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Monday, 27 April 2015
10:48:53 PM (GMT)
So funny story here. Me and my friend have gym class together and there were these
guys who would always bug us about going to anime club because we are like 2 of the
few girls they knew who were weebs like them. But the thing about these guys is that
they were a bit awkward and creepy (one more than the other). We referred to them as
"neckbeards." We kind of tried to avoid them, but eventually became slightly
fascinated by how they interact with each other. We noticed that they really remind
us of a yaoi couple: one is more dominant with the more submissive one following him
around. Now, I know they aren't a couple, but they would make a damn adorable,
awkward, weeby yaoi couple. So I am writing a fanfiction about them. This story came
completely out of my imagination and is not set in reality what-so-ever. So here we
*Note: in the story there will be a lot of emphasis on swearshirts. This is because
these two boys where the same thing nearly everyday and don't bathe as often as they
should (this is true, I'm not just making this up, I know one of the guy's mom). So
yeah, just thought I'd clear that up.*

Star-Crossed Sweatshirts: Chapter 1

On the first day of freshman year, I walked quickly into the large gymnasium with my
Nintendo DS in hand. It was blisteringly hot, almost enough so that I thought of
discarding the orange sweatshirt I wore every day. But then I thought of the
evening prior and recalled that I hadn’t showered because I’d been too busy
catching up on Naruto. Needless to say, I kept the jacket on.
Looking around, I spotted an empty section in the bleachers. I smiled to myself.
I climbed to the barren area, making sure to cradle my DS in my sweatshirt as to keep
it from falling into the dark abyss under the bleachers. After sitting, I wasted no
time in opening my handheld game system and resuming my endeavors on Pokémon
Diamond. I was in the mood to battle other trainers, so I pulled out my planner where
I’d written the Pal Pad code I got on some online forum for other players. To my
surprise, the other player was online and ready to battle. Before I knew it, my
small, yet high level Pikachu was faced with a giant, even higher level Steelix. Not
only was my Pikachu useless against his massive Steelix, but so were the rest of my
team members. Since I refused to forfeit, all I could do is sit back and watched my
whole team be dominated by his elite Pokémon.  
When the health on the last member of my team, Seaking, was red, I knew I was
defeated. I set my device lightly on the bleachers after my opponent destroyed me by
a landslide. With my head in my hands I smiled to myself and quietly uttered,
“Jeez, that was really tough. Who just has a level 100 Steelix lying around? And he
had legendary one’s too. He must have a lot of time on his hands.”
The battle had only lasted about 5 minutes which seemed to be about how long it took
for everyone else to actually get to the gym for P.E. As the large amount of empty
space around me began to disappear, I took my head out of my hands and looked up to
watch the three teachers attempt to calm down the cretins I was forced to call my
class. I made a quick scan of the area and didn’t recognize anyone. I felt a little
uncomfortable. In my search for familiar faces, I noticed a boy across the bleachers.
He was wearing a royal blue sweatshirt with a tie and jeans. The combination of a
sweatshirt and a tie was strange, but slightly appealing. His face was buried behind
what looked like a Nintendo DS and I could see his short dark brown hair peaking over
the top of the device. I’d never seen anyone carry around a DS at school like me
and I wondered to myself if he, too, liked playing Pokémon.  Before I knew it, I was
fantasizing about what it would be like to finally be friends with someone like him,
someone who would understand me and not call me a weeb or a nerd. I never looked away
from the blue sweatshirt boy as I daydreamt and before I realized it, our eyes met.
He flashed me a sly grin and moments later a new battle request appeared on the
screen of my DS. I must’ve looked flustered because it seemed as though he let out
a small chuckle and quickly canceled the request.  I looked away from him in hopes
that the color would soon leave my cheeks. At that moment, one of the teachers gave a
final statement and allowed everyone to do as they pleased. Most of the people stood
and descended the bleachers to the basketball court. I expected the mystery boy to do
the same, but instead he stayed put. 
That is, until our eyes met again.
He stood up and began walking in my direction. I felt the color immediately return to
my cheeks and impulsively turned my head away from his gaze. It didn’t keep him
away, though. He sat down right next to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder,
“Looks as though you need a bit of work.” He stated confidently.
“W-what do you mean?” I stammered uncomfortably as I attempted to escape his
“Well, seeing that your highest level Pokémon was only at 75, I think you need a
lot of training before we battle again.” He said seriously with an almost sultry
“Okay, but no need to take it so seriously.”
“Whatever you say, orange sweatshirt.”
My blush continued to deepen, but didn’t bother to tell him my name. Instead, I
picked up my DS attempting to forget he was sitting right next to me. Once again, I
resumed my game and attempted to level up my Pokémon. I tried my hardest to ignore
the feeling of his eyes burning into the side of my face, but I couldn’t. I felt my
cheeks getting redder as the class progressed. Finally when the bell rang, blue
sweatshirt boy got up immediately and went toward the locker room. 
I took a bit longer to walk across the gym and when I reached the locker room a hand
emerged from the dark area under the bleachers adjacent to the door. The hand grabbed
ahold of mine and yanked me into the abyss. I couldn’t see very well, but I knew
who it was. The loose, heavy fabric I briefly felt around the wrist of the person
could only belong to the blue sweatshirt I had recently been introduced to.  It now
trapped me against a wall and I felt the boy’s face only inches from mine; his
breath smelled of left-over breakfast. I could sense his lips coming closer and I
desperately wanted to scream but I could not find my voice. Something about him was
alluring and I couldn’t put my finger on it, but before I had time to ponder it,
his lips crashed against mine, violently. I didn’t know how to react. I had never
been kissed by anyone. He quickly tried to slip his tongue into my mouth and the
roughness cause me to let out a soft moan. At the noise he quickly broke the kiss. I
sensed a look of shock for a moment, but soon saw the outline of a smile. He kept his
composure through the ordeal, but I was mortified at him and myself.
“W-what the hell was that all about? You can’t just do that to people!” I
quietly vented, desperately hoping he couldn’t see my red face.
“You didn’t seem to be fighting it.” He whispered with a confident, sultry
“Well, I mean, what else was I supposed to do?! I mean you trapped me and I thought
you were—“
He cut me off, “You’re very cute when you’re embarrassed. I just wanted to play
around with you a bit, no need to take it so seriously.”
With that, he turned and left me under the bleachers. I sank to the ground and
lightly touched my lips where, just moments ago, his had been. 
I was not expecting this on the first day of high school.

Well I hope you enjoyed. I understand this won't be as enjoyable to readers who don't
know the situation, but let me tell you, its fucking amazing for me and I made it
with a goal to make people cringe just a bit. I don't know. It made me cringe to
write it. 
That's all for today. Bye.
Last edited: 27 April 2015

a_username_that_describes_me says :   16 June 2015   971579  
I love it

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