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Insta-Fame Part Two~ Welcome To CaliforniaCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 30 January 2007
01:39:38 AM (GMT)
Chapter Two: Welcome to California!

As we arrived in Los Angeles, we all stared out the windows, reading the sign that
was so huge, it was already visible. It read in big bold letters: Welcome Home
Girls!!! “Well, I guess we are moving here after all!” My mom said with a yawn.
We pulled up, and I had to wake Braden up because he was asleep against my shoulder
the entire flight over here.  “Wha-?” “Wake up you! You slept the whole way
over!” Bradin sat up with his hair all messed up and everyone laughing.
We all got out of the plane and were greeted by JT. He came up to me his arms open
for a hug. “Oh my God hunny!” I laughed. “I can’t believe it! I haven’t
seen you since you moved away from Seattle!” “Yeah,” he added, “Like two
years! I’ve missed you so much!” he smiled brightly. “Oh! These are my friends
Hilary, Braden, and Hil’s mother Olivia, and of course you remember my mom, Bryson,
Hazel, and Kyla.
JT walked over and hugged my mom, said hello to everyone else, gave Kyla and Hazel a
quick peck on the cheek. He walked over to Bryson and did some sort of “guy
handshake.”  “It’s really good to see all of you! I bet you’re as happy as I
am of your daughters and sisters am I correct?” my mom smiled and nodded “ Yes we
are very proud of them but… i'm sorry but I have GOT to put down my bags in some
kind of room!” she laughed along with us. 
“Oh yes!” JT said apologetically, “So sorry!” He called someone on his cell
and said calmly, “Cameron please bring the stretch around!” A huge, gleaming
white stretch limo came around from the back of the airport and parked in front of
us. A short, plump man who I guessed was Cameron got out of the car and took each of
our bags into the trunk. “Right this way please!” Cameron smiled politely. We all
got in the limo and Braden turned the radio on. “Yeah, I could definitely get used
to this!” He laughed. “ Me too!” Hilary, Kyla, and I said together. Bryson
stretched out on the couch and got a soda from the fountain. 
“Well thanks Sis, you totally rule!” “ Well I couldn’t have done this without
my girls!” I hugged my two friends and then turned to my mom. “ Mom, do you
really think we’ll get the deal?” “I don’t see why not! You girls are great!
But remember, don’t count your Emmys before you are nominated!” I laughed and
turned to Braden. “Don’t mind her, she’s got some pretty lame philosophy.”
“Oh I think I’ll manage. Your mom is cool!” My mom smiled at him and said thank
you in a sweet, motherly tone. 
We pulled up to a huge building and JT spoke over the intercom. “ I’d like to
welcome you all to the famous Hilton Hotel!” “Oh my God! You mean PARIS
Hilton?!” Hilary screamed. “Yes, I do believe so.” JT replied laughing. “ Wow
this is sooooooo cool!” I yelped with glee. We got out of the limo and Hilary,
Kyla, Braden, and I held hands, holding our breath and anticipating the moment. We
went in through this big spinning door that I thought was quite cool. (Sad I know.)
We went through the lobby and up to the front desk.
“ Hello, we are here to check in.” JT said. “Oh yes name please!” The check
in guy said softly “ Arlington, Boyer, and Carter” JT replied. “Oh yes! Right
this way to your suites.” We walked to the elevator and waited till we got to the
tenth floor. After we all stepped out JT talked quietly “ Ok Mariah, Hilary, Kyla,
and Hazel you go to suite 113. Bryson, Braden, and I will be in 128. Mrs. Arlington
and Mrs. Boyer, you get to stay in suite 110.” “ Sounds good to me!” I said.
“ Okay the pool is on the roof which is the fifteenth floor. It closes at midnight.
How about we meet in the lobby at 10:00 tomorrow morning is that good with
“Yep!” Hilary, Kyla, and I said together we all walked of in different directions
to our rooms. Hilary, Kyla, Hazel, and I arrived to our suite. “ Ready?” Hazel
whispered with excitement as I took out the key.” I’ve been ready my whole
life.” I breathed deeply as I opened the door. We all took one look at the front
room and were immediately impressed. There was a huge sofa with the biggest TV I've
ever seen. We walked through that and rounded the corner and saw a very nice kitchen
that my mom would kill for. Past that was a big full-sized bathroom with a shower the
size of a walk-in closet and a garden tub that was so deep it would probably go to my
neck and close to my chin.
We went to one of the bedrooms with a double king size full foam mattress. Kyla went
to lie down on it and sighed happily. “Like a cloud.” “Get up you moron!”
Hilary laughed. She grabbed a pillow and hit Kyla on the head. “Hey stop you two! I
kinda want to see the rest of this place thank-you very much!” “Hey Riah! Heads
up!” Kyla launched a pillow at my head and her, Hazel and Hilary giggled. The phone
began to ring. “I’ll get it!” Hazel yelped jumping off the bed.
“Hello?” she said in her five-year-old voice, which she thought was absolutely
adorable. But everyone else just thought it was annoying. “ Ok hold on! Mariah
it’s for you!” I picked up the phone and heard Braden say hi.  “ Oh Hey! What's
up?” I said in a bubbly voice. “ Hi meet us at the pool in ten minutes ok?” he
replied.  “ But we just saw eachother like fifteen minutes ago!” “ Umm Riah, we
aw eachother an hour ago.” I glanced at the clock and gasped. “ Oh my God!
You’re right!” He laughed. “ By golly I am! Well do you guys want to come with
or not?” “ Yeah sure let me just ask who wants to.” “ Who wants to go
swimming?!” I squealed. “ Oh we do!” Hilary giggled along with Kyla.
 “ Hey where’s Hazel?” I questioned. “Oh she went to bed. I think she was
tired from the flight over here.” “Oh okay.” I picked up the phone and talked
rapidly. “Hey we’ll meet you in ten ok?” “Okay see you then! Love you bye.”
“Bye.”  I hung up the phone and got changed. Kyla and Hilary did the same and we
went up to the pool. When we got there the place was completely empty except for
Braden and JT which I thought was better so we didn’t have to share a pool with
some ugly guy who farts every two seconds. (You: ewww did you really have to say
that?!) (Me: Yes it was a necessary sentence. Lol.) (You: T_T) I got in the hot tub
and everyone else followed. 
“ Sooooo…” Kyla said scooting closer to JT. “ Oh yes well here is your
agenda: Tomorrow we will meet in the lobby at ten, then we will hop in the limo and
stop off at Jesse’s house, Then straight to the studio where you will meet my
manager and he will see if you are “Worthy” to be in his label. Sound good?”
“ Yeah,” I said confused. “ But who is Jesse?”          “ Wow I thought
that teenage girls would know who Jesse McCartney is?!”  “JESSE
MCCARTNEY??????” Me, Kyla, and Hilary screamed. “ Yes… that would be the Jesse
McCartney I was referring to…” he said like we totally creeped him out. “ Oh my
God! Can we meet him? Plllleeeeaaaassseeeee JT?” Kyla winced. “ Oh alright but
make sure you don’t go all “ Mad Psycho Fan” on him okay?” “Oh we
promise!” Hilary giggled.

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