_Good_Luck says:   5 May 2007   385676  
Part 2 out soon
Jane_Doe_Soul says:   5 May 2007   663616  
i love it!
ChibiRini says:   5 May 2007   682328  
so good. put the 2nd part up soon.
Black_Cats_Bring_Good_Luck says :   6 May 2007   477539  
ok i have to finish writting it


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