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Sunday, 29 April 2007
09:23:25 PM (GMT)
1st part

The lights flickered. "Tammy, what's happening now?" Tammy's mom asked absent
mindedly. "Uh nothing mom," Tammy said. The truth was she had been playing with the
power lines again. She wasn't supposed to be she couldn't get hurt. She didn't know
why she just couldn't. She fixed the lines and ran to the kitchen. "What's for
dinner?" She asked, but she was greeted with a horrible sight. Her family was
murdered with knives through there knife. I small girl was standing there, her hands
drenched in blood. "WHAT DID YOU DO!" Tammy screamed. "What the masters told me to
do," Said the girl.

2nd part

"I have to do what the Masters tell me,” said the girl, ”and now we must go. They
are expecting you." She walked up to Tammy and grabbed her, then they teleported.
They ended up in a place that looked like a school but much weirder. There were
flaming people, aliens and all kinds of weirdos here. "Where are we?" asked Tammy.
"This is the Masters' domain,” She said in her creepy voice,” They will see you
Tammy was brought before many cloaked giants. "Welcome to our domain. We are the
Masters and this is where you will study your ability,” said one of them. "You will
learn under the healing one,” said another. "Take her away," said the final one.
She was the knocked out and dragged away from the room.

3rd part

"Wake up," Someone hissed to Tammy, “Come to me." Tammy woke up and walked up to
the attic. It was as if she had no control over her actions. The attic was a darkened
room with a high vaulted ceiling riddled with cobwebs. A large window covered one
wall and a black ragged curtain covered it. Strewn across the room were items that
Tammy could not discern but she felt an aura of menace around them. There was a
person in the corner calling her. "Who are you?" asked Tammy. "I am Ester, people
call me The Queen of Darkness," she hissed, "I will teach you about all the aspects
of your powers." 
"Are you The Healing One, that's who I am supposed to learn from," Said Tammy.

4th part

"That stupid old crone," Ester hissed,"You're very unlucky to have to learn from
her. She tried to teach me once as did all the other teachers, but like the others
she failed. Nobody here even has a clue as to what I can do. I can make you have
unlimited power just like me and all I ask for is a little bit of your power."
"How would you get get my power?" Tammy asked, afraid it would be painful. 
"It's a simple process, completely painless. But I shall give you some time to think
about it, don't try coming back untill I call you," Ester said as she gave Tammy a
little tap. That little tap sent Tammy spiraling back to her room. Tammy felt an
urge to go out to the pond and so she did. It was there she met Elisha, The Healing
"Let the lessons begin," said the lady at the pond. She led Tammy to her first


Elisha led Tammy to a clearing. "Stand there," Elisha said, pointing to a spot under
a tree. She turned her back on Tammy and picked something up from the ground. "They
tell me you can heal. Is that true?" 
"Yes," replied Tammy.
"Good,” said Elisha as she turned around. She had a sword in her hand. Elisha then
cast a spell on Tammy, rooting her to the spot. She charged and Tammy screamed as the
cold, steel blade plunged into her stomach and was removed. Tammy thought she heard a
faint cackle as her stomach seared with pain. But the next moment the wound was gone
along with the pain.
"The test is over, you can go now," Elisha said, cleaning off the blade.
Tammy returned to her room and lay down on the bed. She made a promise to herself to
look for Ester in the morning.


Tammy awoke to a knocking on her door. She was still rubbing the sleep out of her
eyes when she opened the door to find a boy about her age standing there. "Who are
you?" She asked.
" My name is Paul. You better get ready quick if you want to get breakfast," Paul
said, closing the door to give her some privacy.
Tammy rushed around her room, hurriedly pulling on some nicer clothes and combing her
hair. She came out and walked down to breakfast with Paul. When the were just about
to begin eating Tammy stopped and asked, "Do you know anyone name Ester?" Paul didn't
reply but she could tell he was uncomfortable with that question. After breakfast
Paul showed her around and told her she wouldn't just be having healing lessons. It
all sounded interesting because it was things like teleportation, potions, spell
weaving, etc. Then he mentioned they used to study traveling through dimensions but
one student got stuck in another dimension. She wondered if that was Ester and was
about to ask but she realized he had lead her into the forest. All of a sudden she
was summoned by Ester.


