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Thursday, 15 July 2010
08:35:10 PM (GMT)
Last one for now.

Chapter 26
“What do you mean they’re gone?!”
It was early morning, and Ryoki had just read out loud the note that was found on
House 2’s table. Ed, Meaghan and her father had gone off to the Academy to finally
torture the Lycan they had caught beforehand. 
“I mean just that.” Ryoki said again, handing me the note. I read over the words
again, and it was what it was. Why on earth did they not take us?!
“Well, to be honest, they did wake us up around midnight. They found an excuse to
scare us off, but I’m not sure what they were doing beforehand...” Ryoki
“Nooooo! I wasn’t able to spend any time with my future wife and
father-in-law!!” Cedric cried out in horror.
“Shut it, Cedric! And stop calling her your future wife! Haven’t you seen how she
treats most boys?!” I cried out, honestly getting frustrated at his persistence.
Uggggh, I never really liked him from the start...
Frustrated about their choice to leave without consulting us, I stormed back to the
empty House 1 and flopped on the couch.  My mind became a jumbled mess of anger. The
fact that they ran off without even bringing their partners offended me very much. 

It wasn’t until a few hours after sunrise when they finally decided to come back.
When Ed walked in the door, he looked pretty tired; it must’ve been a hard night
for him. That still didn’t make me feel any different about this all.
“Ed, what was the point of leaving me behind?! I’m your partner, aren’t I??”
I yelled as I got up from the couch. He gave me a slightly pitiful look and started
to head to the bedroom without a word.
“Answer me, Edward!” I cried desperately. He stopped at the door to the room.
“Wolf’s Creek. There’s a volcano there. That’s where the Lycan’s main
hide-out is.”
“That’s not answering my question!”
“Look, I’m sorry!” He replied angrily. “Meaghan pushed us out of the door
before I could get you, and honestly... I don’t think you would’ve wanted to be
there anyways. Meaghan was...pretty scary.” He lowered his voice near the end. Oh
great, I feel bad at yelling for him now.
“...I’m sorry, Ed, I was just offended that you didn’t even say anything.”
“I can tell.” Ed responded before going into the bedroom and locking the door
behind him. At that point, a certain feeling of dread crept in my head. He had just
gone through a long night, and now I was yelling at him like a bitter mother
lecturing a child who had gone clubbing without anyone knowing. I feel really bad
At first, I was going to go after Ed and apologize, but I decided to let him cool
down a bit, and headed back to House 2, where Meaghan, along with her Father, had
returned. All eyes, her, her father, Ryoki, and Cedric went to me when I walked in
the back door.
“...What are you all looking at?” I asked in a voice that even scared me. One by
one, they all looked away. I let out a sigh, trying to get rid of the rage that
accumulated over the last few hours.
“Wolf’s Creek, huh? Where would that be?” I asked in a much more calm voice.
Meaghan’s father (Who was now wearing a Chinese opera mask, honestly, I prefer the
Kitsune mask) pulled out a map of the whole country along with the neighbouring
countries and put it on the table. He pointed to an Island off the coast of Honshu,
the main body of Japan.
“That’s Sadoga-Shima. Wolf’s Creek is positioned right in the center of it.”
“Sadoga? There are no volcano’s on that island.” I pondered out loud.
“It’s hidden by some strange force, but the volcano is definitely there. Most
likely, the Lycans hid it.”
“The Lycans? I wouldn’t have thought they would have powers like that.”
He smiled.
“They’re not as savage as you might think. Based on years of research I have on
them, they’re just as civilized  as we are, if not more.”
“More? How??”
“On Sadoga, there are thousands of underground tunnels which form their base. They
have their own language, and eat, hunt, and train with each other. Though their
fighting style is more brutish then ours, it works greatly to their advantage.
That’s what they were built for.”
“If they’re really that civilized, then why can’t we try and reason with
“Most likely, they will not listen. Besides, if you told them not to attack people,
that’s basically cutting them off from food. Lycans only hunger for human
“...So there’s no chance of ending this in a peaceful way?”
“That’s just like you, Sam. I say, screw that, and let’s just kick their
butts!” Meaghan interrupted excitedly. Something in my snapped then, some leftover
rage, I guess. Without warning, I slammed my hands down hard on the tabletop.
Everybody grew dead silent and stared at me.
“It’s not like everybody here is as powerful and damn violent as you are,
Meaghan!” I yelled, almost screamed. I could feel angry tears coming into my eyes.
You ever had it where you were so angry and for such a long time that you just
started crying? This was one of those times. Not wanting them to see me cry, I
stormed out the door and into the forest. I have a thing with people seeing me cry. I
don’t like being thought of as weak or a crybaby or anything like that. The stupid
