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I Miss The Old KupikaCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 23 April 2019
12:49:11 PM (GMT)
I found Kupika in late 2007/early 2008. Everything I learned about sex was through
this website of little internet moguls. I had my first lesbian cyber experience with
a girl named Mandy who, in retrospect, was probably a man tbh. I met my first emo
boyfriend named Chris who ended up publicly announcing that he was, in fact, a fake
emo boy. I did my first catfish on Kupika and pretended to be an emo internet
sensation named Katie Babyfayce. I remember those little pets people would put on
their profiles...you know, the ones you could feed virtual foods. All the lame ass
Myspace-esque photobucket images on our profiles and thinking Comic Sans made us
cool. When the online member count was over 100. When the fuckin live chat was always
popping. I met some pretty amazing people that I bonded with and eventually talked to
through Skype. I used to have a profile dedicated solely to creating layouts for
profiles. I thought I was so cool. I remember having beef with this girl named Paola
and then this other girl named Aly. Tbh, a lot of people knew me, whether they liked
me or not. This site was my sweet escape. I could be whoever I wanted. And now, those
of us who are left behind, are all grown ass adults trying to relive the good old
days. Either way, there was really no point to this entry. Just reminiscing, I guess.

‹A e i s h a› says:   23 April 2019   592954  
I miss the old Kupika, straight from the go Kupika
Chop up the soul Kupika, set on its goals Kupika
I hate the new Kupika, the bad mood Kupika
The always rude Kupika, no Ps and Qs Kupika
I miss the sweet Kupika, the always upbeat Kupika
spinach says:   24 April 2019   403906  
Your layouts were life to 16 year old me
FinalBoss says:   25 April 2019   758984  
I remember that beef with Paola. Fun times. I didn't get on Kupika
until late 2012 I think so I missed out on the earlier stuff. Still,
it was a good time overall. It's sad it's become so dead.
crazyhot says:   25 April 2019   399381  
I also miss when pedophiles where more rampant
‹MiHoyMinoy› says:   29 April 2019   886654  
Like Eddie.... 
YourEddieBear says:   3 May 2019   559229  
Cool post.....
crazyhot says:   4 May 2019   975670  
‹needylittleboo› says :   29 May 2019   736284  
I just logged in today, the last time I logged in was in 2013, I
cringed when I look at my page.

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