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Monday, 18 October 2010
11:15:54 AM (GMT)
It was quiet... too quiet. The eerie silence was unnerving. It felt like I was being
watched as I sat on my shiny black laptop. No lights were on, so my face was lit up
by the glaring blue screen of my computer. The house empty, like an empty shell. As I
browsed YouTube on videos about animals that feeling of being watched came. Everyone
gets this feeling but most of the time it’s nothing. However, I knew this wasn’t
one of those times; I had this bad feeling that something was going to happen. As I
slowly moved my cursor over a video my laptop screen blinked and went off. I
panicked. Running downstairs in the dark I fumbled around the place trying to find a
light switch, almost tumbling headfirst down the dark, twisting stairs. Something
cold touched my hand and I screamed, jumping back. But it was only the frame of an
old family picture my mum had given me years ago. The people looked like their
lifeless eyes are always following you, no matter where you walked. I continued to
stumble around into a room; I couldn’t tell where I was at this moment as it was
too dark to even see a hand in front of your face.... Strange, it was daytime a
second ago, and it never gets this dark even at night, so dark it was like looking
into the heart of a black hole. Bumping into a door I found the switch to what I
thought was the living room light. I hit the switch... click... nothing... I did it
again... click... nothing... The lights were out. I stood still for a moment, not
even daring to breathe. I thought I could hear heavy breathing behind me. Needing a
torch to help me see I turned 180 degrees to the left, hoping I was heading in the
right direction to the kitchen.  I was so sure that the kitchen was that way but I
was wrong. I suddenly fell, falling face first onto the dark stairs. The rough carpet
grazed my cheek and I quickly pushed myself onto my unsteady feet again. The darkness
made it feel like the whole house was much smaller than it was, making me feel
claustrophobic and paranoid. Continuing my unsteady journey towards the unknown, I
banged into something solid, which rattled like an angry snake. I felt around the
glass and wooden object and found an ice cold handle. This was the door to the
kitchen. I could tell with the ornate pattern that wound around the glass like real
vines, I could almost feel them moving, trying to reach out towards me. Slowly and
carefully I pushed down the stiff handle and pushed the door open. It made a long low
creak, of that in a haunted house before the house became quiet again. 

I fell into the kitchen and saw the beige curtains were open wide, but no light was
coming through. Outside I could see nothing but darkness, endless darkness. 
“What the hell is going on?!” I exclaimed out loud.
I thought I was dreaming then, it couldn’t have been all real. Soon I’ll wake up
in my bed and it’ll be time for work, and my usual day routine would continue as
normal. Even in this ‘dream’ I wanted to find out what was going on so I
continued my journey to find the torch. Last time I remembered, I saw it in the draw
next to the oven. But I had to find it, when I couldn’t see a thing. It was a good
thing I knew my way around without needing to see very well. Working my way from the
door I took a few small steps forward, my feet landing on the laminate floor and
making little sound. I took a few more, and reached my long arm out to the right,
feeling for the cold countertop. I found it and ran my hand a long it as I walked.
The counter stopped and my hand felt something else cold, I felt around. It was
metal, I could tell that. It also made a loud rattling noise if I banged it. It was
the oven as I had originally thought. The draw was nearby so I rushed towards it,
fumbling around to find the handle and rip the draw open. My hands dived into the
draw and rummaged around for the torch that I had never used. When my hand gripped
around something long, I quickly pulled it out and felt for a switch. Click.... The
torch came on instantly and I let out a sigh of relief. Scanning around the kitchen I
saw that everything was still the same. The black marble countertops shining in the
torch light. The beige cupboards and draws closed and still. Plates and cups in the
sink, waiting to be washed. Everything seemed normal; nothing was out of the ordinary
here. Then I heard it....A single knock on my door, echoing through the house. I
froze in my tracks, like someone had pressed pause. Who could that be knocking on my
door in a time of such chaos? Somehow I had a bad feeling about this, something in
the pit of my stomach telling me that knock wasn’t a person...but something else.
But curiosity got the better of me. What was that saying? Curiosity killed the cat I
think it was. Inching towards the door I hugged the wall. I inched out of the kitchen
and towards the front door. There was a spy hole there, which shone in the light of
my torch. Bending down slightly I looked through and saw nothing but darkness. There
was no one there but darkness.
“Hello? Anyone there?” I called out.
There was no reply. If no one was there then who made the knocking on my door?  By
now, I was confused, scared and verging on paranoid. I needed to find answers and
fast. But that meant going outside into the dark unknown. 

That’s when I heard something else, a screech. It sounded otherworldly... and
close... A huge bang suddenly sounded from the living room and I screamed, falling
backwards and landing in the kitchen doorway. I banged my head hard on the laminate
flooring. Sitting up quickly and scurried along backwards away from the closed living
room door. I had no idea what made that sound but I didn’t want to find out. A
horrible chocking noise came from the other side of the door. It sounded like
whatever was there, was chocking on its own blood. I felt its heavy feet shaking the
floor as it walked around. I was terrified. But I wasn’t going to stick around and
meet the thing I was only a door away from. I scrambled up onto my feet and skidded
down the kitchen towards the back door, the torch held tight in my hand; so tight my
knuckles had gone white. My hand dived for the back door handle and turned it.
Nothing; it was locked and I had left my keys upstairs. I needed to get out of there
or risk getting eaten by whatever was in my living room. Could this get any worse?
Finding the courage from somewhere I slowly and quietly walked towards the kitchen
door and into the hallway. I could still hear that thing walking around behind the
door. I was just thankful it didn’t know I was here... yet. Again I hugged the wall
and carefully headed upstairs, shushing the stairs every time they creaked. 

