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Friday, 20 August 2010
08:10:00 PM (GMT)
My most successful fake account ever. Username: IceLily1278 Anyone who talked to me as Lily on there... I'm sorry. I really hate lying. But I had to do this. If anyone who talked to me as Lily on that account wants to get to know the real me, send me a message or letter. Time for the evidence. All I have is what I got from messages. He never did any open "flirting" on diaries or pictures. So what I have is very little to offer. If he hadn't been arrested so quickly, I would have gotten more since a fake "Hi Eddie" photo was on the way. I had said something about stealing his "teleport machine" he "was creating" and selling it on Ebay. He said something about wanting lipstick. I don't know why. Makes me think he was touching himself when looking at the photo referenced above. >.> I got this after a bit of talking to him. Made me proud actually. I'd completely fooled him. Enough said there. What I said was completely "innocent", but as you can see, what he said wasn't. I don't remember what the conversation was about at this time. Of COURSE he would ask about that. I made the mistake of setting my fake girl in LA (without remembering he lives there). When he found out that was where she "lived", he instantly wanted to know where. Stalker, much? Thought I'd just stick this in there. This is the last message I recieved from him. I assume it is because he went to bed or because that is when he was arrested. I hope this helps you, Detective_Schlund.

primwhitewolf says:   20 August 2010   874852  
Good job Noodle/Your_worst_nightmare.    You got a sick pervert off
the streets and behind bars.  If that is where he is now.
Medication says:   20 August 2010   943557  
It wasn't just her.
Read the articles dear.

This was three years in the making via a UNDERCOVER POLICE OFFICER 
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   20 August 2010   398193  
It wasn't me. >.>

I say kudos to the undercover cop for putting up with him. I guess
that one person that warned us/him was right. 
Medication says:   20 August 2010   929499  
I would hug them so tight right now :3 
Hawkeye15 says:   21 August 2010   374313  
wut? He's in jail now? 
-happydance- :F
‹<--Color Crazy-->› says:   21 August 2010   571557  
@ medication @hawkeye15 @your_worst_nightmare @primewhitewolf

Woot woot we can throw a party 
wherestheparty says:   21 August 2010   360326  
Yes, that's why I'm here, KABC via google news :D
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   21 August 2010   645016  
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   21 August 2010   630329  
Nice job.

I was thinking of making a fake account and talking to him, but he got
arrested, so now I can't.

‹Leslie-living Louder.› says:   22 August 2010   362205  
I honestly see nothing that is that bad. I've seen slot worse come
from teenagers ans such. Is kinda creepy he wanted to know where you
‹Canadian Wolf› says:   22 August 2010   411573  

Sorry I thought you were the undercover that lured Eddie.  I hadn't
read the article when I posted that so I didn't know it was the LAPD
that did most of the work. 
CharlieStCloud says:   23 August 2010   457550  
You did seem to have him fooled for a while there ^^ 
Not trying to defend him or anything. I hate him as much as you do
but. I was talking to him that night and he figured out you were fake
after a while... When he asked what part and like the beaches and the
mall stuff he was just making sure you were fake... The 2 beaches you
gave him were like hours apart. Oh and if you want proof its true...
He also mentioned the fire pits XD which are still there hahaha...
Had him fooled for a while there though.
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   23 August 2010   359006  
Oh damn. :/
I was like "shitshitshit I don't know anything about LA!!!"
But he DID ask for a photo >.> 
CharlieStCloud says:   23 August 2010   238186  
but he actually thought you were that USMC recruit guy 
Awesomess2 says:   23 August 2010   910993  
good evidence- i cant b leave he did that!
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   24 August 2010   226648  
-coughs- Um, wha-? O.o 
CharlieStCloud says:   24 August 2010   311941  
He thought that fake account belonged to that guy... usmc recruit dude 
Your_Worst_Nightmare says :   24 August 2010   286494  
That's kind of funny. x3 


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