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EvEn MoRe ThInGs MoSt PeOpLe DoN't KnOw AbOuT mECategory: (general)
Saturday, 9 October 2010
01:59:46 AM (GMT)
((not as interesting as the others.... but whatever im bored))

1. Im easily bored

2. I hate muffins but love cupcakes

3. If i hate someone, i make sure they know

4.I will go off on you if you push the right buttons.

5. I take advantage of my teachers

6. I basically suck at math.

7. I play the piano

8. I hate it when people smack while they eat

9. I hate baths. Nothings more disgusting than sitting around in your own dirt.

10.I will dance randomly around my room if im bored

11. I hate it when ill be having a conversation, and someone walks up and is like
'what huh oh yeah haha'.

12. I hate it when people constantly talk about the same thing over and over
again…it gets annoying…

13. I do not like brats

14.The cold does not phase me.

15. I have a minor insomnia issue and only sleep around 4-6 hours at a time

17. Even though i annoy them 24/7 and piss them off as muchh as i can, i'll do
anything for my little sisters

18. I know how to make dango.

19. I hate looking in mirrors because im afraid what i see wont really be me, but
something else, like a demon or something. sounds kinda stupid, but its true. ive
seen too many movies lol


21. If you sneak up behind me and scare me,I may turn around and punch you 

22. I cant stand it when people: Tlk lyk D!$. or text talk. i cant understand a damn

23. Its people who type and speak with correct spelling that earn my respect

24. I cant ignore any kind of temptation ((except sexual stuff, thats pretty easy to

25. I can burst out laughing about something that happened years ago

26. I dont 'beat around the bush'. i dont like you, ill tell you straight up.

27. I HATE it when its quiet, so sometimes ill just randomly yell to shake the

28. I am very adventurous.

29. I sometimes rhyme…rarely,but still I do it. XD

30.  I dont eat much cause im never hungry

31. I LOVE movies

32. If I don’t know what to message a friend,I’ll sometimes just type some random
shit in the message and then delete it. (ex: kdhfsghiksughzkuhgkhg)

33. I hate it when people say 'yes i cut' or 'mhm i was raped'. rape and cutting are
NOT cool, and NOT something to brag about! only attention whores say things like
that. rape and cutting are traumatizing experiences. no one in the right mind would
brag about it, and i dont speak to those who do.

34. I dont have a favorite color- its so pointless 

35. I love chocolate ice-cream

36. I love snow.

37. Justin Bieber makes me wanna kill a magician, i hate the kid to hell and back
((yup, i really did just say that))

38. I have an on and off OCD thing.... if that lamp over there isnt straight WATCH
OUT im coming for it

39. When I write on paper,if a letter doesn’t look right,I erase it and keep
erasing it until it looks good to me.

40. I hate the firework things called “sparklers” cause when I was little some of
a lit sparkler fell onto my chest and it hurt like hell…

41. Dread locks scare the hell outta me

42. I HATE racism

43. but think most racist jokes are funny......

44. i love watching people hit things with baseball bats

45. I have lived been to ALL of the united states

46.I was born in Hell, Michigan

47. I am afraid of snakes.

48.I can pop my neck multiple times.

49.I eat my food clockwise.

50.I have listened to a song for 3 hours before.

51. I can do perfect cartwheels.

52. I can do most flips on a trampoline.

53. My favorite show is Leverage 

54. I am very sneaky.

55. I cant ride my bike with no handle bars ''xD

56. But i CAN keep rthym with no metronome

57. I never blush. never have, most likely never will

58. I LOVE the smell of nail polish

59. I like cats better than dogs

60. I can talk really fast 

61. Caffine doesnt make me hyper

62.My eyes change colors slightly when I’m really mad.

63. My room smells faintly like apples >.>'''''

64. One time, me and a friend of mine wrote '333 ways to get kicked out of walmart'
((if you want me to post it ill try to find it, no garuntees tho my rooms a mess and
ihavent been able to clean it in months... which suprisingly isntthat bad...))

65. Shane Dawson and Destery Moore are the sexiest kids on Youtube 

66.I can hold a grudge for years

67. I like to roleplay.

68. i hate it when people rub syrfoam together-- it makes my teeth hurt like hell

69. I think stuff like porn and hentai is disgusting, but i have no problems with
lemons or limes ((the story kind, not the fruits xDD))

70. I think... I'm just gonna let you wonder ;]
Last edited: 9 October 2010

LOST_IN_STERO says:   9 October 2010   856579  
i so agree with you about Shane Dawson and Destery Moore, I F***ing
love them
‹With.All.My.Hatred, Amaya.› says:   9 October 2010   365437  
Shane Dawson<33
my eyes change colors when im sad
agreed with 32 33 and 27
and well i made a diary entry like this, you could read mine :D
‹Arissaxx› says:   9 October 2010   964623  
i think... i only agree with destry being sexiest.. and your justin
beiber thing reminded me of him... the video, 9 1/2... because i watch
him waayyyy too much, and i think im being creepy by reading your
journal dairy things..
‹!~CAPSLOCKYAY~!› sings:   9 October 2010   295572  
@ LOST_IN_STERO: o yahh :D
@Katie: awesome~!* **skips off to your diary**
@Scarnose333: Hehe i put that there to see if people were paying
attention~~ and you and i can be creepy together :D!!!! 
ohlordy says :   9 October 2010   721835  
 The mirror thing made me turn around to look behind me. I
spazzed for a second, thanks. (:

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