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Pan's Labyrinth, Organization 13 fan-fiction Chapter 9Category: Organization 13
Friday, 21 January 2011
02:07:52 PM (GMT)
After Vexen took the injection out of Xanthe's arm, Xanthe's breathing began to slow
down. And Vexen sadly watched as the light left Xanthe's eyes.

Axel had left his study and was in the hallway of the house. He suddenly heard a door
click shut upstairs. He then turned to Marluxia.
"Go check on Vexen. I'll be there soon." he told Marluxia.
"Yes captain.." Marluxia replied, and walked off towards the storeroom.

Arie was upstairs in her Mother's room, under her bed. She found the Mandrake root,
bloated and immobile.
"Your not moving... are you sick..?" Arie spoke to the plant.
Suddenly, she was yanked out from under the bed, by her ankles.
"What the hell are you doing down there?!?" Axel yelled at Arie, looking under the
bed, after yanking Arie out from under there.

Marluxia was walking towards the storeroom, when he stopped beside Xigbar.
"Where is he? Call him out here." Marluxia told Xigbar.
"Who..?" Xigbar asked Marluxia, confused.
"Who do you think, you idiot? Vexen!" Marluxia yelled at Xigbar, pushing him aside,
and stepping into the storeroom.
When he got inside, he saw Vexen holding the dying Xanthe in his arms. When he saw
the syringe Vexen had, he understood completely.

Axel dragged out the plate with the milk and Mandrake root in it. The foul smell made
him wince. He glared at Arie.
"What the hell is this?" he asked her, ripping the Mandrake root off of the plate.
"No! NO!" Arie yelled in fear, as Axel took the plant off of the plate.
Axel was about to hit Arie, when Shexia rose her voice.
"Leave her be!" she told Axel sternly.
"Look what she hid under your bed! What do you think of this?" he told Shexia,
holding up the Mandrake plant.
He handed the plant over to Shexia, who looked at it, trying to make sense of it.
"Arie, what is this doing under the bed?" she asked Arie.
"It's a magic root the faun gave me!" she told her Mother in a 'matter of fact'
"This is because of all that junk you let her read. Look what you've done!" Axel
"Let me speak to her alone, please." Shexia told Axel.
"...As you wish.." Axel muttered, and stormed out of the room.
"The Faun told me you would get better. And you did!" Arie told Shexia.
"Arie, you have to listen to your Father. You have to stop all this" Shexia told her
daughter in a soft tone.
Arie ran up to Shexia, and hugged her with all her might.
"No! I want to leave this place! Please, let's just go-" Arie pleaded to her Mum.
"Things are not that simple" Shexia told Arie, and was able to pry Arie off, looking
into her eyes.
"As you get older, you'll see that life isn't like your fairytales. The world is a
cruel place" Shexia told Arie.
She moved away from Arie, and over to the fireplace.
"And you'll learn that, even if it hurts" she said, throwing the Mandrake root into
the fire.
"NOOO!!!" Arie yelled once her Mother threw the plant in the flames.
"Arie! Magic doesn't exist! Not for you, me, or anyone else!" she told Arie sternly,
shaking the girl by the shoulders.
The Mandrake suddenly made a horrible inhuman squeal as it burned up in the
fireplace. Suddenly, Shexia gasped and doubled over in pain, clutching onto her
stomach. Arie bent down and held onto her Mother, trying the best she could to help
her Mum.
"HELP! HELP PLEASE, SOMEONE HELP!" Arie yelled out for anyone who could hear her.