Once at the top I couldn’t stay quiet anymore, the nerves had gotten to me at last.
I ran the rest of the way and into my room. Slamming the door shut I leaned against
it and slid to the floor. My room was still dark so I couldn’t see if I was alone
or not. That’s when I noticed my purple curtains were still open and I could see
something moving there. I panicked but shined the light towards my black windows.
Screaming I backed away but didn’t go anywhere since I was already sat against my
white door, it creaked as I pushed myself into it. What I saw there was horrible,
something you would only see in a nightmare or some kind of hell. It was brown in
colour and all covered in blood. It looked like some sort of mutant bird but with no
beak. It had some sort of hole lined with razor sharp teeth for a mouth. It’s four
wide blood red eyes shining at me in the light, it was watching me. It was the size
of a large dog and its hands and feet ended in sharp claws which were imbedded in my
window frame. Its bat like wings flapped as it made a distorted squawking noise,
banging its small head on my window. It also had a long whip like tail which curled
and uncurled constantly. Knowing what this looked like I really didn’t want to find
out what that other thing looked like as it sounded larger and far more dangerous.
Right there I sat staring at the hideous creature as it stared back. 

As it continued to bang its head on the window its eyes started bleeding as they
struck the pane of glass, but it didn’t seem to mind it. This just added to the
whole horror of it. I knew I had to do something but my body just wouldn’t move
from the frozen position I was sat in; knees up to my chest and one arm stretched out
shining the torch on the beast. Forcing my eyes closed and tried to ignore the
chinking noise it made on the glass and the thudding noise of the other downstairs.
Shakily I forced myself up as best as I could. The only thing I could think of doing
was just sit there and curl up like an armadillo would or hide my head like an
ostrich, hoping the things don’t get me, but I knew it was too good to be true.
Taking a deep breath in, I took a step forward, then another. Knowing my bedroom well
I knew where everything was, from the silver bunk bed to the triple wardrobe and all
my shelves. Never once I opened my eyes, hearing the chinking noise made me scared
enough and seeing it again would just make me freeze with fear. As I took more
careful and quiet steps forwards the creature began to bang its head harder, the
chinking noise becoming more of a rattle as my window shook with the force. But I
still pressed on. Reaching out both my hands, I felt for the soft hanging fabric of
my curtains. My arms waved around franticly for a good 10 minutes before I felt
something soft hit my left hand. Quickly grabbing it and pulled it towards me, with
such force I thought I had pulled it down. Stretching my right arm out the opposite
way, it also found the other curtain and pulled it towards me. 

The rattle suddenly stopped and the only noise was my breathing and the loud thudding
downstairs. I took in many deep breaths before I slowly opened my eyes, seeing my
dark purple curtains fully shut across my window. Sighing I shone my torch around and
saw my bunk bed. Sitting on the bottom bed I held my head in my hand and leaned on
the cluttered desk underneath. Was this really a dream after all, or a nightmare? But
what kind of deranged person could think up of such creatures that could make you
sick or even die of fright when you saw them? I knew I wasn’t one of those people.
Looking back up I remembered about my keys. Shoving things off my desk and searched
for my keys and the many various key rings attached. I found them under a pile of
horror books I had finished reading not long ago, even they weren’t as terrifying
as what I was going through right this moment. Holding both my keys and torch in my
hand, I headed for my sickly white door but stopped. The bumping downstairs had
stopped and the eerie silence had returned. 

The sudden sound of a car drive past startled me and I fell back into my bookshelf. A
few large books fell from the top shelf and landed on my head. 
“Ow!” I shouted, jumping forward and landing on my hands and knees. My worn
purple carpet quite rough under my hands. What was going on around here? I was
questioning myself again. More cars zoomed past my house, rumbling like thunder then
quickly fading into the distance. I was confused and scared but curiosity drove me
on. I sprung up to my feet like a kangaroo and ripped my bedroom door open, racing
down the stairs and crashed into my living room. Nothing was different, the two
leather sofas were still in the same place, my silver TV sat on the dark wooden desk,
with a clock on top, sat there collecting dust. The wall unit filled with pictures,
glasses and other various stuff were unharmed. There was nothing unusual there.
Stepping towards my window I looked out, pushing the beige blinds out of the way. It
was an ordinary dull day, cars going past. People rushed by, trying to get home after
a long day at work. Everything was as it was when I last left it. Maybe I really was
dreaming all this time and I fell asleep at my computer. Something was telling me I
was wrong but I didn’t listen, it wasn’t in human nature to listen to fear....
Last edited: 9 January 2011

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