Tammy felt sick as she whirled through dimensions and landed in Ester's attic. "Have
you made your decision yet, little one?" Ester asked in an almost hypnotising voice,
"Can I have some of your power?" Tammy wanted to refuse then but she couldn't.
"Y-Y-Yes," She stuttered not able to stop the words coming from her mouth, "T-T-Take
my power as much as you want."
Ester grinned with an evil pleasure. "Why thank you little one." She hissed.
Tammy felt as though there was a cage around her but she couldn't see it. Suddenly
Paul was there begging Ester to let Tammy go. In the brief time they had together he
had fallen in love with Tammy. A cage came around him too and he screamed as Ester
"revoked his privileges" to use power in her realm.
"You stinking little pup!" Ester hissed at Paul, "You shouldn't have told me you were
in love with her. Now I can use that as a torture all on its own." She muttered a
strange incantation and was surrounded by minions of Hades. "Let the games begin!"
Ester cackled as the first wave of minions advanced towards their prey, Tammy and


Minions of Hades swarming around, Tammy could do nothing but scream. Paul, in his
own equally hopeless situation, glanced over at Tammy. What he saw was so horrific
he didn't even notice the minions devouring his flesh. Tammy was surrounded by the
horrid creatures as they tore at her muscles with hooked, rotting teeth. Paul wanted
to look away, but Ester, upon seeing his reaction, fixed his gaze on Tammy. "You must
watch your darling go through this torture," Ester hissed, hovering above his cage.
Paul didn't notice another wave of demons released upon him, tearing at his throat
and splitting his bones to eat the sweet marrow inside. "Feast my darlings! You have
been starved for centuries! Today we will rule all dimensions!" Ester yelled to the
minions. Tammy was unable to scream as her voicebox was ripped out of throat.


The need to scream was enormous inside Tammy. She wanted to, but without a throat she
couldn't. Tammy glanced twords Paul, only to regret it the next moment. The sight of
him made Tammy want to hurl, but she no longer had a stomach. We're not going to
leave alive, Tammy though without hope, There's just no way.
Tammy glanced at Paul again. He wasn't even skin and bones, there was no skin left
on his body and all of his bones were split. Suddenly Ester called off the minions.
"You have feasted, my children," Ester hissed, "Now it is time for the older ones to
eat!" The minions disappeared, only to be replaced by enormous monsters. "These are
my Shiukayen," Ester said as if reading Tammy's mind. The Shiukayen were towering
beasts that looked like the offspring of a pig, a bull, and a giant. There were only
two, but that was enough. "Devour them!" cried Ester, still hovering in the air. Then
she yelled something Tammy couldn't understand. The monsters lumbered up to the
cages, sniffing their victims. Tammy could swear she saw them grin. The Shiukayen let
out a horrible roar. They then devoured their victims, crunching bones and lapping up
blood. "Those festering idiots will not interrupt my plans now that they are dead,"
Ester said, stroking her beasts, "I now have enough power to take over the mortal


Ester looked over the land below and sighed. This was how she had wanted it. People
chained together labored to build her kingdom. Any conspiracy was soon crushed by
mages under her control. Ester had known it would be easy when she defeated Tammy,
this dimension's only hope. "Yarkul!" Ester shouted, "Don't go easy on that one just
because he's a kid! He'll need to work someday! If you don't make him pick up the
pace, you will share the same fate as Tammy!" 
"Yes ma'am! I'll get him working!"
The threat of Ester's minions was enough to get anyone working. The one called Yarkul
raised a whip above his head and brought it down hard on a boy, no older than 10. The
young boy's scream was like a gorgeous song to Ester. Some people said she had no
feelings, but those people were long gone now. Ester surveyed the work once more.
A castle was starting to take shape. It was made out of harsh steel, enchanted to
withstand magic. There were cages hung outside, where those who dared oppose Ester
would be placed for the crows to devour. Ester knew there was a chamber deep below
the ground where her minions would live. The village surrounding was deserted, all
its occupants working on the castle. Anyone that couldn't work was fed to minions.
That was the best moment in Esters life, screams of parents and children as babies,
the old, and the sick were devoured by demons. Ester lived of sadness and fear.
This was her kingdom. "Come forth, my king," Ester said, "Let my servants see you."
The workers gasped as someone emerged from the shadows. It was Paul. Ester had given
him cybernetic implants and wiped his mind. 
"We have a beautiful kingdom. We shall reign for all eternity." Paul proclaimed in
a loud, robotic voice. Hope was lost for all, the rulers could never die. 
Ester's new kingdom was forever.

Thanks to everyone who read my story!

i_love_nikkie says:   30 April 2007   616655  
hey that was cool
‹Ester of the Dimensions› says:   30 April 2007   746797  
KatoChan says:   1 May 2007   642916  
Very Nice, I enjoyed myself throughly.  However, I think you may have
rushed into the story a bit too fast, without fully explaining who
Tammy was. I thought it was very interesting how ester had to ask to
take her power.  

All in all very nice, indeed.   Y'know I have a club for this kind of
stuff ^_^
‹Ester of the Dimensions› says :   4 May 2007   657287  
Thanks! I know it's not a very developed plot line. I'm editing it,
to make it longer. I'll post it when I'm done editing too.


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