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Taking Eragon to the vets.Category: My pets.
Sunday, 1 April 2007
04:26:34 PM (GMT)
Ok. So Eragon is my male winged dragon. He's a American Amphithere or draco
americanus tex. Arya is my female Mexican amphithere or Draco americanius mex. Both
have no legs, one has feathery wings and the other moth like.  
Eragon wasn't digestion his food properly. I know because guess who has too clean up.
 Anyway He's about my hight. His wing span is twice my arm length and he has a large
mouth.  Anyway I decided to try and get him to the V.E.T.  That's when the trouble
started. Eragon doesn't like the V.E.T. Excepterly the thermometer.  Zac warned me
how hard it will be but me being the big headed girl I am I decided that I could do
it my self.  By the way an Amphithere can breath fire lash out with it's tail and
constrict it's prey. I wished I remembered that before I had spoke to Zac. He's cage
happens to be next to Eragon's.  Before anyone sends the RSPCA round, they can leave
they cage anytime except on a full moon.  Ok. 
Eragon was watching me like a hawk. I thing he was trying to hypnotise me but I had
my glasses on.  I had his collar and lead in my hand. He went mad and knocked me
around his cage when I got close enought. You know Zac could of been helping me but
oh no he was laughing at me in the door way. He needs to learn who his mistress is.
Sometime. Next week. 
My hair in a mess and straw in my clothes and who knows what else on me. 
Plan A fail. It was time for plan b. Food. Buffolo.
Arya, god bless her, was hiding in the food house. She's so sweet. She 3/4 the length
of Eragon and its really nice.  She couldn't hurt a fly. I'll miss her when she
mutures. I tell her my plan and she helps find the biggest jucies piece of meat we
can find.  I had to use silver to get Zac to help hurl it into the cage.  By the way
Zac's a werewolf. Just incase you didn't know.
It would of worked if I'd remembered that Eragon couldn't eat properly.
Plan B failed. Now Plan C. Arya.
Poor Dragon. She was hiding because of Eragon. You see Eragon has got it into his
head that she wuvs him. Which everyone else knows she doesn't. Hence hiding in the
food house. Eragon is banned from there. Anyway Arya has a crush on my sister Wryvm,
Clifford. (After clifford the big red dog) Plan C would of worked except if Eragon
didn't pin her down then he might not of got a hugh claw mark across his face. Me. I
got hit by a fury of wings. Ouch. It would of worked. Stupid dragons. Bloody love
Plan D. Flower.
Flower is a magical horse. Her father is a unicorn and her mother a mare. She is
white with a pink open flower on her forehead and one on either side of her rump. 
She could put anyone to sleep. Except I forgot how. Have you ever heard the most
boring lecture? Well times it by one million and you might get near.
I did get the collar and lead on but I fell asleep.When I woke up I was clinging to
the lead dangling over the side of Eragon's. Which is pretty high up. GulpZac
was watching from below.  "Try letting go? I'll catch you." I don't trust him that
much. He said that once and nearly killed me. Yeah right. How can you forget that on
a full moon you turn into a savage monster?
Then again I can't hold on for too long my arms are hurting.  Eragon is looking at me
wierd. I didn't want to let go. I really didn't. At least Zac's strong arms grabbed
me. I wish I didn't have a crush on my wolf nut his amber eyes just draw me in . Then
he lets go of me.
"Stupid wolf." I lost my temper. Badly. All I wanted was to get Eragon sorted and I
ended up in pain, covered in who knows what and rather annoyed. I think I swore and
hit him and told he if he was so clever that he shoud get the muzzle on Eragon and I
stormed off.
I'm a student of the S.A.S.D. which is the study of Dragons. Type Dragonology into
google. Might explain why my walls are covered in dragon stuff eg, posters reall
sightings, Scales, size differences and there is a couple of werewolf picture and
pokemon stuff as well. I was sulking which amazingly is something I do well. I'm
changed. Do you really thing I'd lay in who knows what on my bed? Someone knockd on
my door sometime later. I expected my mum but it was Zac. Wow. I can't believe my mum
had let him in after last time. He sat on the end of my bed. I can't believe he's
sitting near me. You see if I get angey at him, he gets angey at me and he's a lot
strongerr then me and well I seem to always lose. Badly. Well I kicked him. Not hard.
 He justs looks at the wall. "I've phoned the vet he's coming."
He just got up and left. He looked really upset.
The vet came. Hermione Williow. Nice person. one of the only other people who know
Zac's a werewolf. Doesn't bother her at all. Zac still looks upset.  I think Zac
muzzled and tied eragon's wings up because I had a go at him. Nothing was wrong with
Eragon except he had a rock caught between his back teeth. All that trouble for one
stupid rock. Honestly. 
Arya sneezed. At least with her you don't have to pin her down.
At this moment at 9:25 pm Arya's sleeping. Clifford is telling my sister about the
good old days, Flower is putting Eragon to sleep. and zac, well he's curled up
dreaming. Aboutsomething nice. Me? Heading down stair for a nice cup of hot

imsohot says:   1 April 2007   182429  
xoFallenAngelzxo says :   1 April 2007   428656  
thats looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong!


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