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How dare you....?Category: emotions
Friday, 20 April 2007
02:45:57 AM (GMT)
There is this girl.. we're childhood friends... yeah... and I watched her fall for
one guy, get hurt, then move on to the next...

This is the same thing for my brother, except he doesn't get hurt, he does the
hurting.. So yeah..

Last year, when these two started getting close, I freaked out cos they're both
flirts, and if they end up...
it's not gonna be a pretty relationship.. So I told her not to.... And she said..
yeah... sure... aryt.... 

Then one day she comes up to me and says they've been on for a month... So I was

Eight years of friendship were ruined by a guy in one week... Crap. I was thinking
the good side...

At least she told me anyhow, I said to myself. Then she suddenly said.. "cos my
sister found out, and she's telling your sister..
and I didn't want her to tell u, so I thot I'd do it myself..."  Double crap. If my
sister hadn't found out, she wouldn't have told me?

Thanks for everything, my dear friend...

Anyway that was last year.

We wet through a lot of stuff.. We even had some kind of retreat or something....
Where they taught us about forgiveness...

And in my heart of hearts, I tried my very hardest to forgive her... Even if she's
still on with him..

Some might say, as a friend I have to support her love life... But no.. I wanted to
protect her.. Of all the hurt she's been through, this will be the worse..

But she did not listen to me... After eight years, she trusted my lying brother more
than me... But I seriously tried to forgive her, in honor of eight years of

She (call her Gix) has a best friend (call her Sel), who was also a part of our eight
years.. we were a trio actually.. but the other girl and I are ok...

And then the love of my life (call him Enu)... he likes this traitor and he gets
along with my bro... (i hate you)

Then my friends and I are planning an outing on the 28th... We're inviting people
from our age... But we haven't sent out invitations yet...

Then Enu and Sel probably told Gix about the outing... And it seems she got mad cos
she wasn't invited... and she's not talking to me and my two other friends (Ting and

Sel came up to us and said she's not going to the outing... Enu tried to get Gix to
talk to us, but she said that we should be the one to apologize to her..

And this really pissed me off.

1 - She should not complain about us "not telling" cos she has bigger crimes in that

2 - She should wait for invitation, and not assume that she's not getting any. I was
considering inviting her before.

3 - Why should we apologize when we don't know what we did.. If we ever did

4 - She should not take advantage of me and Ting's forgiveness... The two of us were
betrayed by her, and it was totally painful to forgive.. But we made it possible.

5 - We did not need her in our life, we could have lived well without her... But we
forgave because she needs forgiving people like us... And she does not appreciate

She makes me so mad... And why do Sel and Enu have to be so sidekick?!


AceCheerGurl says:   20 April 2007   749358  
awww.... i feel bad for u...
DannyLynnzey says:   20 April 2007   425239  
momo09 says:   20 April 2007   794998  
Dannylynnzey dont be so rude.
And yeah your friend sounds really...well no offence or nothing but
she doesnt sound like a friend to me
sweetapple16 cries :   21 April 2007   252258  
awww... thnx... [that goes for u too Dannylynnzey.. lol]


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