thing is, if I DO get called something like that, I get so mad, I get angry tears!
And that just totally escalates the whole thing to no end, I hate it. 
I ran so deep into the forest that I wasn’t even sure of which way I came. If I was
lost, who’d care? It seems like nobody is considering me or my feelings or my ideas
at all today, they’d probably just be better off without me. This is what I kept
telling myself as I stomped deeper and deeper. It’s a bad habit, but whenever I
feel this mad or sad or whatever, I get really depressed and tell myself degrading
things like that.
About an hour after I walked out, I finally rested on a large boulder I encountered.
By now, I was deep into the forest. I had calmed down some, but not enough to want to
head back. Not like I could anyways. When I took a look at my surroundings, nothing
was familiar. I felt very alone, but that’s what I’ve felt like a lot lately, so
it wasn’t that different.
Well, well, what’s this?
My eyes shot wide open. I heard a voice, but not with my ears. Oh great, I’m not
going schizophrenic, am I?
It’s one of the four who’ve been interfering with our work! Can I eat her??
Nope, I’m not schizophrenic. I swung around to see three Lycans about 10 feet
behind where I was. They weren’t that big, but they looked menacing in numbers.
Oop, there you go, Dimwit, you gave us away!
How was I supposed to know she could hear us??
Oh well, might as well pounce her now. Now stop arguing, you two Dingbats!
“Hey, listen! I really don’t want to get in a fight right now, Ok?!” I cried at
them, expecting them to maybe spare me.
I’m surprised you can hear us, not that many people are...attuned to our language
that quickly.
“Please, can you just leave me alone?!”
Well, if it makes you feel any better, we won’t eat you when you’re killed.
Nah, of course not, we’ll just let you rot here until your friends find your corpse
covered in blood.
“That’s quite the vivid imagination you got there.” I stated, getting into a
fighting position.
Yeah, well, he’s always like that.
But if we agree to leaving her, I don’t get to eat her!
She probably tastes terrible anyhow. Not much meat on her bones.
How about that blonde kid with the metal arm?
Nah, it’d probably be hard to chew through that steel.
The other girl?
Too short, not enough to eat.
The tall one?
Now, HE could be a meal, but not sure how good he’d taste.
Why are you two bickering again?! Our orders were only to find them and finish them!
We can decide who eats who later!
With that, the biggest Lycan, most likely the leader of the group, made a jump for
me. Making a little yelp, I quickly formed a force field, which he bounced off of.
The other two made a jump for it while the leader recovered. The sheer weight of them
was hard to keep on, but the claws didn’t help at all. The third one jumped on too,
and I finally couldn’t hold the force field. Great, I was fighting three Lycans all
by myself, with no hope of the others finding me. I don’t know the way back, nor do
I have the strength to fight them. Realizing all of this, I ran from the Lycans as
fast as I could. After some more orders snarled from the leader, the two smaller and
faster ones were on my tail. I tried to trip them up with different force fields, but
they were too quick for me to hit. Realizing this wouldn’t work, I suddenly took a
turn to the right, hiding behind a large tree. The Lycans ran for about 20 feet more
before realizing what happened and turning their furry asses around. I pushed my back
against the tree, not doing as much as breathe.  As the Lycans hastily looked around
for me, the Leader caught up and started sniffing the air. Oh yeah, I forgot, these
guys have an excellent sense of smell. Great. Before long, they’ll find me, and I
spent all my breath for the moment running from the other two. Gosh, I wish I
wasn’t here right now, I wish I wasn’t here right now, I wish I wasn’t here
right now. 
I could hear the Lycan approaching my tree slowly. I wish I wasn’t here right now,
I wish I wasn’t here right now...
When he went beside my tree, he looked right at me, but didn’t seem to see me.
Confused, I looked down at myself.
 I couldn’t see me either.
... Where did I go?! It was broad daylight, and I was practically invisible...!
Oh, neat. I wish I knew about that sooner. That could’ve been damn helpful.
The Lycan literally sniffed up my neck, but couldn’t locate me. The abundance of
forest smell must have somewhat helped.
You dumbasses! You let her get away?!
We’re sorry, we were chasing after her, when she made a sudden turn! After that, we
lost her!
Arrrgh! Search the place, I can’t smell her anywhere!!
I held my breath some more. I really...REALLY wish that Ed or Meaghan or Ryoki or
ANYBODY was here to help me, I can’t take on three at once, even with this new
discovery of a power. I waited and waited, but the Lycans never left that area. They
were always in eyesight, and I knew that they’d most likely eat me if they found
me. Ahh...I wish I apologized to Ed now.
I wish Ed was here, I wish Ed was here, I wish Ed was here...
...Well, it was worth a try. Damnit.

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