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getting to know everybodyCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 26 June 2018
02:57:46 PM (GMT)
so, this community has gotten pretty small. 
from the looks of it you guys know each other pretty well...
but I've been told that might not be the case...
given that this is a "forsaken" place I don't feel like it should go down this way.
so let's shine some light and introduce ourselves.

my old username was tootraven, my last shitty profile should still be up. 
was a bit insane, but loved tf outta this place.
umm if we're getting personal there were a few tragedies here...
some people I'll never forget.

but there were also some great friendships that came out of those for me. 
some old enemies turned friends, and some acquaintances turned besties for a hot
I was here from 06/07-11 (been a bit cant remember too clearly)

that's i guess if you want a form
username (old& new if applicable) :
why you're here and not 4chan lol :
something personal (dont be stupid dont give your info out):
have you found friendship/community here?: 
comment below and let's get to know each other.

pussydestroyer says:   28 June 2018   906676  
i'm gonna getinvolved with my community fuck yeah

i use this and 4chan, but 4chan also makes me uncomfortable. i'm more
in my depth here.
i'm 5'4
i have found great friendship and community here, in many forms all
throughout the years.
Betterthanb4 says:   28 June 2018   499602  
Lol its definitley less disturbing here than 4chan atm...
crazyhot says:   29 June 2018   726322  
username (old& new if applicable) : crazy is a hot
why you're here and not 4chan lol : I'm not a square
something personal (dont be stupid dont give your info out): I'm
secretly Santa 
have you found friendship/community here?: Nope
Betterthanb4 says:   29 June 2018   975669  
 Da fuq man?! 
i specifically asked for a real life kirby in like '02 and i ended up
with a furby... 


also im sorry you have no friends???
crazyhot says:   29 June 2018   317553  
On here no
pussydestroyer says:   29 June 2018   390656  
crazyhot says:   29 June 2018   464544  
That's tragic, if it helps you I am more neutral to you than everyone
else here. Nothing personal I'm just a sociopath 
pussydestroyer says:   30 June 2018   907731  
if neutrality is your niceness, i'm grateful
i want to be kupika second in command since you're the leader 
Betterthanb4 says:   30 June 2018   719236  
Lol im down for a kupika army ran by what i assume to be a "high
functioning" sociopath and some guy that just wants to destroy pussies
YourEddieBear says:   4 July 2018   192374  
Oroborus21 aka Eddie  ---> Legendary Here
pussydestroyer says:   4 July 2018   516266  
we don't talk to eddie or respect to him at all.
not the best article but describes his charges ;3 
Betterthanb4 says:   4 July 2018   145724  
Oh yeah lol. I see by trying to click his profile. Eddie ive also
seen you around a lot of posts....most boasting about how no one can
really touch you on any indecent acts you may have commited.
I hate that everyonr hates on 1 person.. But ive seen a lot of your
posts...and it looks like you almost enjoy it as much as you
Is that why you're still here?
Honestly intrigued.
crazyhot says:   4 July 2018   679379  
Eddie's been boring after the phantom reveal
Betterthanb4 says:   5 July 2018   810726  
ah well... is what it is then i guess.
‹lynniesunshine› says:   9 July 2018   738929  
I've been here since 2007, it's weird to see how much it's changed.
Lots of people that just don't come around.
‹► Asim ◄› says:   12 July 2018   427727  
Been here since 2007. It's definitely become very small and pretty
inactive. I log on every few months.
‹ɱʋʈʂʋɱɨ› says :   10 August 2018   345414  
username: Euphemia. I had a handful of old accounts, but it's been
forever. I was a kid when I first joined this site
why you're here and not 4chan lol : Tbh I've just never given it a
something personal: Highly obsessed with the site Quotev and spend
most of my time there
have you found friendship/community here?: If memory serves, I did
before. As of now, well, it's dead, and I just came back again to this


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