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Warning Rant: Part II: Why I Hate Group ProjectsCategory: high school
Tuesday, 26 February 2013
04:33:27 PM (GMT)
I seriously thought I was done with this rant.

Really I was.

Well, I was supposed to be done with it.

But sometimes things don't work out, the way I want it to.

Anyways, today I had to met up with my group about deciding our grades.

Overall, on the project we got a total of 30 points out of 40.

That means that each of us got 30 points, however some people could get more/less if
you take/give points.

So, the one girl who did everything on it, wanted to get an A.

So me being decent at math, I tried to figure out how many points she would need to
get for an A.

And then once I told her, she's like great just give me 38 points.

And then she walks away.

She fucking walks away.

She doesn't even stay to help us figure out all the other points.

So, since she walked away, and we couldn't figure anything out.

I just decided to give everyone thirty points.

And why?

Because it was a GROUP project.

That simply means that if ONE person fails EVERYONE does to.

And if you want to read more about this, just look at the diary entry before this

Anyways, so the one kid wouldn't write it down.

So I just took the sheet of paper and wrote it down, and then turned it in to the

However, Gabi (the girl who wanted an A), asked me if I gave her a 38.

I should have lied, and smiled, and said yes.

But since I'm a better person than that, I simply said that I just made it equal.

And then she threw a fit.

Um hello?

Did you not remember that you WALKED away from the group?

Fuck you!

I really wanted to say that.

But since like I said, I'm a better person.

So I just said that since it was a group project, that we should all get the same

She didn't agree with me.

But that did not give her the right to get out of her desk.

And walk up, and grab the sheet of paper, while the teacher wasn't paying attention.

So she changed everyone's grades.

Well instead of getting a C, I got a fucking D on it.

Fuck her.

I guess it wasn't right, with what I did, but she walked away from the group.

That's like walking away from a very important meeting, and you would probably get

She's lucky that I didn't tell the teacher.

But who knows?

All it takes is one little email.

But I'm a better person, so I'll probably just not say anything.

And let her get away with a fucking A.

‹<3OurGODisLOVE!!<3› says:   26 February 2013   691553  
it doesn't make you a bad person or less than her to tell the
teacher. ITs your grade, its important, you should tell the teacher
what happened, you deserve the A for actually trying.
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says :   27 February 2013   175952  
That's true. Maybe I will tell the teacher, and maybe I won't. It's
kind of hard for me to tell teachers what's wrong. But thanks, and you
have a point there. (: 

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