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Monday, 8 August 2011
03:20:09 PM (GMT)
They say vampire don’t exist. But I tell them their wrong. I know for a fact that
they exist. How do I know? Because I met one.  Because I fell in love with one……

	I walk to school wearing my school uniform that the private school I was enrolled in
required us to wear. I hated being the new transfer student.  It sucked. People
treated me so differently. I doubt this will be an interesting school. But ever since
I’ve gotten here I’ve been having strange visions. More than usual. My head was
killing me. I finally got to the school and looked at it. It was huge. I stare in
amazement. This is the school they decided to enroll me in. Last I heard my parents
died when I was a baby and the orphanage had found me. I had gone from family to
family but no one would adopt me. Then finally a kind loving family decided to adopt
me. They lived in this big city of England but were staying there for a while because
of work. Leo is an artist and Alissa is a nurse. I’ve been with them for a year
now. I stayed in American during that period of time and then recently we moved back
to England. It was very hectic during that time but we somehow managed. I’m still
my Gothic self reading fan fiction and vampire novels but I’m happier. Someone ran
into me and I fell dropping all of my things. “Owy.” I feel someone pick up my
vampire novel and I reach for it. I hated when people touched my vampire books. He
looked at it for a few moments and finally said “here ya go.” I finally got a
good look of his face and he was hot. His jet black hair was shoulder length and
despite his school uniform he wore black eyeliner. He was Goth or Emo. Both are hot.
He beat my usual straight black hair black eye shadow and usual Gothic Lolita dress.
I hated wearing school uniforms but he looked hot in it. He smiled at me and I
quickly said "I-I have to go." I run off past him and he watches me in wonder. He
whispers "she's not like other girls. Something about her is different." I got to my
class and panted heavily from running. "Finally I'm here." I walk in and everyone
stares at me. I get a little nervous. The teacher looks over and says "oh you must be
the new transfer student. How bout introducing yourself to the class." I nod and say
to the class "H-Hi my name is Raven Frost. I will be here hopefully for the rest of
High School." I find a seat in the back of the class and grab my notebooks. I start
writing whats on the board. I didn't understand any of it but at least I would have
notes. The girl next to me whispers "hey there. I'm Sara and I know what its like to
be new but I came at the beginning of the year. Were learning about Romeo and Juliet
right now." I nod finally getting the notes a little. "Ooh that makes sense. I
learned that at my last 10 schools." Apparently this made her giggle. I don't know
why because I was telling the truth. The teacher is by my desk and says "I don't
think you understand, mutt, but at this school we take learning very seriously. If
you can't handle why not go back to the orphanage?" I smirk at her and say with my
usual snarky tone "hah. You take learning seriously you say yet there are sleeping
children everywhere and very little is getting done. And if I wanted to go back there
I would of by now but I doubt someone new would adopt me. Now why don't you go pick
on someone your own age you old hag." I get slapped and sent to the office. I grab my
books and walk out. Sara follows me and says "that was amazing. No one ever had the
guts to speak to that bitch that way. And the cameras in the class so got the whole
her slapping you business. You can totally get her fired, dude." I laugh. "Dude did
ya see her face?" I continue laughing until I get to the office. The secretaries
gesture us to the principles office and we walk in. "Sup? And don't start yelling at
me watch the tape in the class first." He watches the video and afterwords he sighs.
Last edited: 16 August 2011

‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   16 August 2011   134957  
This is really good. Mind if I rewrite this so it looks a bit better?
Vampiric_Nightmare says:   16 August 2011   937248  
Hmm.......Idk. The reason its not the best is because other then my
unstable moods I haven't been really depressed or angry lately and
thats where I get all my ideas from. 
‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   16 August 2011   653964  
It just looks like a third grader wrote this, no offense. It's kind of
Vampiric_Nightmare says :   16 August 2011   446406  
Well I do suck at writing but I have done better. I just could care
less and contemplating giving writing up cause people never understand
them. Why I write them I mean. 


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