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Thursday, 21 July 2011
03:21:11 AM (GMT)
Fuck, I'm bored.

Ok let's talk about being vegetarian.

So you're telling me you actually enjoy eating the corpse of an animal? Fuck you are
some sick bastards.

Anyways, I'm not judging (actually I am, but go fuck your self) but I just wanna see
if there's any other NON MEAT eaters out there that can relate with... like not being
tired all the time, excessive amounts of energy, increased aptitude for learning,
clearer thinking, overall happier about life and shit in general, slightly rosy
cheeks, and I find I really only need about 6 hours of sleep per night... OH YEA, my
complexion fucking rocks, and guys actually hit on me rather than vice versa. Don't
believe the last part, I don't really give a shit but yea so anyone relate? Oh yea,
not to mention my meditations are usually pretty awesome. /end arrogance.

Jesus was a vegetarian: prove me wrong.

‹IcePath› says:   21 July 2011   224454  
‹IcePath› says:   21 July 2011   728947  
‹goodfornothing› says :   11 October 2011   568439  
i'm a vegetarian, have been for a couple years. however, i
disagree entirely with the statement that eating meat is wrong. 
every species on earth has a place on the food chain. due to our
opposable thumbs and 1400cc brains, we humans are up at the top! that
means, basically, that we get to eat whatever we want to. also, we
need to eat those things, because the entire point of life is
to live, and we gotta do what we need to do to live... namely, eat -
and sometimes that means eating meat. the truth is sometimes some
species need to eat other species because otherwise there would be
about 20 billion of every species on the planet, and we'd suck up the
world's resources, and then we'd all die.
there's a very important reason why i'm vegetarian, though; i don't
believe that, in our stage of development, humans need to eat meat
nearly as much as we currently do. meat, in nature, is supposed to be
something you eat maybe a couple times a week. you supplement that
with vegetables and fruits and the like to keep yourself going. i've
personally found that, given the fact that i can walk to my local
supermarket and be blown away by the choices of non-meat options that
will entirely satisfy me and keep me healthy, there isn't a point of
eating meat. society would benefit greatly from cutting meat
consumption from every day - sometimes twice a day - to a few times a
again, eating meat is sometimes necessary for survival. eating meat
sustains you for much longer than eating a salad does. and there are
always exceptions - i went to tanzania over the summer and broke my
vegetarianism because for two weeks i was literally living in a desert
with no vegetation - save for spiny thorn bushes - for miles. we're
supposed to survive - not just humans, but all life in general.
sometimes that means surviving at the expense of others. 
vegetarianism, in the end, is a choice.


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