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Sunday, 17 October 2010
03:21:27 PM (GMT)
Do you wear: alot of makeup, some makeup, no makeup some make-up. Whats your favorite makeup? um. Could you go out in public without make up? i do. Do you do your nails often? yeah, kind of. What color are your fingernails? blue and gold. How about your toe nails? blue and gold. Heels or flats? flats. Eyeliner or mascara? mascara. Lip gloss or lipstick? lip stick. Eyelash curler or tweezers? tweezers. Vans or converse? converse. Nike or adidas? i don't give a crap. Myspace or facebook? facebook. though i don't use it anymore. Pink or red? pink. Black or white? greeeey. Rock or pop? oh lord, it really depends. What color are your socks? i'm not wearing any. What color is your bra? white. Are you wearing skinny jeans? nope. You think you set or follow trends? some i set, others i follow. Have you ever done something just to fit in? no, i don't think i have. Do you go to the mall often? hardly ever, we don't have one here. Do you have many friends? yeah, kind of. i befriend everyone, or at least try. Do you dislike any of your friends? mhm, yeah. Whats your BESTEST friend's ever name? RAINA. Have you ever had a down moment with that person? yeah, but we don't fight really. Most memorable moment with that person? oh gooooodness. when she left. Who was your most recent missed call from? i don't know, didn't recognize the number. Who was the last person you called? mom. What does your 5th message in your inbox say? "do you think scalloped tights are hoe-ish?" Who was it from? magdaleneeee. Single or taken? single. If so, by who? blahblah. What color are your eyes? green/blue/grey. Whats your favorite color? turquoise. What song are you listening to right now. "secrets" by one republic. Do you like to dance? suuuure, but not in public. Do you like to sing? all the time. Do you believe in love at first sight? not really. How about true love? oh sure. Do you believe in bros before hoes? nope. if i were a guy then maybe. Are you a whore? naw. Are most of your friends guys or girls? girls. Favorite candy? oh my. i don't know, candy's not really my thing. Favorite ice cream flavor? butter pecan. MEREDITH FLAVOR RAINA TRACKS. Ever cried yourself to sleep? in a waaay. i cried, but then stopped and fell asleep. Ever slept on your computer? naw. Longest you've used your computer? a long time. Favorite smiley? c; Are you addicted to something? i don't think so. music could be though. Do you consider yourself a myspace freak? nooo. Do you edit your profile often? oh yes. Have you ever been in a fist fight? haha, no. Do you want to? no way. Have you ever thought about having sex? ugh, yeah, but i would wait. Have you ever babysat, if so, who? yeah. this one kid once. and now, mia and sophia. Have you ever waited soo long for something you wanted to happen so bad? duh. Are you content with your life? mmm, not really. Who is your role model? i don't really have one. Whats your best feature? dude, i don't know. my ability to make people happy? Your worst feature? hm, the shape of my eyelids. Are you racist? nono. Are you a sexist? oh no. Do you discriminate? i'm sure i do on accident. Are you ashamed of talking to someone or being seen talking to someone who isn't as popular as you? psh, i'm not popular. but no, i don't get ashamed by that. Do you talk shit? you know, no. Do you care about what other people think about you? too much. Have you ever not been yourself to impress someone. eh, a little, but i gave up. Have you ever done yourself VERY pretty with so much makeup and a whole different outfit to make a guy like you? nooooo. Have you ever betrayed someone? no, really i don't think i have. Water or soda? soda. Coke or pepsi? coke. Look behind you, whats behind you? the kitchen. Have you ever been rejected or dumped? yeah. Have you ever thought about how school would be like if someone didn't go there? haha, yeah. Do you hate anyone? mhm. Do you love anyone? yeah. Have you ever gotten drunk? nono. Would you pass a drug test? oh yeah. Whats your locker number? i don't actually know, i just know its location. Do you have good hygine? yeaaaah, man. Have you ever danced in front of the mirror? no, maha. Ever checked out someone from the same sex? naw. Ever bit your toenail? aha, ew, no. Ever slept outside your house? yes. Been to a sleepover? totally. Peed in your pants WHEN YOU WERE A CHILD, TODDLER? ahaaaa, yeah. What's your wallpaper? some people in a boat by some mountains. Laptop or desktop? desktop. Ever asked for money? naw. Did you enjoy this survey? suuuure.
Last edited: 17 October 2010

‹più o meno› says:   22 October 2010   170257  
‹più o meno› says:   22 October 2010   784490  
I MENT DEUCES, DO YOU GET IT BECAUSE. well never mind i'll go now.
‹freckleshoulders› says :   23 October 2010   990373  


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