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Lies Everlasting, Chapter 3: Joachim (Achim)Category: (general)
Saturday, 14 May 2011
09:17:47 AM (GMT)
I watched the street through a window. We'd win this war, and the Germans would
prove to be the superior race after all. The rest of the world would have to bow to
our greatness, and we will rule with our leader without question. We would be
restored to our former glory. Not even the Allies could stop us. I smiled at the
young German children coming home from Hitler Youth. They'd be our future. Yes...
They'd serve well, too. 
     "Achim!" called my mother.
     "Ja?" I called back. 
     "Wie geht es Ihnen*?" she called.
     "Lassen Sie mich in Ruhe!" I snapped.
     "Ja... Entschuldigung..." she said, quiet but loud enough for me to hear.
     I turned back to the playing children. They'd be taught how to lead the world in
perfection. Yes... The little Germans. The Jews will no longer be a threat to the
children's security. We will flourish again. We will rule with a fist almost  as
mighty as the Lord himself... 
     I turned to the door, opening it and walking outside. The air was fresh, the
noon young. "Hallo." I called to the children.
     "Hallo!" a young girl called back.
     I smiled. Yes, this was a very good future. Polite, German... We are most
definitely the ruling race. We are the only future this world needs. 
     I watched as men in uniforms dragged a man from his house. The children darted
away in fear, but I stood. The man had a star sewn on his shirt. A Jew. 
     This is more than they deserve I thought as they dragged him and what
seemed like his son down the street. Filth like them deserve no less than a death
even in Hell they will continue writhing over*. 
     The younger man seemed to feel the need to try to break away and go back to his
house. The men dragged him farther away as he howled and clawed to get back... Until
they finally beat him down. 
     "Nein!" cried the man. "Nein!" 
     I stood and smiled. What a pitiful race they were. The world could do without
     I stepped back inside the house when everything was clear.
     "Was ist los*?" called my mother. She walked in. She was a short woman, dirty
blonde hair and sea blue eyes. 
     "Sie nahm zwei Judentum" I said. " Das Nachbarn"
     "So eine Schande!*" she said before turning away. 
     In her sadness, I couldn't help feeling satisfaction. We were the ruling race.

*"How are you?" 
*"Leave me alone!"
*"Yes... Sorry..." 
*I'll translate it when I can... It's a long sentence!!!
*"What is it?"
*"They took two Jews. The neighbors."
*"What a shame!" 

I am not being racist. Just sayin'.

‹zach33› says:   17 May 2011   954898  
what year?
‹Zboy0112 is my display name.› says:   19 May 2011   572808  
Three words. What. The. Fuck.
‹คคг๏ภ; tђє ภєץt гє๒เгtђ ๏› says:   24 May 2011   570199  
I am surprised at your reactions guys.

Zach put the pieces together, germany, hatred of Jews. Hitler, the

Zboy... three words. what the fuck do you mean by 'what the fuck' 
‹zach33› says:   25 May 2011   595656  
what year? 
‹zach33› says:   25 May 2011   251048  
as in the war 1938 or 1945? 
‹Zboy0112 is my display name.› says:   26 May 2011   263328  
My bad for not putting enough sarcasm into that, Arron. The thing is,
why she writing about a Jew? Maybe she wants to, I dunno, it's just
‹Forbidden_Temptation› says :   28 May 2011   577029  


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