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Our dearest Xena...Category: (general)
Thursday, 24 February 2011
03:43:03 PM (GMT)
this story takes place in between the time of Xavien's death and Xena's own. After
Xavien's death Xena had soon became sick and wouldn't leave her room. Convinced by
Marluxia that it was Sora that had killed her love is is now in the need of avenging
her dear Xavien but isn't capable due to the state she is in.

Xiannon sat with Shexia in the grey room along with some others. "Vexen says she can
come out today and see us since she's gotten so much better" said Xiannon to Shexia.
"It'll be lovely to see her out of her bed!" Replyed Shexia. The was the sound of
squeaking. Xena sat in her wheel chair and tryed to wheel herself into the Grey Room
but failed. "here I did say I would help you." Vexen was close behind her and took
the handles of the chair. Xena turned and whacked his hand. "ouch! Okay then fine!"
Vexen walked over to a couch and sat down. "here..." Xiannon walked over and started
pushed Xena in her chair over to where Shexia was sitting. "there now thats nice!"
Said Xiannon in the cheeriest voice possible. "you can draw or we could play a game
or Shexia and I could read you a story?" Xena sat up alittle. "could I draw whilst
you tell me a story?" Xiannon giggled. "okay then..." Xiannon pulled out a book. Xena
had some pencils and paper. She leaned on a book for support. Her hand shook as she
tryed to draw.

Xena ended up dropping her green pencil and reached out for it. It rolled alittle and
hit Xaveria's foot. Xaveria looked down, picked it up and moved toward Xena. She
placed it on the book Xena was leaning on. "thankyou..." Xaveria walked back and sat
down. "no problem..."

Both Xiannon and Shexia not to mention the majority of the people in the room knew
that this would not last very long and would soon come to an end. Xena started crying
after the part in the story came that a handsom prince swept the princess away. She
knew that a handsom prince could not sweep her away because the bad guy had killed
him. But she wished that he would come and sweep her away. Take her away from this
place. Vexen walked over. "come now Xena we should probably go back to your room
now..." "No!" Xena shouted though tears. "I-I wanna go see Xavien!" Vexen turned
Xena's wheel chair. "thank you Vexen..." Said Xiannon quietly. "we'll visit you Xena
we promise..." Said Shexia. "he promised he would be back so he will! He always keeps
his word!" She thrashed about alittle. "He will! he will! he will! he will! he will!
he will!" Vexen pushed the chair out of the Grey Room. Xiannon sighed. "it's all a
lie isn't it?" Shexia turned to Xiannon. "what is?" "he's saying that she's getting
better but he's just saying that to make us feel better..." "no no Xiannon it's just
a stage it'll pass everything will be fine!" Shexia put a hand on Xiannon's sholder.
"Thats what he says...It'll be fine she'll be out of that chair by the weekend then
she goes back to the begining and it starts all over again..." There was silence.
"Shexia what if she dies?" Xiannon burst into tears. Shexia tryed to cheer Xiannon up
but absolutly nothing helped and Shexia herself soon ended up in tears.

A few months has passed since I was first sentenced to tubes and heart
moneters...but I fear that my eye sight is no longer that steady. Infact writing this
very entry is proving chalenging whomever is reading this...
The numbers of tubes are increasing day by day. I feel trapped in wires and
tubes...it's hard to hear my music box sing to me...
I'm no longer aloud in my wheel chair. Vexen says I must stay in bed.
I fear that I am not to get out here alive... But I don't want any one to be worried
for me.
So I'm going to run and say my final good bye to Xavien.
I will stay there until the end.
Waiting for him to come back.
Then we can play...
A flower with out sunlight is sure to die.
Only his words gave me the sunlight that I do not get in this room where sunlight
does not enter.
Incase if this is my last.
then good bye.
Xena The Glassy Dreamer

Xaveria held the peice of Xena's diary in her hand.
She looked around at all the tubes and wires that had clearly been torn off. She
She left for the land of the dragons.

‹Tama_♦› says:   25 February 2011   679597  
That bit after Vexen and Xena leave reminded me of Totoro =3
That was pretty ~
‹OpalM-W› says:   26 February 2011   708081  
OMG so it does! D: 
‹Tama_♦› says:   26 February 2011   627716  
Awww, it's ok Xiannon, come give Granny Shexia a hug ^^ 
Mauiboy says:   26 February 2011   709859  
This must have took alot of time.
‹OpalM-W› says :   26 February 2011   919316  
not really... >_> 


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