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Life is good or life sucks.Category: (general)
Monday, 1 August 2011
03:52:25 AM (GMT)
Last week I posted on the statement "why do good things happen to bad people" and
today our pastor added a few words to the statement that seemed so obvious.  "Why do
good things happen to people I deem unworthy?"  

Maybe we should not use words like worthy, unworthy, bad, good.  I guess I was better
off when I said "sinners with God and sinners without God".  Though the point of
being a sinner with God is to seek humility, and to avoid sin not because it is bad
or because we're simply told to, but because it really isn't good for us and gives us
temporary happiness at a cost we don't usually see.  

Another parallel to draw is that people either feel "He is God" or "I am God".  If I
make choices based on what I want, then I am obviously my own God, the ruler
of my own life.  It goes along the lines of "if it feels good do it" or one could say
such a person is ultimately the slave of their ID. (ID, Ego, Super Ego reference. 
The ID is our desires, what we want.)  

Selfish Us and Selfless Him. 

Now, I'm told often enough that its easy to worship God when life is good or even
okay and hard to worship when life sucks.  But for me it is the other way around. 
When life was good, I easily lost sight of God, got distracted, and did what I wanted
to do when I knew better.  When I am not doing well is when I most often trust and
rely on God to get me through.  Don't get me wrong, God loves to work through His
people.  Its a little complicated I guess.

Whether its easier to worship God when life is good or when life is not so good, its
pivotal to remember what worship really is.  Its not a feeling, and it isn't blind

To worship God is to be honest and humble toward Him.  He is not bothered by our
questions or our anger.  God knows how I feel and why, even if I don't.  Besides,
salvation is never based on our faithfulness to Him, but His faithfulness to us. 
Beyond salvation and into daily life, it always is best for us to seek a path that
God approves of.  Otherwise we hurt ourselves or others.  He wants us to be more like
Him.  To be wise, slow to anger, quick to love, to be kind, to be helpful, to seek
what is best for others, to be selfless, and to be joyful.

eternalxin says :   11 August 2011   188597  
I really get what you're saying.

For me personally... Well, I used to believe that bad things happened
to bring people closer together. When tragedy happens, and there seems
like there's no light, it's a trial for us humans.

God isn't a handyman. When something goes wrong and/or gets broken, he
can't just come and fix it. When God put us down here on earth...It's
not that he abandoned us...But rather he let us have free will. Every
choice is our own, and he (technically) has no influence over it.
Which is why "good things happen to bad people". 
People are affected by choices and decisions made by other people, the
same way we can affect ourselves and others. People blame God, and say
that he lets misfortune happen (it's technically true), but it's not
God's fault. He gave us free will, so everything that happens is
caused by humans, or natural occurrences.
Personally, I believe that God wants us to love and care for each
other, and be able to overcome hardships with our own strength.

And sometimes, we love ourselves much more than we love others. I
think when bad things happen, it's a reminder not only care for
yourself, the one who forgot how to love and care for others.

God is kinda like that best friend you have. The one you may not turn
to at first. All he can do is watch over you silently, and be your
silent strength. He could only love you with his whole being, but he's
unable to say it with words. Sometimes, when god is especially sad (I
believe), he sends down a miracle to either apologize or help you. The
same when he becomes happy for you, and he'll send you the occasional
Although I think "Good Luck" and "Misfortune" is more of a human

But yes, I do agree with what you said ^-^


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