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Thursday, 11 January 2007
10:19:45 PM (GMT)
   made by sweetangelgal

french fry french fry

do the french fry
wooo w wooow do the french fry
first you want to look real round
cause your a potato potato
now you want to bring your 
left arm in and your right arm in
and your right leg in and you left leg
in wooa cause youve been cut wooa into
pieces  and you want to fall to the ground bomp
and now you want to twich a little cause
youve been put in a thing woa of biling hot oil
and your fryd fry fry fryd and you want to
lay down on your face and now you want to fold in 
your legs cause part of you has just been eaten
and now you want to scarm im gana die
and now youve done the french fry

    ( tommarow we're gana learn to do the chicken nugget) 

underneath the mask funny version

underneath the mask
there pointless sorry
but i dont need bored games
so there we are
underneath the mask
thers the man my xboy friend ran
away with (that gay guy will die)
theres that man and my illegal terratory
i shot a guy for my terratory

at night i have these wonderful dreams
where you die and so dose your little
doggy to and then i burn all the dentistries
and kill the dentest to for those darn braces

i would right more but im dieing from laughter so im gana send it now

Firedude says:   11 January 2007   364956  
very very funny
realshakira says:   11 January 2007   831152  
queenfab asks:   12 January 2007   439712  
u did that?
pecanpie95 says:   12 January 2007   823986  
ohmigod. LOL. hah hah hah, thats funny!
pycool says:   12 January 2007   522452  
Ha ha ha ha cool
kokokat2324 says:   12 January 2007   488739  
realshakira says:   12 January 2007   596866  
thanks its dumb and stupid but very funny and odd
sweetangelgal says:   12 January 2007   676863  
I love the part about the dentists. Lol. I'm the one that wrote both
of those.
realshakira says:   12 January 2007   711266  
Angel_Puzz says:   12 January 2007   187392  
lol haha hehe lol
realshakira says:   12 January 2007   173345  
lovleylady says:   13 January 2007   385893  
wow gay very
sweetangelgal says:   13 January 2007   713153  
Gay like happy, or gay like the other thing?
baby_pink says:   13 January 2007   524462  
very funny
jenni says:   13 January 2007   127893  
it was scary reading it....

u should not go into song writing.....
realshakira says:   13 January 2007   338124  
lol funny
sweetangelgal says:   13 January 2007   996343  
Be a nice doggy and go fetch, jenni!
sweetangelgal says:   13 January 2007   664945  
I know it looks weird, but we were on a sugar high. I thing someone
snuck a little alchahol into my dinner!
sweetangelgal says:   13 January 2007   224493  
hottgirrl2100 says:   14 January 2007   522519  
you reallylike songs dont you this songs rock masterli its so dem

you now
sweetangelgal says:   14 January 2007   772933  
Thanks. Nice english.
realshakira says:   14 January 2007   837955  
yea thanks funny huuhh
hannah_montana_fan says:   14 January 2007   571329  
makes my think of french fries.....MUST be a great song
realshakira says:   14 January 2007   221821  
sweetangelgal says:   15 January 2007   327284  
realshakira says:   15 January 2007   182182  
xoxbabyangel says:   13 April 2007   929532  
funny I can't stop laughing.
realshakira says :   14 April 2007   712731  
really thanks


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