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Oh look this one is interesting.Category: You don't really need to read this.
Thursday, 9 June 2011
08:34:55 PM (GMT)
3 ways I'm still a kid:
1) I get called cute pretty much daily and can pass as 12 whenever I want to.
2) I have a stuffed cat I always sleep with.
3) My favorite food is probably grilled cheese.

3 ways I'm already old:
1) I have shitty joints and feel physically old when I shouldn't.
2) I spend my free time chilling with photographers who are mostly 2-3 times as old
as I am.
3) I like people for more than what they look like and can't be attracted to someone
unless I like their personality.

3 things I want to do:
1) Skydive.
2) Travel as much as I can.
3) Be a successful/somewhat well-known artist.

3 ways I'm a stereotypical boy:
1) I own a lot of men's clothing.
2) I have a pretty blunt sense of humor and often make fun of women.
3) I don't think lakes/being outside/animals are gross or scary.

3 ways I'm a stereotypical girl:
1) I always cry at weddings and anything like that.
2) I love cuddling.
3) I don't like action movies.

3 things I want to do in the next 3 months:
1) Try new art mediums.
2) Not have panic attacks all the time.
3) Do something really really awesome.

3 things I like about myself:
1) I like people for who they are.
2) Being alone doesn't usually bother me.
3) I apparently have artistic talents.

3 things I hate about myself:
1) I get stressed a lot about relationships/things involving other people and get
panic attacks pretty easily.
2) My hair is too long/won't stop growing.
3) I'm sometimes really shy.

3 things I've learned about myself:
1) I don't like most women.
2) I remember certain things forever.
3) I like taking the easy route.

3 things that scare me:
1) Needles.
2) Churches/Gregorian chant/religion/cults/things like that.
3) Getting some terminal illness.

3 of my everyday essentials:
1) Hugs.
2) Music.
3) Breathing.

10 things I find attractive in the opposite sex:
1) Being cuddly.
2) Good music taste.
3.) Not wearing stupid jewelry.
4.) Good sense of humor/can take jokes.
5.) Being able to sing/play an instrument.
6.) Hands/face/hips.
7.) Not being a dick.
8.) Being older than me.
9.) Being either my size or taller.
10.) Being supportive and nice and that stuff.

3 things I just can't do:
1) Make decisions.
2) Pretend I don't hate people I hate/holding back from saying things I reeeaallly
want to.
3) Approach people and start talking to them.
Last edited: 9 June 2011

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