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To all girls on here and anywhere else.Category: (general)
Saturday, 3 July 2010
04:04:11 AM (GMT)
I'm not directing this at any individual.  This is for anyone to read.

First please understand how difficult it is for me to put these ideas into words.  It
feels like I am trying to describe the color orange to someone who was born

We are all born into ignorance, and it is only by experience and other more vague
factors that we learn difficult life lessons.

I am talking about sexuality.  No, not sexual preferences, just plain sexuality. 

Please trust me, and trust that I seek the truth and what is best for all of you who
may read this.  I have no idea who does or doesn't. 

Please don't be sexually involved with anyone.  It is so difficult for me to put
these things into words.  I wish you could simply trust me and do as I ask.  It isn't
about innocence, for in this day and age such a thing is very short lived. 
You all have something to lose.  I don't even mean virginity or what you would give
up by becoming a surprise mother.  Sex is designed to be for later in life when you
understand what I can't seem to find the words for, and it is meant to be intimate
and special for a single person you share with.  

Don't any of you dare say "I've already done this or that so why should
I stop?" because you still have much to lose, and yes it is worth much more than
whatever fleeting pleasure you stand to gain. 

I shiver and mourn for what you unknowingly throw away.  You know the tiny voice in
the back of your head that tells you right from wrong?  It is your dearest friend,
and it only seeks what is best for you.  You will miss some things you wanted to do,
but trust that you have gained more than you have lost.  It is not our intelligence
or even our love, but our conscience that separates us from animals.  

My girls.  Please, please don't become sexual.  And if you are, please stop.  Your
morals and your conscience crumble a little more each time you do.  And if you never
have then you are blessed, for it is like a can of worms.  Once it is opened, things
can be cleaned up a lot, but never will they be the same.  You have so much more to
gain.  Please trust me...

Lyncheh says:   3 July 2010   409992  
"Girls" only?

I love a bit of sexism in the morning!
Oroborus21 says:   3 July 2010   324197  
I'm going to respectfully disagree with my brother and state that
being sexual/having sex is like driving a car. 

I don't mean the age that a state grants a license to do so as that is
just as arbitrary and generally intended as the age that states or
countries give as the "age of consent".

I mean the maturity level and responsibility of driving a car. Yes
there's a certain maturity level necessary in order to drive and some
are ready to do so before others. 

Just as with driving there are life and death consequences at hand so
there are with sexual activity (both life such as pregnancy and death
or other lesser disasters).

When one starts to drive they experience a certain amount of freedom
and liberation, thrill and sense of adulthood rightfully so. Same with
sex. They also thereafter drive as often as they can or wish to do

Some are able or capable of driving before others, even before they
are legally permitted. Others even though they are old enough lack in
maturity to engage in it.

Eventually, almost everyone learns to drive and it is considered a
normal facet of life. 

I don't see much wrong with Travis' counsel if you insert my analogy
to driving. Is it better to wait until you have the maturity and
confidence to engage in it, certainly. Is it wrong to do so, no not at
all. Is there a certain amount of learning bout it and even practice
before you are fully capable or allowed to do it at your wish,? Yes
there usually is. Should it be approached with responsibility and view
towards its seriousness? Yes.

If you are mature enough and responsible and allowed to do it, should
you be discouraged from doing it? No. It is part of life. Enjoy doing
it if you meet those criteria.
Lyncheh says:   3 July 2010   236855  
Calling for your input on the fact he's addressed this only to girls. 
SithWedgie says:   3 July 2010   204258  

*sigh* .-. This is an entry I wrote in love and concern and all you
see is the supposed sexism?  

I addressed this to girls for 2 main reasons.  The first is that boys
are mostly driven by hormones from age 12 to age 18.  No, not all
boys, but certainly enough to count for something.  Boys do have just
as much to lose as girls but they are much less receptive to these
ideas.  Girls are generally more reasonable and less hormonal (yes,
yes there are exceptions). 

The second reason is that I have a natural soft spot for girls my age
or younger.  It has a Freudian explanation that I don't care to
explain right now.  I really love some of the girls I know on here,
and I want what is best for them...

Is the sexism all you saw in this?  Is there more? 
SithWedgie says:   3 July 2010   131799  

Eddie.  .-. I say this with sadness, not anger.  Do you only wish to
speak to me if it is to argue?  

I want to focus at the basics of praising and loving our God and
wanting to live for Him as best as we can.  Not argue about
discrepancies in the bible or alternate meanings of texts. 
Oroborus21 says:   3 July 2010   895943  
huh? i wasnt arguing, i was merely commenting on the topic of your
SithWedgie says:   3 July 2010   610404  

Would you have fellowship with me? 
SithWedgie says:   3 July 2010   120850  

Quite possibly the best evidence that being sexual before marriage
(before spiritual as well as physical maturity, before a relationship
is serious enough for sex) is unwise and ungodly, aside from how the
word speaks against it, is because the world is so okay with it. 
‹Lindsay; Music. Is. Life. <3› says:   3 July 2010   246766  
why are you directing this only towards girls?
men are also the cause as to why girls do what they do
SithWedgie says:   3 July 2010   740826  

Because men are generally a lot harder to reason with and more
hormonal.  Besides, I know many more girls than boys on here and I
have a soft spot for girls.  

