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Semi-interesting pointless information about meCategory: (general)
Saturday, 14 November 2015
01:06:59 AM (GMT)
So, due to the fact that I am the most conceited human being known to man, I am
going to make a little list of stuff about myself. I know you don't care, I don't
even care, but I'm bored so whatever.
1) I'm allergic to UV rays so if I'm in the sun too long I get really sick. For this
reason I have a cool lacy parasol I have to use during the summer.
2) I put Tobasco sauce on just about everything, Including, but not limited to: PB&J
sandwiches, waffles (instead of syrup, I'm not that nasty), any type of soup, buffalo
chicken, flaming hot Cheetos, and just drinking it strait from the bottle, it's a
genuine problem.
3) I have athletic induced asthma, which means that I am basically allergic to
exercise and yet I chose the one sport in which you get yelled at for breathing to do
competitively. A terrible idea honestly.
4) I am afraid of blood, needles, nudity, earwigs, and canoes 
5) I have no primal fears, meaning that all of my phobias are a direct effect of a
traumatic event for me.
6) I have a small obsession with phobias, so if you want to know what the real name
for your worst fear is just message me and, if it's general enough to have one, I'll
give you your phobia
7) I have a strict no-kill policy, meaning that I will not kill any living creature,
no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, because who am I to play God, killing
off beings that are considered lesser? To destroy a life, no matter how tiny? (I do
however hold two exceptions to the rule: nats, which I am terribly allergic to, and
anything that may cause mortal harm to Quacksilver)
 I can't sleep without an audiobook playing and my stuffed elephant Alejandro, it
is literally impossible, and even if by some miracle I do manage to fall asleep I'll
have such terrible nightmares that I wake up crying.
9) I love learning about and collecting stuff from WWII, I have two Eisenhower
Jackets, both in perfect condition, that I use as winter coats (always very careful
that they remain in perfect condition) and I have 24 books, both fiction and
non-fiction, about it, my favorite being The Book Thief by Markus Zusack, which I
greatly recommend
10) I have severe AD/HD and am on really strong meds for it, between the meds and the
AD/HD itself it makes it really hard to connect to people my own age because I'm
always either way too immature for my age or way too mature for people to want to
hang around.

YuriTatsumi says:   14 November 2015   659760  
You're scared of canoes & nudity? That's pretty unique, what's up
with them for you?
I hate spiders & heights or falling, not sure which :/
Vampixi_the_cat says:   14 November 2015   660050  
Indeed, I'm afraid of canoes because when I was younger my family and
I were canoeing and our canoe flipped over and I got stuck underneath
and almost drowned, and the nudity thing is tragic backstory stuff
that is not actually relevant to the plotline so it will be left of
for time management purposes. 
So arachnophobia and acrophobia, and it's technically of falling
because the thought of falling is what drives the fear, but phobias
are generally named for the direct fear, not the deeper reasoning.
YuriTatsumi says:   15 November 2015   605778  
Oh jeez :-o that must of been terrifying, I think id probably end up
with a phobia to from something like that :/
If the nudity thing (or anything else) is something you ever need to
talk about feel free to message & talk to me, id be happy to lend you
a friendly ear
I know it should be but I don't feel directly scared of falling but
when I'm high up looking down I start to feel sick & my legs feel
weaker :/ regardless of location, even when I was on a plane looking
out the window once....
Vampixi_the_cat says:   22 November 2015   320850  
I'll remember that, thanks 
I know a lot of people like that, it's a pretty common reaction. I
personally love flying, but I can definitely see why some people are
afraid of/feel that way on a plane, since flying isn't natural to
humans even though it's been a part of everyday life for so long. 
YuriTatsumi says:   22 November 2015   210125  
no worries  I'm always happy to be around to listen for someone
that's the thing, I don't mind flying at all, its just the looking
down from a height, I actually like rock climbing & things too, its
weird :/
Vampixi_the_cat says:   22 November 2015   795089  

Huh...interesting...rock climbing is mega fun! 
YuriTatsumi says:   22 November 2015   449609  
its really weird though right? see why I don't know what it actually
Vampixi_the_cat says:   22 November 2015   447959  
Ya, I honestly don't know anyone else like that, cool. 
YuriTatsumi says:   22 November 2015   573550  
maybe I'm just a massive coward then :/ 
Vampixi_the_cat says:   22 November 2015   465490  
nah that can't be it 
YuriTatsumi says:   22 November 2015   368377  
no idea what it is then >.< 
Vampixi_the_cat says:   25 November 2015   953336  
It's just who you are 
YuriTatsumi says:   25 November 2015   633777  
a mass weirdo then lmao 
Vampixi_the_cat says:   25 November 2015   230665  
Lol aren't we all? 
YuriTatsumi says:   25 November 2015   685883  
not so much haha you seem normal enough ^^ 
Vampixi_the_cat says:   25 November 2015   760469  
YuriTatsumi says:   25 November 2015   821133  
well that sounds like you disagree :p
you'll have to give more info ^^ 
Vampixi_the_cat says:   25 November 2015   813045  
I disagree and everyone I go to school with will disagree and my
entire family will disagree XD I probably will...but then I actually
have to think about my life and who I am and I realize how boring I am
lol XD 
YuriTatsumi says :   25 November 2015   271126  
You aren't boring  you own a duck :3 


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