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New diary!Category: (general)
Wednesday, 29 November 2006
11:43:40 AM (GMT)
Okay! New diary on this site and i have no idea what 2 write in here cos 2 me my
life is boring! but whatever ill think of something...

My best m8 ever, izzy, told me about this site! Ive only known izzy 4 a little bit
but it seems like we've known eachother 4ever! I can trust her with all my secrets
and she can trust me with hers, too. when we r together we never stop laughting n i
hope we r friends 4eva! 
i used to be friends with these girls called lucy, amy, emma, megan, lauren and
alica. This may take a while  to explain but ill cut it down...i had been friends
with then since i was little but when we started secondary school everything changed.
my best m8 amy went to a different seconday skl 2 us but i still see her (thank
god!!!). Lucy went mean and bitchy and started spreading lies about me, and lauren
joined in. soon everyone hated me for stuff i didnt do! after a while we got friennds
again and they finally believed that i didnt do it, but i still hated lucy and
lauren. they tried to be nice to me and act like nothing had ever hapened but that
just made me hate them even more. we still used to hang out together but it was
always so boing! we just used to stand around chatting about nothing at all. lucy was
kinda the 'leader' of our gang even thought no one really liked her and she was in
charge. we had to do what she said all the time or she would turn everyone against
you. like, even if it was pouring with rain, we could NEVER eat our snak in the
canteen because according to her it was 'uncool', so apparently its cool to get
soaked, is it? not. and you always had to look amazing for school and not be  silly
ever because she was always jujing you and if you did something which she thought was
different from everybody else you were weird and then she would kick you out of 'her'
gang. eventually me and alicia got soo sick of it and went off on her own and
starting hanging out with alicia's other friends but i didnt really get along with
them. They were nice and everything but they were all into manga and pokemon and yu
gi oh and stuff like that which i hated, so i went and hung around with izzy and her
friends and im so happy now! alicia still tries t make me feel guilty for 'deserting
her' but i hang round with her sometimes. she doesnt understand that for the first
time in 2 years ive been happy!!! 
luv yhoo izzy!

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