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Wishes [Changed Ver.] ProlougeCategory: Wishes
Sunday, 4 July 2010
04:32:54 PM (GMT)
The Winged-Ones. The known guardians of old. Beautiful white wings that resembled
angels. Their powerful capabilities of flight and prowess was recorded in each
history book of history.

They guided inferior inhabitants away from the mischievous pixies, the cannibalistic
treefolk, the wild griffins and the many more dangers that lay like a deathtrap for
unknowing victims. Once heavily populated, now struck into the minimum estimation of
two tribes. Once respected, now feared for their incoming vengeance.

For they once ruled with humility, but was filled with utter despair at the
successful rebellions formed by their own subjects. Weak and devoid of power, they
fled. Settling into unknown places, the land became occupied by chaos as a new ruler
took power.

The Nariads. A goblin-like species who terrorized the people. They attracted the
citizens by staking fear through their hearts; the peace that the Winged-Ones once
labored for now shattered like a million pieces.

But maybe, just maybe, there would be ones who would change the world.


Ereya Chloris sat in the middle of a flowery field. Grass sprouted along with many
flowers, including her favorite, the Grassfielder. Grassfielders were the most common
flowers in Teruma, known for their golden leaves that could heal minor poisons and
beautiful light green buds that gleamed lightly in the sun. Ereya had never once
entered this field before; she was merely waiting for her sister Destiny to finish
her plant report.

She sighed as a whispering breeze came through the field; now this, was peace. Her
land, Lire had not known peace since the capital kingdom Iona had fallen to the
Nariads. All the royalties and their blood sharers had perished by the blades of
these goblin-like creatures. They had not however, attacked all the other kingdoms.

There were five major kingdoms in the land of Lire. Teruma, the plant realm was the
largest. It was the home of the most exceedingly talented mages and enchanters. It is
also known as the most medically advanced realm in all of the lands.

Winora also held incredible influence among Lire. They were second only to Eofid
regarding technological renovations. It consists of a floating realm, with the four
Winter Isles desperately trying to mend it's economical crisis.

Sater is known for it's law of illegal use of magic. There are no enchanters and
mages that lived in Sater. Many believe that the king of the Water Realm is using
this regulation as a means to support the Nariads no-magic movements. Because of this
rule, many Saterians envy the freedom of the Terumians who are second-in-command to
the Nariads.

Deria is named as the most pitiful realm of all. The Desert Realm has suffered losses
regarding their government, their economy, and their stability. The King of Deria
died just days before a peace treaty was signed in the capital of Teruma; this
particular king had died not on his homeland, not on the battlefield, but on the
green carpets of the Terumian capital's castle. Because of this, his wife became
appointed queen regent and his brother as a training king.

However, the Derians took this loss to heart. Rumors began swiftly flowing throughout
Lire that Teruma had poisoned the Derian King as means to take Deria as its own. Many
Terumians found this exceedingly well, in lack of better terms, stupid. For what sane
nation would kill the king of another just days before a peace treaty? This reply
however, had no effect to the people of the other realms.

To them, Teruma was trying to gain control more influence by attacking a realm that
was already heavily damaged. Such an incident caused waves of rumors; that the three
other realms were planning a conspiracy against the plant realm. Unrest appeared all
over the land as the Lirean citizens braced themselves for another period of warfare
and bloodshed.

Such was the time, when Lire was filled with chaos and peace became the wish of all.
Therefore Ereya felt lucky indeed, to be in a soundless meadow with nothing but
serenity among the flowers. The teenage girl raised her head, and saw Destiny running
down a low hill. Ereya stood up, finally glad that Destiny wasn't as late as she used
to be. She brushing tiny pieces of grass that had gotten stuck on her skirt, and
waited as she tapped her right foot and crossed her arms. Destiny was carrying a
small wooden basket, loaded with various kinds of flowers used for experiments.

Now, experiments didn't literally mean experiments. These flowers were used mainly
for studying the capabilities they possess and the capabilities that they did not.
Ereya was relieved, for harming the symbols of Teruma gave her a slightly
uncomfortable feeling.

"I didn't take that long, did I?" Destiny asked innocently as she watched Ereya walk
faster towards home. The younger sister knew that this was just a means of testing
her impatience so she did not answer and merely scowled.

They began reaching their tiny home which looked comforting as the wind had began
howling with a tiny rage. Then, a bright idea came to mind. Destiny had always
despised losing to her little sister, no matter what it was. But Ereya also knew that
Destiny could not harm her precious experimental flowers.

"Race you!" Ereya declared loudly, and she made a run for it. The wind jabbed at all
directions but satisfaction defended her as she heard Destiny complain, "Ereya! Come
back here!"

Ereya knocked on the door just as loudly as she had shouted, jumping up and down
wildly as the back door opened and her mother exasperatedly told her to come in.
Destiny came in a few seconds later, and Ereya felt the warm feeling of triumph as
she let out a gigantic, "Ha!"

In the sitting room, the winning girl heard her father chuckle lightly as he did his
usual mending work. Destiny closed the door, and locked it tightly looking at her
mother for support. But their mother was already in the kitchen fixing dinner for the
energetic family. Ereya let out another mirth of satisfaction which Destiny responded
to by stomping up into her room to brood.


Not everything is what they used to be. People come and people go. But time doesn't
stop for anybody. It quietly waits as, maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow, a new dawn
appears to light the darkness that gripped the people.

Where is that dawn? It might be in a commoner's heart in war-filled Teruma, or in a
determined princess-turned-warrior from Deria, or even an exiled cleric in the quiet
swamps of Sater. And who knows? It might be in each person's heart, just unable to be
set free.

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