Meanwhile in the storeroom, Axel and Vexen were glaring at each other.
"Why did you do it?" Axel asked Vexen.
"It was the only thing I could do." Vexen answered Axel.
"No, you could have obeyed me!" Axel told Vexen.
"I could have, but I didn't" Vexen replied bravely.
From somewhere in the house, there was a loud cry from someone. Axel and Vexen could
hear a commotion among the servants. Vexen stood up and collected his bag.
"But it would have been better for you-" Axel stopped and gripped a hold onto Vexen's
"why didn't you obey me?" he asked.
"To obey without thinking.. just like that.. well.. that's something that only people
like you can do, Captain" Vexen answered Axel, and started walking away.
Axel took out his gun quickly, and shot Vexen, who fell to the ground. Axel kept
firing bullets into Vexen, eventually killing him. Marluxia watched Axel, stunned.
It began to rain. Alexis and Brix approached Axel, murmuring something to him.
"Marluxia! Have the Paramedic troops go to my Wife's room immediately!" Axel ordered

A stream f servants were rushing up the stairs and down the stairs, carrying basins
of steaming hot water, and clean towels. Some of them went into the bedroom, and some
of them went out of the bedroom. She sound of Shexia's cry could be heard. Axel and
Arie were waiting patiently outside the bedroom. Beyond the half open door, Xiannon
was washing her bloody hands in a wash basin. Suddenly, Shexia's screams stopped and
were replaced to a Newborn Babies cry. The Paramedic then walked out of the bedroom,
and walked up to Axel whispering to him.
"Your wife.. is dead..." he whispered sadly to Axel.
Axel stood up and walked into the bedroom. Arie was left alone out in the hallway,
listening to the crying infant in her Mother's bedroom.

Later on that afternoon, many people gathered around a grave on the hill. Everyone
dressed in black, and Axel carrying the newborn baby, Xilatz, in his arms. Arie was
crying into Xiannon's shoulder as they lowered the coffin of Shexia into the grave.

The next morning, Arie was in her Mother's bedroom. She shut the trunk that held her
Mother's dresses. She busily put away all of Shexia's belongings away into the

Later that night in Axel's study, Axel was wiping an old record with his shirt's
sleeve, and placed it on the Victrola. Xiannon was holding the sleeping Xilatz, and
carefully placed him down into a simple wooden cradle.
"You knew the Doctor well, didn't you Xiannon?" Axel asked her.
"We all knew him sir. Everyone around here." she told Axel.
"The stutterer spoke of an informant here inside the mill. Can you imagine that?
Right under my nose" Axel asked Xiannon, placing the needle on the record.
"Xiannon, please" he told Xiannon, signaling her to take a seat in front of his
"What must you think of me? You must think I'm a monster" Axel asked Xiannon.
"What someone like me thinks of you hardly matters, Sir" Xiannon answered.
Axel smirked and poured himself a glass of Orujo, and one for Xiannon.
"Would you go to the Storeroom, Xiannon? And bring me another bottle of liquor.
Please." Axel asked Xiannon.
"Right away, Sir" Xiannon muttered, getting up off the chair.
"Aren't you forgetting something? The key, I have the only copy, don't I?" he asked
"Y-Yes.." Xiannon muttered, walking back to Axel.
"You know? Something's bothering me. It's not important, a tiny
detail­ but the day they broke into the storehouse, with all those grenades and explosives, the lock
itself was never forced. But as I said, it's probably nothing important" Axel
spoke, handing Xiannon the key.
Xiannon took the key, thanked Axel, and walked out the door, leaving Axel alone
drinking the rest of his liquor.

Xiannon picked up the loose slate in the tiling floor, taking out the items from the
floor and stuffing them into a canvas bag.
Arie was sleeping in her bed in the attic, until a shadow loomed over her, waking her
"Shh, Arie, I'm leaving tonight." Xiannon told Arie.
"Where are you going?" Arie asked Xiannon.
"I can't tell you that.." Xiannon told Arie.
"take me with you, please" Arie pleaded.
"I can't, my child.." Xiannon said to Arie sadly.
"Take me with you" Arie insisted.

After that, Xiannon and Arie were walking away from the Mill, Xiannon using an old
umbrella to shelter Arie from the rain.

(Continued in Part 10 ^.^ )

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