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Shit; this world has gone to the dogs.Category: RantRantRant
Monday, 2 May 2011
01:35:28 PM (GMT)
Just make this clear I have nothing against religion.

Okay, I don't believe in any religion; but I have nothing against people who do, as
long as it's not shoved down my throat.


I could not believe what I was reading when I found this article.

What the fuck.
So what, gay kisses aren't allowed on tv before the watershed, but hetro ones are?
Just as we'd taken a jump forwards in terms of gay equality in Britain with gay
marriage finally being advocated, this shit happens? Why should children need
to be 'protected' from homosexual relationships? There is nothing wrong with being
gay; it's still being treated like it's a disease or something that's gross, and
that's so, so wrong in this day and age.

It's the 21st century for fucks sakes! We need to stop living like it's the 1800s!

Is it trying to say that watching a girl and a boy make out is less uncomfortable
than a boy and a boy or a girl and a girl make out?
Because it sure isn't. 
PDA makes me a little squicky regardless of whether or not its between people of the
same or different sex.

The fact that this is a Christian charity only makes this more infuriating.

I thought the whole idea of God was that he loved everyone. And yet I then see
websites like and all the supposed passges in the Bible
condemning same-sex relationships and then Christianity just looks like a whole pile
of hypocritical bullshit to me.

I realise that WBC is only a minority hate group, but then I look on sites like the
dailymail, and see articles like;

and the majority of the anti-gay articles all involve Christian groups as the main

I had considered becomg Christian last year, but how could I worship an all-loving
God who preaches gay hate?
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Bootheghost says:   2 May 2011   993082  
This is why Christianity sucks balls.

Uhm, it's everyone else who are the faggots. I hate this country.
‹colours and carousels♥› says:   2 May 2011   879256  
Ahhh, yeah it's very hypocritical.

Well, I don't hate it persay... there are just a lot of people I would
like to kill. 
StarDust says:   2 May 2011   463456  

I agree that stuff on T.V. is quite sexual, you only have to watch my
big fat gypsy wedding and take a look at the 8 years old with makeup
slapped on, bellies showing and high heels gyrating on the dance floor
to see why maybe Shakira shaking her booty may not be such a good
thing. But children are smart, they're not all mindless followers.
Good parenting of showing your children what is and is not right (in
terms of sexual behaviour) is what they should be focusing on. AND

I think I good plot for the next disney film should be two princes
falling in love.
Bootheghost says:   2 May 2011   949956  
‹colours and carousels♥› says:   2 May 2011   529044  

Lyncheh says:   2 May 2011   250589  
Forming an opinion that Christians are mostly hateful from tabloid
news articles is like reading about 9/11 and concluding that Muslims
are mostly terrorists. It's forgiveable, but ignorant. (And I mean
that not as an insult, but an observation.)

Christianity does indeed teach that
a) relationships should be heterosexual
b) God is all-loving

I don't see the contradiction or hypocrisy here. A parent might
disapprove of what their child is doing, but that doesn't mean that
they hate the child or they're inciting hatred against them.

Jesus never rejected someone because he disapproved of how they lived
their lives. He was the son of God who could have chosen to be waited
on hand and foot, yet made himself a servant of others, humbled
himself and washed the feet of sinners, teaching his followers to do
the same.

Whatever a tabloid rag says, Jesus preached love and respect and
forgiveness. Even when they nailed him up on a cross, he said:
"Father, forgive them; for they don't know what they do." Does that
sound like a hateful person?

Jesus did not lie to anyone. He did not pretend that sins were okay.
He challenged people to look at themselves and follow God's will, but
he did not hate or condemn them. Instead, he welcomed them and
preached a message of love.

"For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but
to save the world through him."

If you want to study Christianity, study Christianity - not the
Christians. I find there's a lot of peace in this religion. I'm a
Bootheghost says:   3 May 2011   642945  
Religion fascinates me, and I was quite genuinely surprised when I
learned you had converted... but it seems you enjoy it, so there's
nothing I can find fault with in that sense.

But, I have a thoroughly scientific mind, so you can probably see that
I don't believe any of it, in truth. XD

Though, the fact that there are some Christians that fail to accept
love, in any sense of that word... that is disgusting and
unforgiveable in my eyes at least. And such Christians as them are
lowest of the low. 
‹colours and carousels♥› says :   3 May 2011   605473  
First off, thank-you very much for the loooong comment, and it's
really interesting to have an opinion from someone who is indeed
Christian, as I, obviously don't have this view. 

Well, I did point out that I realise it's mostly minority groups that
are the ones I really cannot stand. But while I know some Christians
who are very accepting of homosexual love, I also know those who are
completely against it. And I just so happen to know more Christians
that oppose it, so this is what I formed my opinion on.

But still I don't understand, is that minority groups (like the WBC),
while saying that God is all-loving, then continue, often in the same
sentence, that he 'hates' homosexuals, and indeed any other religion
that isn't Christianity. How can they claim to be preaching Jesus' and
God's message of 'love thy neighbour', when they appear to be
incapable of doing so themselves?

But once again, and I should probably make this clearer in my entry
because looking at it know, I can see it's full of holes, that it's
the beliefs of the loud-mouthed minorities that I find particularly
hateful and nasty.

And I'm also the same as @Bootheghost in that I'm too much of a
sciencey person to believe in an all-powerful god.

But I appreciate your opinion; it's definately cleared some things up,
so thank-you. 

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