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Do Not Start With MeCategory: (general)
Thursday, 10 July 2014
04:33:24 PM (GMT)
I cannot stand people who try to make me be some kind of bad guy when they're the
one pushing and shoving for an argument.

Everything that I'm about to talk about and show you occurred on July 10th, 2014.

Someone uploaded a selfie after having a random nosebleed. I saw someone (of course)
get offended, so I replied with logic.

Well, of course she had to reply.

And again, I proved her wrong. Even if she had hit the "PicS" to see the latest
photos uploaded, she still would have seen a preview.

Alright, so then, since she thinks we are having an "argument" (*facepalm*), she
found the need to send me a message.
Let it be known that I did not see the last comment she left on the person's picture.
So not only did she comment on that, she sent me a message when I didn't respond.

So I respond to her a simple ending to the argument.
Yet she feels the need to reply. Again.

I sent a snarky response (which I do not have access to) and promptly blacklisted
her. I have no time for such drama whores.
Out of curiosity, I went to the Black Hole to see if she sent another response.
Which she did.

Let us review the facts.
I simply pointed out that she didn't have to look at the photo in the first place.
She argued back and I proved her wrong by, yet again, pointing out that she made the
decision to click on the photo.
She argued back again and when I didn't answer, she pressed the issue by sending a
And when I told her quite simply to stop replying, she pushed even further by sending
yet another message.

So, let me ask the Kupikans that have read this:
Who exactly is carrying on this pathetic attempt at an argument?

Do not start with me. You will not win.

‹Pâtisserie› says:   10 July 2014   583274  
Okay, I'll admit that she was out of line with her original
comment. People can post whatever they want (as long as it's within
legal boundaries). And, you were also right saying that she made the
clear decision to view the picture knowing completely well that it
would contain a nosebleed, as there is a preview.

However, I do also believe she was trying to apologize to you
afterwards with her message (note her saying "sorry") and she was
trying to lighten the mood with her use of an emote. Your response of
"Then don't fight back? :3" seems as though you were mocking her and
instigating, in my humble opinion.

To put it simply, I think you both made poor decisions.
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   10 July 2014   854563  
Yes, I was mocking her because it was annoying to receive such a
message when I wasn't even viewing the supposed dispute as such.
However, my first message/reply to her was also genuine: if she didn't
want an argument, then she simply just needed to stop. 
‹Boat Man› says:   10 July 2014   110958  
I really don't understand why you had to say anything. Ffion had it
all under control, and your comment had just sparked an unnecessary
conversation, if you could call it that. People have attitude, and I
don't know what exactly you expected when you proceded to tell her
that she was wrong in doing something and commenting her opinion on
the world wide web. Of course, you have the right to do so. I'm not
taking that away from you. But as a friend, if you'd even choose to
refer to me like that anymore, I'm just curious as to why you'd
respond in the first place. 

Look at that, I'm a big hypocrite. Oh well.

That's my only concern. Good day.
Your_Worst_Nightmare says :   10 July 2014   398677  
I wasn't trying to protect anyone or any shit. I saw a stupid comment
and I put in my two cents worth. I cannot stand stupidity. I was going
to comment on the photo anyway because I found it interesting. 


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