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Saturday, 9 October 2010
03:51:29 PM (GMT)
What’s your full name? Britta Rose Obenchain What do you wish your name could be? Jayde Something or another. either that or Mara Jade Taylor, in honer or the little girl in my church who has brittle bone disease. She's so much stronger than I am. Do you get scared in the dark? Not since I was 3, when I was scared that John Lennon was in my closet. And yes, I knew who that guy was when i was 3. What is your favorite day of the week? Thursday. Thursday is just a good day in general, and you get to look forward to Friday. Your dream car Ferrari babay! Your dream vacation The Bahamas, or Tennessee, everything's so pretty there and I'd be able to record some stuff. In your next birth, you would love to be An insanely famous writer. In your past birth, you must have been I'd like to say something exotic, but I was probably someone that could eat a lot. Maybe a morbidly obese woman with acne? Nah, probably not acne, that's a tad extreme for me, but still. xD Someone pretty ugly. Your favorite pizza topping is MEAT! How many kids do you want to have? 1 or 2. Last TV channel you watched Whatever channel Ugly Betty's on. I forget. What are you wearing right now? Ripped up shorts and my favorite graphic tee. What do you wear at night in bed? A tank and some worn basketball shorts. Your favorite toy in childhood My sister's makeup. :D How many teeth do you have? I aint counting. xD When did you last visit the dentist? Iunno.... Mid May? Which toothpaste do you use? Crest Your preferred toilet paper brand That Charmin stuff! Its soooo soft! :D Are you scared of creepy creatures? Spiders, thas bout it. If you had one person to take with you on a deserted island, it would be Ohhh...someone I wouldn't get immediately annoyed with... Lauren or Marianne. Your dream celebrity date Ooh! Matt Lanter or Channing Tatum! Look 'em up! Ahhhh... Do you believe in aliens? Nope. Do you believe in ghosts and such? I believe in... I guess you could call them guardian angels, but not exactly. Hard to explain. Favorite cocktail Um.... none? Favorite fruit Pomegranate or Huckleberry! Favorite flower Death Rose, black rose with red tips. Have you puked at a party? Nope You would love to get a tattoo done on your Wrist. It'd be a bar code tattoo in honor of one of my fave books, the Bar Code Tattoo. That and it'd look cool. Have you pretended to be sick to avoid someone or some meeting? Church, School. As for people, Thomas, Shania, Jayzania,Gaige, so on. Do you cry easily? Yep. Do you swear a lot? Yea Favorite body part in the opposite sex Eyes or legs. I know that sounds kind of...but it's not I swear. xD Corniest pickup line used by you on someone I dont use those. Corniest pickup line someone used on you "Can I flirt with you?" Whaaaa? Are you scared of cockroaches? No Have any siblings? 2 younger sisters, one older brother and one older sister. Have you ever been caught in an embarrassing situation by your parents? Yes, yes,yes, yes, yes, yes. The food you hate to eat Anything froma Crockpot. Your favorite breakfast cereal Captain Crunch! But without the berries! Yum! Do you have any pets? Yes If yes, describe your pets 1 hideous standard poodle. I used to have a cat too. We called her ChubChub. *Sob* Which is your favorite holiday? Christmas! Have you ever been drunk out of your mind? Nope. Ever been in a car accident? Yep. The boy band you secretly listen to ....? The body part you would love to get pierced Belly Button. When did you last diet to lose weight? Summer of 7th grade. I'm currently 95. What is the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up? Wait...I'm supposed to wake up in the morning? Do you read newspapers or books in the toilet? Ew no Are you in love with someone these days? "in love". yeah, i guess you could say that. Would you date a hottie who is totally dumb? Only if he was also the funniest, sweetest guy I had ever met. Has anyone slapped you on the face? Only once, in fourth grade. What is the color of the underwear you are wearing? Purple and black. Which is your favorite underwear brand? Huh? What is your favorite denim brand? None? If you could afford a fashion designer, it would be Idunno. Your first cell phone was None. Though I'm getting an iPodtouch for Christmas! Does that count? Do you prefer to text or talk on the phone? Text Are you a sensitive person? On the inside. On the outside, I could care less if everyone talked shit about me for the rest of their lives. they'd be wasting they're time if they think I'm gonna crack and show 'em my emotions. Would you go for a one night stand? No. The romantic movie you like most She's all that. The action movie you like most The Fast and the Furious/ Saints and Soldiers Do you believe in heaven and hell? Definitely. Which is your most memorable trip with friends? Surprise birthday party 6th grade. best birthday of my life. :D Gosh darnitt, now I'm getting all weepy for the past. Which newspaper do you read daily? None The magazines you like to read 17, like three times a year. Your first job was at Babysitting. Do you have a best friend in school? Yeppers. xD Luv ya, Marianne! Which email service do you use most? gmail, but I only get on once a monthish. Have you ever walked to save money? nope Where do you shop for clothes? everywhere i guess. What was your pocket money as a kid? I don't keep track of junk like that. Can you talk to someone for long hours on the phone? Forever when it comes to my cousins or my besties at school. What can I say? Ima talker. xD Do you like taking stupid surveys like these? I suppose If yes, do you have too much free time? Not very often, with volleyball, keeping up my grades, constants rants on the phone to Lauren and Kyra (Luv ya!) and the writing contest I'm in, "Double Identity" One memory you wish you could erase So many, yet none at all, cause I wouldn't be where I am now if I did. Any sport, you are really good at Volleyball. In your purse, you keep a photo of I don't keep a photo of anyone in my purse but if I did, it'd be Connor. Do you take any medicine daily? No, unless you count Aspirin. Stupid CSCA, giving me migraines. xD Have you ever lied about your age? Yes The last person you kissed was None. The last country you visited USA Do you need music while you are studying? Always, but it has to be Dr. Jeffery Thompson. That man's a genius. A song you loved as a kid If we were a movie. Any kiddie song you still remember Fried Ham! Habits you hate in others Sticking paperclips through their tongue (Maria! XD). Stupid Tongue piercings. On a scale of one to ten how obnoxious is this survey? 6. It's loooooong. One habit of yours, you wish you could change? Biting nails/popping fingers. Do you brush twice a day? mhm How much time do you take to get ready in the morning? half an hour, sometime forty five. Are you a day person or a night person? Night Your favorite cartoon character Danny Phantom. Have you made a complete fool of yourself anytime? Mhmm Any word or sentence you repeat often "Oh Shnap!" "Erg." Oh, and "Yank on my hair one more time, and you'll be coming to school without a nose tomorrow, Mr. Dennett." Describe your computer monitor Depends on the one I'm using. Theres: Laptop, Crap Trap (the White one), And idunno bout the the other two. Monitory? One movie you are dying to see The Hangover. Yeah, I haven't seen it yet. Oh, and Edward Scissorhands. <3 you Jonny Depp. xD One music album you are dying to hear The Hollywood Undead album my brother has that won't play on my stereo. Gosh Darnitt. How much time did you take to complete this survey? Iunno. Looong time.
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