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Wednesday, 1 August 2018
08:42:21 AM (GMT)
fuck the lot of you

1. abortion
abortion isn't inherently a problem, but it should still have limitations. women
deserve the autonomy, obviously, but it can still be abused. like people who have
several abortions should be evaluated to some degree to see what the problem is, like
if they're being repeatedly sexually assaulted or if they just don't bother to use
contraception. i think this is especially important in countries with free healthcare
systems because abortions performed in the later stages of pregnancy are expensive
and they are difficult. abortions also pose health risks, and i feel like many women
(especially young women and teenagers) don't see it so much as a last-resort option.

2. lgbt community
i don't appreciate what it's become at all lmao. lgbt communities have a history
which is wonderful and assisted in providing a network and safe place for lgbt
individuals to not be discriminated against, but now it's filled with teenagers
trying to make themselves seem even more unique or even alienating each other from
the community. like terfs, they're very real. the man-hating against even gay men by
the women. the sexism against women by the gay men lmao. and all the extra letters
and new identities that are being created. oh, and maps. they're trying to join in
too and unfortunately are getting way too much support. gross.

3. non-binary identities
honestly, idc. i don't personally believe in non-binary identities bc i do believe
there's only two genders, however i wouldn't go out of my way to disprove someone's
identity or harass them or refuse to use the correct pronouns. i'll respect it, you
do you lads.

4. breastfeeding in public
it happens? like if you're just whipping your tit out in like a park and then
dropping it in your baby's mouth then wtf are you doing, but if you do it modestly
then theres no issue. i don't agree with the whole "free the nipple" narrative but
hey babies gotta eat, and if its from a titty you give em the titty. just dont show
off about it bc youre such an independent woman it's cringe.

5. feminism
don't get me started lmao. first wave and the early parts of the second wave are
wonderful and advanced our societies, but the majority of second wave and now third
wave is a waste of time. like honestly, it's a bunch of bitter women and self-hating
men imposing all these impossible ideals on to people into accepting their ideology
with no questions asked. women have had equal rights to men for decades, and whilst
sexism still does and always will exist, it's now being used as a revenge tactic by
women to hate men. the fact that you can be exiled from your friendship circles
simply for disagreeing is grim af.  i also hate how it's propelled this far-left
almost extremist ideology into the popular media through entertainment like buzzfeed
and their clickbait, desperate journalists. like what is supposed to be a movement to
empower women into defending themselves has been corrupted into this ugly being that
just tries to be the biggest victim. it's not even about being empowered anymore,
it's about how difficult life is for you as a woman or a male feminist and how
oppressed you are by the patriarchy. well the matriarchy is rearing its ugly head too
and bringing along its old pal misandry. like an eye for an eye makes the whole world
blind, stop trying to get revenge and regress society by abusing men and people who
don't identify as feminist fuck you

6. meninism
this also makes me sad. meninism is unfortunately the main face of men's rights
activism and it's just so dumb. like equally as dumb as feminism, and in the same
breath it's just bitter dudes hating on women. meninism is like a meme that means
nothing but every feminist tries to spit on like.... that's not what mras are trying
to do. i feel like the men who spread the actual meninist stuff like the social media
pages and that are just edgy teenagers or young adults who want to get controversy
laughs and cause tension without actually trying to change the problems. at least
feminists make an effort like lmao

7. long distance relationships
been there, done that. if they start online, halfway across the globe, and it's
romantic, it's gonna die. if it starts in person, then becomes long distance, then it
has a chance. friendships never really seem to die unless you either lose all contact
or cut yourself off from them, and the occasional unfortunate drifting. ldr is hard
because people have such busy lives that sometimes just getting online to send a
message can be put on the backburner until you eventually forget
unless you're me, when internet friends are all you have

8. gun laws
eh, whatever. i live in the uk and the gun laws do fuck all to stop gun crime, theres
gun murders and gang violence everywhere every day. like i could probs source a gun
from my own postcode with enough cash lmao. i have no real say on the american gun
laws but i think there can be amendments. like not selling guns or ammo at
supermarkets. oi u got a loisence 4 that m8

9. saying the n word
like every word it needs context. if you're a racist who hates black people and you
call a black person a nigger, then you're a piece of shit. if you're saying it as
part of a joke, regardless of who it's to, take a step back n appreciate the joke. i
understand that words have history and some people may have had experiences with
racism where they've been called nigger, but when you give words like that the
potential to damage regardless of context, then you're allowing the word to never
become naturalised and never stop being racist. look at the word faggot. faggot was
reclaimed by gay people forever ago, and they're comfortable enough with it now that
if you call a gay person a faggot, most of them (especially the dudes) will just be
like "lol yea u right". stop trying to ban words and put them on a pedestal u

10. paedophilia
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooo boy. i fucking hate paedophiles. not only
because they harm children but because they are so nonchalant about their crimes? my
mum used to be a cop, and she would have to take statements or reports from all kinds
of people. she had to deal with a man who was on the sex offender's register, but
rather than just letting the system pick up his name and charge, he had to say "your
computer will know me. i had sex with a nine year old girl, and i know it was wrong
but i couldn't help myself". first of all, not sex, it's rape. second of all, you can
help yourself, and knowing it's wrong is even worse. i hate that some paedophiles
will try and break away from the label because it's teenagers they're into, not kids.
still wrong, not justifiable, they're still children and can still be manipulated. i
hate that what is joy for them in abusing a child is what kills countless teenagers
and adults and leaves them with years and years or even decades of trauma and
disgust. like the damage goes far beyond physical, and i fucking hate that they're so
passive about the lives that they ruin. fuck paedophiles, burn em all.

11. trump
he's a better president than anyone gives him credit for. sozzzzzz

12. obama
a pretty rad president, but not the saint everyone thinks he is either

13. rape in relationships
it happens, and it sucks. like honestly theres not much more that can be done about
it unless the victim is willing to come forward and report their significant other
for what they did. it's a shit system, granted, but what can you do? at least now
it's a guilty until proven innocent system, except that has extreme flaws too.

14. anime
no thank you. i like a handful but otherwise, i'll pass

15. porn/hentai
porn is fuckin great and i love it, hentai is super annoying but ill still nut to it.

16. pansexuality
this implies there's more than two genders which i already disagree with but u do u i
guess. ppl believe that bisexuality doesnt include trans people but fucking boy if a
trans person wanted a piece they'd get it. that's hot.

17. aliens
i think they're long dead now, but hopefully discovering bacteria on mars can help us
understand the history of alien life!!

18. cultural appropriation
not real tbh. if people are wearing something from a culture that's not theirs, and
it's not a halloween costume, good for them. they're appreciating a culture. eat a

19. fake freckles
super cute and i love them

20. he/him lesbians
again i disagree because all this gender confusion shit is super dry now but hey,
identify as whatever, i'll respect it anyway.

crazyhot says :   6 August 2018   585210  
HAS TO BE LONG BESIDES NUMBER 19 , 14, 15, 11, 12 AND 20

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