"For The Love Of Cats" -- Short Story (ONLY constructive criticism or
nice comments. Thanks.)
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"For The Love Of Cats" -- Short Story (ONLY constructive criticism or
nice comments. Thanks.)
Category: Short Story
Monday, 30 May 2011
02:10:33 AM (GMT)
For the Love of Cats
By Taylor Adams

Standing in the middle of the pet supplies aisle at the local grocery store, Tara
looked at the prices for various types of cat food.

‘He’ll hate me if I cheap out on him, but my pay check wasn’t anything special
this week…’ 

At that moment, she spotted some 9 Lives on sale for $4.99. 

‘9 Lives isn’t so bad!’ She thought, knowing, even as she grabbed the bag off
the shelf and made her way to the front of the store, what kind of look she would
receive from her picky kitty when he saw how low she had stooped. 

Wincing at the thought, she placed the bag on the counter. Reaching for her back
pocket, she tried to pull her wallet out and sighed as it flopped unceremoniously
onto the floor. Tara began bending down to pick it up, but stopped abruptly when
another hand enclosed itself around the folded leather contraption that held every
cent she had in it bindings. She jerked her head up to see a rather attractive man
waiting in line behind her, now holding out the wallet.

“I believe this is yours.”  He flashed a beautiful smile at her as she took the
wallet from him. 

“Thank you.” She said, trying to act as if she didn’t notice. Tara was by no
means unattractive and this fact never seemed to go unnoticed by the opposite sex,
wherever she went. Ever since she hit puberty men were constantly coming onto her
and, by this point, she knew the signs. No matter how minute. 

Turning around, she paid for the cat food and left the store. Not long after, a voice
called for her attention. She turned to come face-to-face once again with the
handsome stranger.

“Hi, I know this might seem strange and a bit abrupt, but would you like to get
some coffee or something with me sometime?” He flashed another pretty smile which,
at second glance, seemed sincere. 

Giving a mental sigh, she tried to think up a real good lie. It only took a moment. 

“I’m sorry, but I have to go meet my boyfriend for dinner in 15 minutes.” She
gave him an apologetic smile in return. 


“Speaking of which, look at the time!” she laughed nervously, feeling an
impending awkward situation. “I gotta go. Thanks so much again for picking up my
wallet earlier!” 

“Oh, you’re…!” She was gone. “Welcome…”    


Upon arriving at her one bedroom apartment, she was immediately attacked by her cat
in a frenzy of soft purrs and tiny mewls while he pawed up the side of her leg and
batted at the plastic grocery bag, of which he knew contained his much desired food.

“Well, hello to you too, Gabriel!” She reached down by her ankle and scratched
the sleek, black fur behind his little kitty ears. 

As she set the bag on the counter, Gabriel hopped up and sat with his ears perked and
eyes wide. She revealed the bag of 9 Lives. His reaction was instantaneous. Ears
flattened against his head as his eyes became half lidded and his tail flicked back
and forth aggravatedly across the counter. 

“What!?” She squeaked, not at all surprised by his sudden attitude adjustment.

His eyes flicked from her, to the bag, and back to her. As if he were saying,
‘You’re kidding, right?’

“Oh, come on, it’s not that bad. Needless to say, Payday was a little less than
spectacular this time around, or you know I would’ve only gotten you the best!” 

Gabriel rolled his eyes and rubbed his head against her torso. She smiled and poured
the food in his bowl. 

“Thank you, Gabriel.”

A few hours later found her in her bed. She dozed in and out of consciousness while
watching television, making note of the fact the Gabriel was already curled up by her
side. Her eyes moved to the window, watching the sun as it set, merely inches away
from the horizon. 


The familiar movement of another body next to her stirred her from her rest. Tara
opened her eyes and was met with the pitch black darkness of the room, the TV having
been turned off shortly after sundown, like always. She glanced at the time on her
digital clock, which was hard to miss, being the only light source in the black
abyss. 12:05 AM.

“How considerate of you, Gabriel, to let me sleep in longer than you usually do.”
She laughed a little as she turned over to face him.

“You’re lucky you got to sleep that long. I could have woken you up sooner.
It’s honestly the least you deserve for buying such a cheap brand of cat food.”
He smirked at her upon making eye contact.

She laughed again, rolling her eyes. She knew all too well he could see her. 

“Hey, I pleaded my case. Last I checked, I was found innocent. Besides, I think you
get a say as soon as you can get a job.” 

“Hm, yes, and of course I would have to work the night shift, meaning you would
never get to see me. I think it works out for the both of us!” His tone conveyed
mock excitement. 

“Well! I love you too, Gabriel!” She turned away from him and flopped the pillow
over her head. 

He rolled his eyes at her, knowing all too well the she couldn’t see, even if she
had been looking straight at him. 

“Hey… I do love you.” His voice was soft as he said this, persuading her to
come from her hiding place under the down. 

“Promise?” She looked at him. She couldn’t see him very clearly, but she knew
his expression. She’d seen it a million times.

“With all my black, little, kitty heart… How could I not? I am, after all, bound
to you as your familiar.” 

“Hm.” She sighed happily as she wrapped her arms around him. “Just one of the
many perks that come with being a Witch.”

He kissed her on her forehead and smiled.


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