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Sunday, 26 June 2011
02:26:23 PM (GMT)
obsessive kupika diary day what the fuck is this don't judge me omg

How do you feel about the last person you hugged?
UM I don't even remember who that was uuuhhh
Friday night/Saturday morning was full of me drunkenly groping my friends so uh, one
of ~that group~ probably
Do you ever say 'OMG' in person?	
oh em gee
naw not like that, I'm not stupid

Who was the last person you really felt like punching?	
No but really
I don't even know

Are you taller for your age, shorter, or average?	
Average I guess??????/

Did you tell your last girlfriend/boyfriend that you love them?	
Yes untruthfully!
/heart of stone

How do you know the last person you hung out with?	
I know them all through school!

If you went to the beach right now, what would you bring?	
summat to drink, sunglasses and someone to shriek at and swallow sea water with

Where did you get the clothes you wore today?	
My tshirt is from h&m and my jeans I found in my mam's wardrobe

What's better: a surprise or knowing you're going to get it?	
Oh jesus just leave me alone tho

Does your weight have three numbers in it?	
cheeky cunt

Can you taste the difference between store brand food and brand name food?	
Naw probably not

Do you know anyone whose last name starts with P?	
My brother!

Do you have the last person you touched on MSN?	
hahahahaha what the fuck

When's the last time you were on neopets?	
Years ago m8

Someone wakes you up at 3am, what's your first thought?
are you drunk and weeping because if so I really don't care
go away

What's the last thing you got in a vending machine?	
UM oh fuck this was months ago, it was probably diet coke because it always is

What was the last thing your parents got mad at you for?	
My parents are never singularly angry at me for anything, I'm a flower
my mam's probably secretly angry at me for being a lazy cunt tho ahahaha

Have you ever had a bathing suit fall off of you while swimming?	
Naw I don't think so

Where do you go when you skip school?	
Stay at home and watch music videos, pretend to be ill u kno 
Left school for good now though

Do your pets have favourites?	
Of course doesn't everything

Do you find flirting over IM easier than in person?	
what is flirting

What were you thinking about five minutes ago?	
Man what are you doing to me I can't remember it was probably about coke

Have you ever heard the last person you laughed with swear?	
Probably, don't remember who it was but my entire life is swearing

If the last person you called were in the hospital, would you visit them?	
Oh, it's happened before. I'd do it again but it'd be awful, I can't bear hospital

Are there any dirty dishes in the room you're in?	
My bowl

How many people could sleep comfortably in the room you're in?	
Four I gues

Would you like to have a treadmill in your house?	
No thnx

What's the longest you've ever liked someone without telling them?	
Hm six months maybe
I can't remember if I told him or not though, why am I always drunk

Do/did you prefer your english or math teacher?	
Maths teacher, weird Northern man

Would you rather live with your parents or your grandparents?
Parents, entirely separately of course

Where were you 3 hours ago?	

Did you prank anyone on April fool's day?	

Can/Did you get away with skipping class?	
Only P.E, shoulda tried it more often

When is the last time you were on a swingset?	
Oliver's party awp
It broke ahahahaha

At sleepovers, do you usually sleep on a bed, couch or floor?	
Depends on the house and how many people are there etc whatever

When's the last time you wished you could just disappear? Why?	
Always all the time because I'm so unbearablely bearable

What's the sweetest thing a gf/bf can do to get you to forgive them?	
Train tickets to Northern towns, stealing things and sleeping on fire escapes
Jesus I need something

Do you dislike when surveys ask to describe your underwear?	
Um, not really

What was your last sent text about?	
Getting home I think

What would you do if the last person you hugged proposed to you?	
Can't remember who it was lawl but I don't want anyone proposing to me cheers

Who do you talk to the most in science?	

Did you check to see how much fat/calories was in the last thing you ate?	
Yep, sue me

If the last person you kissed gave you roses, what would you do?
Punch in da face

Do you need to wash your hair?
No I did this morning

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