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Saturday, 26 March 2011
09:45:31 AM (GMT)
It's forty-three days until my sixteenth birthday, but that's on a Sunday so it's
forty-four days until I can get my driver's license.  Of course, what is the point
have having a license if you don't know how to drive?  Go to Driver's Ed, you may
say, but no one wants to climb in the car on their first day of driving school and
look like an idiot.  That natural solution is to learn how to drive before your
sixteenth birthday.

   Yesterday, that is exactly what I did.

   And it was successful.  My dad took me to the fair-sized student parking lot at my
school during the evening, which of course was empty.  At first I was really bad and
couldn't even back up without slamming on the brakes.  However, I soon realized that
I would have more control over the gas and brakes if I used the ball of my foot as
opposed to the toe, and after that I was set.  Once I was able to back up and go
forward, I had to learn how to turn.  At first it was hard because you can only spin
the wheel so far before you have to let it go back and straighten out, and I was so
afraid of letting that happen in case I lost control of the car.  That resulted in
some more brake slamming.  Eventually I got used to it, and before long I was going
in a successful oval weaving between light posts at the ends.

   Wanna hear the best part, though?  I PARKED.  BACKWARDS.  I successfully backed
the van into a parking spot the first time I tried.

   It was so much fun.  If you're going to be turning sixteen sometime this year, I
highly recommend getting behind the wheel before your birthday, just to get used it
and to have an awesome experience.  :D

summerrain says:   26 March 2011   287642  
I'm soo proud of youuuu!!
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   27 March 2011   940746  
I can't start driver's ed until I'm 15 1/2. :I
tiggerlemon101 says:   29 March 2011   359038  
We can't start until we're 16, after we get our G1 -.-
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   29 March 2011   711931  
D: That sucks. When can you get your license? 
tiggerlemon101 says:   29 March 2011   335449  
On your sixteenth birthday.  Unless that's on a weekend, like mine, in
which case you have to wait until Monday.  

Forty-one more days.  
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   29 March 2011   894122  
I can't get mine 'til 16 1/2.
...Yeah, I don't get my state's system. I don't think six months makes
much of a difference. :/ 
fireonthemountain says:   30 March 2011   747451  
...So you can get your license before taking drivers ed?
Here, you can practive with an adult at 15 1/2, and you just have to
be 16 before your drivers ed course ends. Have to be 16 to get a
license, but it you're under 18 you have to take drivers ed first.

Woah that was a lot of words.
tiggerlemon101 says:   30 March 2011   560897  
Yeah, we aren't allowed to get behind the wheel, period, in any
situation, before we get are license... which is why everybody's
parents illegally takes them driving beforehand.  
...Stupid, I know. 
fireonthemountain says:   31 March 2011   577558  
...That makes no sense in any way. Once you get your license, are
there restrictions? 'Cause obviously you can't just go out and drive
yourself somewhere alone (assuming you haven't practiced illegally,
tiggerlemon101 says:   31 March 2011   743538  
I know, it's absolutely ridiculous.
When you get your G1 you can't drive on highways or at night, and you
have to have someone over the age of eighteen with their full license
in the car with you.  Obviously you can't have any alcohol, but most
people aren't of legal drinking age anyway.
After a year or something you can get your G2, and the only
restriction is that you can't drive with more than two people under
the age of sixteen after midnight, and if you have any blood alcohol
reading, your license in revoked (when you get your full license, the
legal limit is 0.05%). 
fireonthemountain says :   31 March 2011   892291  
Aahh. That makes a tiny bit more sense... but still weird. xD


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