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I have a really smelly dog.Category: Survey.
Tuesday, 8 May 2012
09:01:25 AM (GMT)

Ike. (Little Nigga)

4 or 5

Miniature pinscher.

Fur Color:
Black, tan and white.

Fur type (long, coarse, curly):
just short,and straight.

Eye Color:



Where did you get him/her?
Form one of my old friends, around 2 years

Runt of the litter?
Pfft, yeah. >__<>
Any special stories about the dog?
Back when my friend had him he was attacked by a wolf dog and a chow chow. So his leg
was hanging off of like muscle and pieces of skin and they didn't even take him to
the vet cause that would have cost like 347534 dollars but they sewed him up and
nursed him bad to health. But now he has a ginormous scar in his thigh and a huge
dent in his back and he walks kind of side ways.

Where's the mother?
No idea.

How much did you pay?
Not a penny.

All shots taken care of?


Any injuries/illnesses?
The wolf incident and he had parvo last summer.

Does it bite?

Does it jump on people?
Yes. >__<

Is it house-broken?
Yes, he's a good dog.

Has it teethed on your favorite pair of shoes?
No, he's good.

Does your dog bark?
Yeah, and it's really high and annoying.

He's lazy.

Sit on command?

Did you dog go to obedience school?

Does your dog play nicely with others?
He doesn't like to play that

Has you dog ever humped your leg?
He humped my arm the first time he met
me. ;-; (it was meant to be)

What is the most distructive thing your dog has ever done?
Nothing really,
he likes to mutilate his toys though.

Any unique tricks?
Attack. >____<

Personal preferences
What your dogs favorite place to sleep?
With me. ♥

Favorite food?
Canned dog food.

Favorite toy?

Favorite place to run around?
Any place with grass.

Favorite owner?
Me, I'm his only owner.

Is your dog calm or hyper?
He's really calm.

Does it like to go outside and explore, or sit in your lap and sleep?
likes both, but about 95% of the time he's on my lap sleeping.

Does it learn quickly?
I haven't taught him anything really.

Stubborn at all?
Kind of. >_<

Does your dog like to swim?
Probably not but I take him swimming anyways.

Why did you get a dog?
Because I love dogs.

What is your favorite thing about the dog?
Everything, even his nauseating stench.

How much time do you spend with the dog?
He's with me every minute of the day.

How much time do you spend with your significant other?

Would you take a bullet for your dog?
I would because I love him, but dogs's lives are so much shorter than humans. But wtf
who would shoot my dog i know he stinks but

How many dogs have you owned?
8 but I have 4 now.

When was the last time it was at the vet?
Last summer, my family is broke, nigga.

He had parvo.

Do you have pet insurance?

Do you allow your dog to lick your face?
No, his breath smells like death.

Have you ever shared food with your dog?
I always give him a little pinch
of my food.

Does your dog sleep inside or outside?

How many times do you walk your dog daily?
Not enough. :/

How often do you brush your dogs teeth?
The little asshole won't let

Do you think your dog loves you?
I hope so. :c

How do you know?
Because he follows me everywhere, he barks at people for
me, and he sleeps with me and idk he loves

Has your dog ever biten anyone?
My dad. XD funny story actually.

What does he/she look like?
He really small, and scruffy and smelly.

Do you tell your dog that you love him/her?

Has your dog ever had puppies?
He's a dood. ;-;

Do you like your dog to sleep with you?

Is your dog protective?
Yeah, but it's not like he can do anything. xP

Has your dog ever scared you before?
No. O_o

Does your dog have any illnesses?
Smelly stink pup Syndrome.
Last edited: 1 June 2014

‹*Misguided Ghost*› says :   18 June 2013   192023  
smelly nigger syndrome


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