When it comes to sex, girls are way more reasonable. 
shawnman says:   3 July 2010   464375  
ya dude are to stupid an shit to be emotional an care what dey loose
SithWedgie says:   3 July 2010   115720  

Generally, yes.  Men and boys have a much greater tendency to value
physical pleasure over emotional and moral losses. 
‹ı'ɯ.boıub.qɐɔʞ.ʇo.ʇɥǝ.sʇɐɹʇ› says:   3 July 2010   233945  
im not going to argue with you travis, but you know what ive been
through. yes, i am not physically able to DO IT right now but soon,
when i am there's no stopping me.
branches says:   4 July 2010   602805  
I love how you use the excuse of men being stubborn hardasses to
direct this only to girls.

it's not easy, la'. :c
‹~°∞•.EEmur.•∞°~› says:   4 July 2010   721735  
hmmm... im a "go to church every other sunday" kinda person so idk
but i wasnt aware that the bible says specifically not to lose your
virginity before marrige... lol, i geuss it would make sense if it
says something like that.
so just wondering. where does it say that?
i sound really stupid... lol
YuiitsuSakka says:   5 July 2010   618257  
This is well written, and I can agree with you on some points. 
But I have to say this:

Sex is not really reserved for those who are "older" but it is
for those who understand. It's more like a maturity thing. To me, sex
is a way to express the love I have for my significant other that I
can't always say in words. 

You write this as if sex is a bad thing.

The truth is, sex is neither good, nor bad. We make it one or the
other by the ways that we use it. 

Sex is also part of my religion, so I have my own meanings for it. It
connects me to the earth. To my mother, Gaia. To all the ancients that
have come before me.

You only lose your morals if you let them get lost. You have to know
who you are and love yourself before you can love anyone else, with or
even without sex.

 So if you ARE the kind of person who just goes out and has sex with
anyone just because it's "fun"... Stop. You ruin it for the rest of us
and you give Sex a bad name. 

You probably won't pay any attention to anything I have to say, but I
had to state my piece.
Oroborus21 says:   5 July 2010   262219  
Actually it doesn't say that anywhere. It is only interpreted somewhat
accordingly...ignoring conveniently all of the numerous instances of
sex outside of marriage by persons in the bible who were unmarried and
yet looked at positively. 
‹~°∞•.EEmur.•∞°~› says:   5 July 2010   289407  
o.O i didnt think it said that 
Oroborus21 says:   5 July 2010   701774  
although to be fair, Travis above isnt saying that one should save
virginity for marriage.  he is talking about "sexuality" (which im
interpreting as expressions of such with someone else that go beyond
what is generally meant by the term) and waiting to engage in such
until one is "mature enough?"

i dont think Travis would demand that every person get married if they
want to have sex? (though maybe he might idk) after all, there are a
great number of people who have no desire to ever ask them
to remain a virgin all their lives would seem ridiculous. 
Kitten_Damour says:   5 July 2010   515459  
omg eddie your related to this guy?
‹shii-chan♥› says:   5 July 2010   356444  
I haven't done that in four months. x3
Oroborus21 says:   5 July 2010   996921  
better than me! its been so long for me that ive moved past being
merely celebate to a virgin again  
‹AudioWhore› says:   5 July 2010   446877  
i strongly disagree, not in an aggressive way, but i think that
individuals have freedom to do what they wish with their lives and
with other people, including having sex. i don't approve of reckless
sexual behavior but i think that people are free to have their own
beliefs and not have anybody try to influence their opinions. like you
do so here, you're explaining your standpoint but in a way where you
are telling somebody to change their ways or to avoid having sex, i
don't think anybody should be able to do so. i know i have been a
hypocrite at times but i try to keep my ethics to myself and allow
others to be themselves. as far as sex goes, i think that it's a
choice to make with each person you are with, so i don't like the idea
of somebody continuing to have sex because they have in the past if
they don't want to now, but i'm not sure if that's what you meant. sex
is, for some people, a religious act which they hold in high respect,
and i know that there are other people who think nothing of it. we
have the right to weigh actions ourselves, so if someone wants to have
sex i'm not going to stop them, the same as if somebody wants to get a
haircut or change a class in school, or if somebody wants to drink
before legal age or do drugs. i think that people are capable of
making their own decisions, especially when it concerns something
which physically affects them the way sex can. i don't know if what
i've said makes sense or if anybody agrees with me but it's my opinion
that i'm just throwing out there
SithWedgie says:   5 July 2010   318787  
I'm really tired.  I'll go ahead and delete this.  Hang the subject.
SithWedgie says :   5 July 2010   796362  
I know I've written about my opinion and I've gotten other opinions
in return.  I don't have the energy to reply on this.  I'm just so
tired and weary.

I mean well, I really do.

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