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My True Love "Chapter 11"Category: stories
Tuesday, 19 December 2006
04:23:52 PM (GMT)


Remember the third class man? He became good friends with us. We invited him to first
class dinners and everything. Today was very chilly and it was going to be until next
week; like in the 50's. We were probably at Alaska. We had to be carefull of iceburgs
and glaciers. By tonight, we'd be going home. I was excited because it meant sooner
the baby would come. Zack and I were out on the deck, talking. "I can't believe this
is happening. The ship, the baby, and you!" I cried. Then we kissed. "Me either.
Remember, I love you." he said. I smiled and he kissed me on the forehead. Its hard
to believe that just a year ago we met!

We didn't dare to go in the pool. It was so freezing that ice was forming in the
pool. We decided to go inside when it started getting colder. Then, I looked at the
list again. It said in the first class section.. Jeffery Domack??!! Oh gosh, I bet he
was working for Cal. Even though there were no guns, he was pretty strong. Then we
heard a scream. We went to the scream and it was Sarah. She dropped her purse. We
started laughing, even Sarah did. That was pretty ridiculous.

8:05 PM

Zack and I decided to go to the deck. It was a beautiful evening. Stars glittered the
sky. The Royale Romance had pink lights on now. Just a few people were outside. It
was perfect. I bet I was 1 year old [Zack was already 18], Zack would have propose to
me. We decided to have a long passionate kiss under the stars. But we went to get our
jackets because it got really chilly. I wish that could have lived on the Royale
Romance with Zack. Trudy was putting our clothes away and I guess Bob was helping. 

It was 8:15. We then started passionatly kissing. It only lasted a minute. A shaking
broke our kiss. We ran to the side of the deck. We crashed into a glacier! Oh god, I
whispered to myself, Not here! Not now! Zack didn't look startled, but he didn't look
calm either. We ran inside to warn Sarah, Bryan, Jessica, and Tom. Then, the whole
alarm system went off. I had all my stuff packed, including Princess and the pictures
of me and Zack. I still had the necklace around my neck. Zack didn't care about his
stuff. He helped me carry my stuff. Sarah ran all the way downstairs to warn
everyone. She didn't come back and we heard screaming. But it was too late; she
drowned. Bryan was crying but we still ran up.

I then saw Cal and he saw me and Zack. He started whispering to Jeffery. I told
Jessica to take my suitcase. She nodded and went upstairs with hers and mine. 
Jeffery then came to me saying with a smirk, "I haven't seen you since you were 13.
Maybe we can have fun now." He then grabbed me about to kiss me. Zack punched him off
and we both ran. Cal went after us. We laugh-screamed while running. Finaly he
stopped running after us and we went upstairs. The ship was lower. We ran to the

"Sorry Mr. Kurrie, woman and children only." an officer said. It was obvious he was
chewing gum. So Cal and Jeffery came up also. The forced me into the lifeboat which
Jessica was in. I watched Zack go further up. I couldn't take it anymore so I just
jumped out of the boat and ran down the halls of the ship until I met Zack. He looked
so nervous when he saw me. He started smooching me saying "Why did you do that?! You
scared me to death!!" I started saying, "I can't be away from you!" Then, Jessica
called. She said that she would be bringing my stuff to the Olympia, Washington
Holiday Inn. I was glad she was this generous. I then heard Jeffery and Cal talking.
Then, Zack saw a gun pointing at us and told me to run.

A first bullet was shot. We kept running and running. All of a sudden, I didn't hear
anymore bullet noises. We ran into the builder of the ship, Mr. Lovejoy. "Mr.Lovejoy!
There aren't enough lifeboats for everyone!" I cried. He shook his head. "At 1 AM,
the whole ship will be under water." he said, sadly. He then gave me a lifejacket and
one for Zack. Zack said "No thank you." I then got worried. "Where is Michael
Cameron?" I asked, nervously. He was the third class passenger. "He is stuck in his
cabin I think." I got so worried so me and Zack ran downstairs to save Michael.


clouds12 says:   19 December 2006   514963  
ohh i love this story!!
softballstar1 says:   19 December 2006   454545  
is it the titanic
Alyson_96 says:   20 December 2006   389361  
its suppose to be like it in a way
shady says:   20 December 2006   942472  
i love it.
i suscribed so i cud see them all!!!
Annie1314 says:   21 December 2006   865885  
this is so cool
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   3 January 2007   175432  
No no! this can't be happening!!!! SNIFF SNIFF
lindsay606 says :   20 January 2007   334317  


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