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Schooool. [Haven't actually updated about hs haha)Category: (general)
Sunday, 12 December 2010
01:39:21 AM (GMT)
So I'm bored and I thought I'd tell you about my school week x) I haven't done that
in such a long time.
It's little long xD 
Anyway, Monday and Tuesday someone pulled the fire alarm. :v I was like WHAT THE
FREAK? Monday it was okay because like it was the end of the day so everyone was
leaving already. But Tuesday I was pissed as hell! It happened right after my lunch
period (5a) and so we just like ran outside. It was cold outside :v ugh. But thank
goodness I wore a long sleeve or I would've been REALLY cold. But yeah. The same day
though I found out that the guy I like has 5b lunch x3 like I saw him go in righttt
when I left the cafeteria. I was like :O! And then in health that day I wanted a hug
from him because I was cold. Ahh it was hilarious xD I was like hug? :D and he had
chocolate milk because he got to get it since he didn't get to have lunch, and him
being hard hearing was like want some? And I'm like nooo hug! and he kept offering
his chocolate milk to me. Aha but it wasn't until like I opened my arms to show him I
wanted a hug that he got it. So yeahh. Haha. 
[[I can't really remember things in chronological order :c so sorry if I jump from a
day to a different day))
Wednesday the announcements were hilarious. So we have this word of the day shiz and
so like "Here's Crystal with the word of the day" and she says something and then Mr.
M comes back on and was like "The word of the day was ludicrous. Like whoever pulled
the fire alarm was ludicrous" xD and mannnnnnnn my whole class was like DAMN HE'S MAD
but we were laughing!! I'm not sure if that's exactly how he said it but yeahh. And
man I gots problems with this one guy in my lunch  :/ I seriously want to move out of
my table but I got nowhere else to sit. (I'll talk about it more later)
Thursday the principal made an announcement about finding the guy who pulled the
alarm. And so Mr. M said I was partially sympathetic for the guy (so now you think
that he's going to go easy on him...) His consequences are that he has to pay $1,200
tomorrow, get a 10 day suspension and pay $500 to get out of jail [or something like
that] and his OTHER option was that he could pay $1,200 anytime he wanted to but that
would mean he can't graduate with his class, he'll get held back or something, and
still get a 10 day suspension, and still needs to pay $500 to get out of jail. Mannnn
I seriously thought Mr. M was going to go easy on him! 
Fridayyy. Soo. Well my friend and I thought this one guy in my health class knew who
I like. So I asked him right? And he totally knew. Then he's like do you want me to
hook you guys up? And I'm just sitting there with like what are you talking about?
And my friend and I are just like laughing kinda like are you serious? And yeah. So
after the test he actually does. Like I have no clue what he said because they were
talking in Spanish. But then he tells me that the guy I like has a girl friend so I'm
like ): but yeah. It's not like that never happens to me before y'know? Every time I
like a dude he's already taken. But I was still sadd. So in history I go to John and
Dmitri for a hug xD ahh I love Dmitri. He's my bff! :D YEAH FO' SHO. 
So now I'll just go on and tell you about everything that I can't seem to remember
when it happened xP
I swear, Imma freaking punch this one kid one day. No joke. Like one day I was super
close to, the next day I was close to knocking his tray in his face because he was
being a creeper and standing right behind me with his tray and I was just pissed,
then the next day my friend literally held me back from slapping him or something
worse. And then in History that day he was bugging me and I'm like BACK OFF. But does
he get it ? NO. Because this freak is UGH! 
Let's talk about my BFF =D bahahaha. Oh gosh. I love him xD One day I was like you
hate me don't you?! D: and he's like yes yes I hate you, I despise you! You are not
my best friend and it was just hilarious what he said. Then the next day I think I
was like Dmitri hates me ): and then he's like no! I love you! and yeahh. It's like
that everyday now it switches from love to hate. Baha and one day he just like goes
on his knees and was like "Janelle I love you! I don't hate you" xD and then my best
friend Kelley was like "Dmitri get on one knee!" And he did and said that he loved me
xD Bahhh I love my best friends! 
That's why I leave school with a happy face :D
After lunch is health and history<3 That's with my best friends. So I'm not as pissed
off as I would be from lunch.
I should love lunch. But I don't ): Gah stupid azz people. 
OH! I got like new nicknames! Shrimp & Little Janelle from Joyce's boyfriend. And
Mexican Loving Problem Child from Jenn xD because I seem to always like Mexicans and
then if I like someone they're taken so hence the problem child.

SO YEAH that was my week. (: But so much more happened in the months that I've been
in school, its just way to muchh to write about

Winter break starts soooooooooon~! WOO!

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