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Child of the Wilderness... 4/?Category: OCs
Thursday, 21 February 2013
05:40:18 PM (GMT)
Never dreamed, out in the world,
There are arms to hold you,
You've always known
Your heart was on it's own

So laugh in your loneliness
Child of the wilderness
Learn to be lonely
Learn how to love,
Life that is lived alone.

"Ellie, come outside!"
The elegant woman rolled her eyes, looking utterly out of place as she leant against
the doorway of the small thatched cottage that was covered with blossoming creepers
and every other kind of flower that grew by accident, "I do wish you wouldn't call me
that... It sounds so undignified."
The man chuckled, rolling the sleeves of his white shirt up to the elbow and
straightening his waistcoat, "How about if I..." He smirked a little, reaching to his
throat and pushing the knot of his tie very slightly out of place.
"Oh Benjamin..."  Ellemere groaned, pushing herself up from the doorframe and
walking towards him, forcing an expression of aggitation over her features in an
attempt to mask the very slight smile that threatened to reveal itself.  She gave him
a withering glare as she straightened his tie while he simply grinned back and caught
her hand.
"Now you're stuck and you have to come walking with me!"
"I don't have to do anything."
"But you will?"
A short sigh, "But I will." She resigned, tossing her hair over her shoulder and
standing tall.  She wasn't quite as tall as Benny, but it wasn't so big a gap that
she felt inferior.  Another reason that Ellemere supposed she liked him.  At least a
little.  The reluctant smile made an appearance.
Although noted with much satisfaction, Benny chose wisely not to say anything on the
matter, "I would start quoting 'Shall I compare thee', but that seems terribly
"It's never seemed to stop you before."
"Are you complaining?"
"Absolutely.  I think it's foolish, and it doesn't make any sense."
Benny chuckled softly, "We gleam together by the light of the sun, and a hand I
present to thee"  He leant over in a strange bow and extended a hand while watching
her over his glasses cautiously, "As I wonder; Does she dance?"
Ellemere watched him with one delicately raised eyebrow, "Did you just make that
"Though maybe she'd a flower than a dance prefer;  A snowdrop, as beautiful and
mighty as she?  Or daisy, mere pale yet delicate be? But moreso the sun, as radient
as she!"  He laughed again, hardly thinking the words before they rolled from his
"That's ridiculous, Benjamin.  If I was as radient as the sun, you'd be burnt to a
crisp, and snowdrops certainly are not mighty.  One could tread on them and kill them
in a second."
"Stop ruining my fun, Ellie!"
"Stop calling me Ellie, Benjamin!"
"Stop being so bossy, Ellie!"
"Stop talking..."  She said, looking away moodily as she felt her hand being lifted
and kissed carefully against her knuckles.  It was faint, a little too faint for
comfort perhaps, but she would never admit that.
"As you wish."
Ellemere's hand dropped to her side, although she couldn't pinpoint the exact moment
he let go.  Or she let him let go.  She turned slowly, frowning and afraid of what
she might not see.  Her frown fell into a gaze of sadness as her icy blue eyes
settled on... Nothing.  A serene hill glazed in an artificial happiness, and nothing
Why did she let go?
She squinted as she looked into the bright glare of the sun, then closed her eyes,
imagining his voice called her dreadful nickname from the other, unseen side of the
pasture.  Ellemere shook her head, instead holding out a hand for him to take.  There
was another flash of the sun against her closed eyes, and she finally opened them to
see where he was-

"Ms Dulce!  Someone tell her we're ready to shoot?"
She sighed, opening her eyes from her pathetic daydream just as a woman knocked on
the door, "Yes, I'm coming."  For once in an eternity, she didn't make an effort to
add bite to her voice, the simple matter of keeping the hurt out overcoming her
rationality.  She sighed, giving one final, wistful glance at the small polaroid
photograph (despite her attempts to buy him a new camera) of the two of them on a
tartan rug on the top of the hill that overlooked the village.  A dog walker had
taken the picture, and Benny was sat with his legs crossed, his tie askew and a book
in his hand, with Ellemere's head resting carefully on his lap, plucking the petals
from a dandelion.  She remembered his fingertips, every time the wind blew a little
too hard, would first straighten the page of his poems, and then smooth her hair away
from her eyes, his words never faltering or slowing as he read.  Nonsense as it was,
his voice was calming, almost like music to listen to as he rose and ebbed with the
rhythm of the poetry, adding emotion to even the blandest of sentances.
Now though, she sighed again, finally standing to leave her dressing room and face
the glare of artificial light.

‹mÿlö xÿlötö› says:   22 February 2013   933794  
‹defineMANIAC› says:   22 February 2013   431959  
I has feels for her :c 
‹mÿlö xÿlötö› says :   22 February 2013   846116  


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