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What Do I Do If My Life Is Full Of Worries!Category: problems
Monday, 1 January 2007
10:21:40 PM (GMT)
Let me ask you guys a question, have you ever been worrying so
much that you can't sleep for 1 year and that it takes you 1 hour
or so to get to sleep!!!!
Well, if you want me to tell you my worries because i have a whole
heap, well you asked for it, here i go!!!!!!!!!!!
My friend is dragging my best friend away!
And my little brother annoys me 24/7!!!!!!!
And i used to have a best friend called Wendy and she moved
to a place far away and what if never see her AGAIN!!!! She
is not coming back and i have no contact with her!!!!!!!!!
And i don't know how to swim! What if i never learn!
And my skin is dry, i mean what if it never goes smooth again!!!!!!!!
I better stop now because i'm huffing and puffing and i need advice!!!!!!!!
SERIOUSLY!!! I have more worries, but i'm too exsusted to talk
or even type!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ADVICE!!!!!!!! I NEED ADVICE! HELP!!!!!!!!!!

‹Jamssy› says:   2 January 2007   868312  
ooooo, this things i cannot help u, here goes, my friend is also
dragging my bestfriend away, i can tell u how, don't talk 2 her 4 a
month or 2, i have a brother who annoys me 4 days and days, if i where
u, i will tell HIM TO SHUT UP!!!!, if your friend move away, write a
letter or call her, u cannot contact her right, ask your frinds or
annyone who knows her parents or frinds or PHONE NUMBER. swimming is
easy, if your parents know how to swim ask them to teach u, or go to A
SWIMMING SCHOOL, ur skin, put more lotion, then your skin will be very
smooth, like me.
Tiara_Girl says:   6 January 2007   424732  
thanks for the advice but i am not sure
loopyloo1995 says:   7 January 2007   592396  
find anpther friend it may not be easy or join a club to meet new
people. go with someone u trust and they will show u how to bascilcly
swim while having fun i thought myself how to swim since i was taugh
once when i was three but forgot it all. play with ur brothr thts all
that they want i have a brother he use tyo be annoyin untill i played
a game with him then we would agree that i couldbe alone for a while. 
And like she said but handcream on your hands because tahts what my
hands are like.
‹Slowly fading<3› suggests:   13 January 2007   112678  
ok....for your skin put on lotion......for your friend well that i
dont know because i have the same problem my friend moved to
trenton........for ur brother dont take his crap he just wants u to
scream,yell,and drive u nuts just like my sister she is annoying she
hits and pinches me really hard but i dont take her crap i hit her
back im not going to let her take atvantage of me and u shouldnt
either....and if ur friend is dragging ur best friend away then shes
not really ur true friend as i always say u can only have too many
true friends that are trust worthey!!
nicole3707 says:   13 January 2007   259236  
Well, wen i moved. I had no friends. But i made friends by talking to
people. U can do the same. U could go to a swimming school. that's
what i did wen i was little. And u need to put lotion on. I had the
same problem. but then my friend told me to put lotion on b4 i went to
school and b4 i went to bed. now my skin is smooth.
Tiara_Girl says:   21 January 2007   212466  
um i'm sort of allergic 2 lotions and stuff i can only put on wat my

docter says
‹AFIIQAA! Says heyy.› suggests:   12 March 2007   433498  
ABout your freidn dragging best friend, that I can't help. Mayb u
could tag along or sumthin. Your brother bothering u 24/7 that, i have
experienced totally. I can't stop him though cos if i scream at him i
get back the screamin' form my mom. Swimming is not my best thing but
hey, u could try. Your skin, try not to b under hot places for too
long. Best frend losing contact? I got that n it hurts so much!!!!!!!!
okay i hope all ur worries get solved.. Good luck 
leelee1 suggests:   13 March 2007   218732  
rite if ur mate is draggin ur bessie say to her "excuse me luv that
is mi bessie aswell u iz goin round takin her of me there isnt onli
room 4 1 of us u no plus she is mi bessie " or just go to the mate
that is gettin taken away  say can u stop goin of wid dat bitch plz
(lol) (ive had this be4 with me cuz mi mate kept on takin mi best
bessie away from me )then the bitch hu kept on takin her away never
took her away again but we were never mates again but u no lol......
x chloe x (leahs mgood luck xxxXXXxxx
‹HANNER› suggests:   31 March 2007   678244  
Sounds to me more like you are complaining, you got dry skin, buy
some moisturizer...
Can't swim? Take lessons
Send your friend an email.
You really dont have it so bad...
sarahsarah shouts:   12 April 2007   863586  
loook girl calm down all u think about is what if what if!!! life is
short try to enjoy it make a list of the good things there are in your
life u will be misreble if u dont let stuff go like that list!!!
things are never as bad as they seem trust ive gone through your
problem and it was much worse
mimzygirl7 says:   25 April 2007   264114  
I'm sorry you are going through all that trouble, but life isn't so
bad. Just try to see the bright side. For example, if your little
brother is ignoring you...well isn't that a good thing? All I can say
is you have to stop asking yourself "what i?" Think about what is and
how you can improve it.
mimzygirl7 says:   25 April 2007   125223  
oops! I made a mistake in my last comment. I wrote "if your little
brother is ignoring you isn't that a good thing?" I read it over and
realized you wrote "my little brother annnoys me" so sorry about that.
Just do what Arabella said. tell him to shut up!
‹HANNER› says:   11 May 2007   173484  
You should NOT complain. (jeez)
jackjack789 says:   20 June 2007   257147  
first step , get a stress ball.
second step , think about POSITIVE things rather than what u are
thinking of ( what if she you never see her again ? well what if you
do ?)
Tiara_Girl says :   28 October 2007   413928  
um, mimzygirl7, my bro is 4 and a half years old!


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