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Church goers think Stephanie Mayer is an advocate of satin?Category: (general)
Wednesday, 30 June 2010
10:06:37 PM (GMT)
I went to church today! This was the first time in almost a month and the theme of
the entire lesson was "Twilight" Seriously? Wtfs?
So today was interesting to say the least, i went to the hospital early in the
morning to get my final MRSA swab; than i finally got gifts in order (still have yet
to do any wrapping) And i got to sleep, since i didn't go to bed till like 5 A.M last
night. I was caught up in the book I am reading, i wanna say i'm on page 264 or so.
Than i got picked up for church. My girlfriend looked nice, it was nice to hear her
voice, see her face and listen to her laughter again. I could sense pain underneath
the surface; that is until she invited me to sleep at our friend's house where she is
staying. I felt like she truly meant it when she said she missed me. And I wanted to
so badly. But my mother is paranoid, she thinks My friend's dirty house helped with
infecting me with Staph (which develops into MRSA) So i can't go to her house until
after the 10th. (For reasons i will explain in a later blog.) I told my girlfriend
this, and the pain and hurt returned to her eyes and in her voice. She didn't believe
me one bit. And that stung, like a bee stinging all four chambers of my heart at
once. Now i am at home trying to calm down, relax, wrap presents for tomorrow and
eventually read more of that book.

fly says:   30 June 2010   843510  
/Didn't read a word of this.

But i dont go to church.
but she is diffidently evil.
branches says:   30 June 2010   931664  
With all the money Twilight has gotten her, I imagine she'd be an
advocate of silk, not satin.
Classy, like.
‹♠PrincessLea♠› says:   30 June 2010   199125  
ya know, youve got to actually read what she writes and listen to her
talk about things before you even think of calling her an advocate of
satin, or even evil for that matter. think before you speak. if i were
to act like you, i would say this: you're evil too. ive never seen
you, ive never heard you speak of things you care for, so therefore, i
think you're evil. see, it hurts. watch what you say. 
fly says:   30 June 2010   738237  
I've read the books.
I've read articles about this same topic.

Don't assume i don't know what I'm talking about.
I don't comment on things i know nothing about. 
‹♠PrincessLea♠› says:   30 June 2010   977296  
so, in that case, why is she evil. give me ten good reasons.
fly says:   30 June 2010   725519  
Have you not seen what Twilight is about. ;-;?

Its about some 100 and something year old thing dating a teenage
Pedophile Am i right?

Or how about jacob falling in love with bella's baby?
bestiality what what?

Can you actually find a THEME in twilight?
I know can't.

She wrote the books for money.
They are not to help people,
they are to ensnare little girls in the la-la land of "perfect" Edward
Plain and simple.
YuiitsuSakka says:   30 June 2010   500806  
@Renesmee_Cullen : The series was ruined by fan girls like you
and that's all I have to say. ^_^ 
fly says:   30 June 2010   848602  
partly. But it was never all that grand. 
YuiitsuSakka says:   30 June 2010   940675  
@fly : No, it wasn't. But it was an interesting read... 
‹♠PrincessLea♠› says:   30 June 2010   386379  
she wrote the books because it all came out of a dream, not for
money. dont know where you're getting your info but it's not true. she
couldnt help it if she had a wonderful idea and wanted to put it onto
paper. she has even said in countless interviews that she didnt even
want it to be read or published in the first place because it was her
own little dream. after that, she wrote the other books, because her
fans wanted her to. the most important thing in her life is her fans.
the books are to make her fans happy. they get so caught up in the
love story that the want to find out what happens. she remembers when
she was younger and wanted an author to keep writing a series because
she wanted to find out what happened in the long run. she didnt want
to dissapoint her fans. she's said that it was never about the money.
simple as that. 

and gee thanks Taylor. i used to think you were actually nice, at
least that's the way you act at school. didnt know it was all just a
fly says:   30 June 2010   357008  
The girl only fucking said she didn't like twilight.
its not like she called you a bitch.

You really believe the shit she says?
Yet again proving my point, only easily fooled little girls are

Whats the theme?
What does it teach you?
Where the hell is the ORIGINALITY.

If she didn't want it published, she obviously only done it for
She might say its for her fans
But thats BULLSHIT.
Everyone wants to look like a little angel.

Argument over, you're brainwashed. 
‹♠PrincessLea♠› says:   30 June 2010   693429  
no. argument not over. ya know what. you're a bitch, you're full of
bullshit and you dont know what the hell you're talking about. now the
argument's over.
‹ғяєακazoid› says:   1 July 2010   604472  
Pfft, yes. ♥

It took the churches this long to figure out that Meyer is evil?
I bet the preacher's [ or someone else pretty high up on their little
ladder ] daughter is obsessed with Twilight, that's why their bringing
it up. P: 
StringQuartets says:   1 July 2010   668539  
Twilight has no theme. SM feels the need to drive in trivial things,
abusing synoymns to say time and time again things that do not matter.
I do not care if edward is like marble, or a statue, or ice. yes, he`s
cold and stoney, obviously both in personality as well as appearence. 
Bella is a horrible excuse for a main character, her clumsiness is not
a character trait, but a plot device. WHy must SM drive in references
from shakesphere(sp?), and compare them to bella`s predicament.  There
is no conflict. really, evil vampires that dont want the secret that
they exsist to get out. kill edward, not bella. He`s the stupid fuck
dating humans.  Twihards are far too defensive of their favorite
`book`. The only thing SM can be called evil for, is brining this
piss-poor excuse for liturature into the world
‹shii-chan♥› says:   1 July 2010   464832  
i actually prefer the horrible bloodthirsty ugly vampires to the
‹burblegurm› says:   3 July 2010   982069  
Nosferatu all the way. c: 
‹burblegurm› says:   3 July 2010   435474  
I don't know what to say about a church thinking twilight is evil
because it's a church. 
One thing's for sure, Stephanie Meyer is makin' that money. ;l
So I'd agree that she's an advocate of that satin. 

Ew, touchy. D: 
‹burblegurm› says :   3 July 2010   195469  
Fff, bold fail. xD
/spammingalso. Sorry!


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