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Wednesday, 4 January 2012
08:49:48 PM (GMT)
This is from a roleplay I am doing with my best friend Sarah(: Kristine, Jason, and
LIlianna are my characters and Alex is hers. I really liked how this turned out so I
decided to post it and stuff. If there are any mistakes I'll fix them at another
date. I'm honestly too tired to give a damn right now.


When Alex forced her to look at him she honestly listened to all he said, taking it

in like she never really had before. She had never listened to other people's

dismissing it as someone's stupid opinion, but this was different. There was a kind

of order in his voice, similar to what Michael had, that just made her listen. When

He finished his last words she just stared up at him, a helpless little girl who had

nothing left to do but listen to him. Without a second thought she moved her face

closer to his, lingering for a moment before she reached his lips. Twenty seconds

of courage. She heard Michael's voice in her head and decided she already wasted

ten of them might as well waste the rest. She closed the gap between the two of them

and pressed her cool lips against his hot ones, closing her eyes and kissing him for

a few long moments before pulling away. She only stared at him for a few minutes

before she was brought back to her world and realized what she had just done. "I'm

sorry." Kristine mumbled softly before looking away and standing, planning on going

to hide in their room until she was called back down for Lilianna.

Alex's whole body tensed and his mind was running in circles as he tried to sort

through what just happened. One minute Kristine was crying, her focus on her cousin

and her safety, and the next Alex gave the only advice he could offer, which he

didn't think he delivered particularly well, and then her face was nearing his. A

seconds later she had kissed him and he hadn't even tried to stop her. He let her

lips linger on his, and when she pulled away the whirlpool of strange feelings came

at him. He looked up at Kristine and he felt awful about what he had to say,

"Kristine, you know I'm not over her, right?" he asked, meaning Jade. He realized he

wasn't giving her a complete rejection, because he didn't want to, but he was also

letting her know that he wasn't sure he was ready for another relationship.

Kristine had her back turned to him and was at the door by the time he spoke. She

stopped long enough to listen and answer, which ended up being quite a while simply

because she couldn't talk in an even voice. Once she regained all the control she

could she gave herself a small nod and began to speak. "Yeah... yeah I know that."

She spoke in a saddened voice. She really did know all along that any effort she

made would never be able to overcome his love for the girl. She didn't even know why

she bothered, knowing all of this beforehand because of the one drunken night. "I'm

sorry... I'll leave you alone now." She spoke in a clear voice, not daring let her

voice crack. She had only two seconds of courage left and she spent it on that one

sentence. She was gone within a blink, laying herself across the bed as she clutched

her pillow. She had made sure to lock the door before throwing herself into a pool

misery. She was always going to be second in the love chain. She was second to

Daniel, second to Leonardo, now second to Alex who probably never even had feelings

for her. She was just pathetic. All she had to live for was somewhere being tortured

to death as she just lay there, wallowing in pity. She knew what she had to do after

a few minutes. Knew what Michael would have done if he were still here. After

herself a bit she took a deep breath and used all her strength to push herself from

the bed and move towards the window. She jumped out lithely and quietly, making sure

to put miles and miles of distance between the house and herself before she stopped
and looked

around. "Jason! Come get me! Take me instead!" She yelled over and over again,

desperately for a response.

Jason walked out from behind a tree, a smirk playing on his face as if he knew this

would happen. "What were you saying my dear Kristine?" He asked as he neared her,

Kristine not answering until he was practically breathing down her neck. "Compel her

to forget and take me instead. I know you would have more use of me than her. She is

only human. With me there is so many other possibilities of torture." She spoke in

emotionless and hard voice, keeping any fear she was having out of her eyes and

She just needed Liilianna safe, then she could work on what she needed. "Just let me

say goodbye and I'm all yours." She spoke in the same tone, keeping her eyes at the

ground. She suppressed a shudder as Jason took a lock of her and twirled it around

his fingers. He was in front of her now and was looking her up and down. He released

her hair and seized her chin, forcing her to look up at him. He looked her in the

face and smirked at her, giving a small chuckle. "All of which is true. And you are

certainly more attractive than your puny little cousin. But what about your wolf?"

asked, causing Kristine to flinch a bit. His favorite kind of torture was emotional,

the kind that wouldn't heal. "He isn't interested. You don't have to worry about

him." She spoke after a couple moments of silence. "Good then. I'll bring you back,

let you say your goodbyes and then your sister is free to go." He grabbed her wrist

and began to drag her towards the trees. "But if I get one sign that anyone is

looking for you, it won't end well for you." He growled and Kristine nodded in


Within minutes of running at top speed Kristine was in a dungeon far below a house

which she presumed was his. "Lilianna." She breathed, moving forward quickly to

the girl. When she woke up she stared at Kristine with pure happiness. "You came to

save me..." She spoke in a weak voice, making her sound about four years of age.

"Yeah honey, I came." Kristine choked out, barely able to hold back the tears as she

saw all the damage Jason had done. The cuts, the bruises, the obviously broken

One bone even came close to breaking through the skin. "You're gonna go home

alright?" She told Lilianna, kissing her forehead lightly and giving a small, choked

back sob at the fact even that small gesture caused the girl pain. "And you?" The

girl asked, looking a bit worried as she saw Jason in the background. "I... I'm

staying here. She took a slip of paper from her pocket and slipped it into

hand. She only had seconds left. "remember I love you, alright? Make sure that

Leonardo gets this note and he reads it, alright?" She spoke to Lilianna who was now

looking more scared than she should. "But... no you have to come too!" She managed a

loud voice, though nothing like a yell. From the bruises on her neck Kristine could

tell even speaking was painful. That's when she began to materialize, she was being

transported to Leonardo's manor, and away from her forever. Kristine started singing

softly, the same lullaby Michael always sang, to try to calm the girl down. "Deep in

the meadow, under a willow, a bed of grass a soft green pillow. Lay down your head

and close your eyes." Then, when she was barely visable, Lilianna began to sing with

her as well, though she was singing through tears. "And when they open the sun will

rise." Was all they could sing before she was gone and Kristine was left to the

of Jason.
Last edited: 20 May 2012

‹Cowards•Are•Golden› says:   5 January 2012   299676  
*sniff sniff* So beautiful. *sniff* I love our rp so much. If we ever
finish it, I swear we need to turn it into a book. Best story line
I've ever had in a rp. haha
‹♥› says:   5 January 2012   548984  
lmfao finish? darling we will never finish. it will go on forever. 
‹Cowards•Are•Golden› says :   5 January 2012   737767  
that's why I said IF. XD 


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