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Bleach Fanfiction - Zekkyou Knife, part three (Ruminate)Category: (general)
Tuesday, 29 June 2010
07:47:16 PM (GMT)
"You cheapass!! If you didn't run a monopoly through merchandise for banished
shinigami, I bet these things would be a lot cheaper!"

"No need to get so upset, Rina-chan. I have to make a living, after all~ However, I
can offer you a discount on the stuff you purchased for taking down that Hollow,
Lance Bloomer. How about it?"

"Y... you du... dohn..."

"As a special deal, I'll even throw in a voice microphone for your spectacled friend
for the cheap additional fee of-"

"Forget it! Go ahead, Haya. What it is?"

"..tuh.. haveto... get m-me these.. things..."

"It's nothing, don't worry about it! Besides, you can't go around wearing clothes
full of holes. People would get suspicious."

"Or think it's a really awful fashion fad. Heh. Knowing today's standards, I think
it would actually catch on."

"*Sigh* Every guy I know is obnoxious. Can opener, bucket hat, shush!!"


While I now doubt Mr. Hat-and-Clogs is a pervert, he is indeed weird enough to
sell bra-knife-holsters. Well, I guess that's pretty cool, actually. But why do they
come in different colors? Weirdo.

Rina seems to really distrust him. They were talking about her gigai and she brought
up something that sounded like criticism about a thing called the Hogyoku. Then,
turning serious for a change, he brought up a different point involving her which I
didn't catch. If looks could kill, Rina could have stabbed him to death with that

Hey. If she doesn't like him, then I would gladly smack him with that stupid fan he
always has.

She complained about the prices for banished shinigami... We're friends, and that's
what makes me hesitant to ask. Maybe I shouldn't bring it up. I'd hate to cause her

In a way, I know what it feels like, to be banished.


"That is, without a doubt, the most idiotic outfit I have ever seen." Rina
said in disbelief as Haya stepped out of the room she changed in.

"Isn't it cute~?" Urahara said, looking pleased with himself. "Some crazy cosplayer
named Jess put in a request for her Final Fantasy OC. Unfortunately, she couldn't
afford it so we never handed it over. I'm glad it fits Haya, though." 

"Hey, Tetsuya Nomura called. He wants his wastebasket ideas back." Rina's
uchigatana sniggered. 

"Well, Haya-chan~? Do you like it? If you do, to complete the outfit, I can work in a
pair of goggles that'll have your eyeglass prescription in it..."

She nodded vigorously, but Rina was adamant about refusing it.

"I.. I hate to say this. But Haya, in words not unlike my zanpaku-to's, you look like
a bad RPG design! Zippers on your shoes... A jacket that buttons up on the back... A
neckline that plunges.. Oh my gawd. I'm not getting this for you. Anything but this-
Anything normal!!" She shouted as Urahara was taking out a maid outfit made of
nothing but lace. 

"Oh, you're no fun, Rina-chan~" He pouted, closing that trunk and opening a new one
with more suitable clothing.

Admittedly, maybe my sense of fashion has eroded during the two years I spent
living in my room doing nothing but playing laptop RPGs and the occasional Wii Fit
marathon. Even so, I still stand by my unexpressed opinion that what I'm wearing
right now is fucking awesome. Haya thought, admiring herself in the mirror. 


In the end, they both settled for a black summer dress with a pleated skirt and a
pair of leather gladiator sandals. 

"I feel like the only sane person sometimes." Rina sighed as Urahara calculated the
total cost plus discount for her gigai medicine and the outfit. "For someone who
doesn't say much, you're pretty quirky, Haya."

She smiled.

If only you could hear even half of the things I think at times.

"Are you planning on paying in yen or kan?" The shopkeeper inquired, half of his face
concealed by his fan.

"Kan. Human money is too troublesome." The woman said, picking up a holster of some
sort and wondering what the heck it was for.

"It wouldn't be if you didn't use it as bookmarks all the time." Her
zanpaku-to grumbled. "I have to double as a can opener for those cheap foods
because you're so inept with money."

"Your total is 3500 kan with the discount. Thank you for purchasing from Urahara


Everyone sat around a table on cushions as Rina and Urahara discussed what was going
to happen to Haya. The teenager anxiously rolled a tangerine around the table,
wordless as usual.

"Absolutely not. I already have two capable workers, three modsouls to tide me over
when filler rolls around, and Tessai to help me out in the shop, plus spiky pineapple
head here and there sometimes. I really don't have a use for a girl who can barely
string together a whole sentence." Urahara said.

Ouch. He's totally right, of course. Haya thought, putting the bruised fruit
down and sitting with her knees hugged to her chest. I guess I have to find a job
and boarding elsewhere. Going back home... Pfft... My mom would go crazy and yell at
me to do something with my life. She kicked me out once; No need to repeat that messy
scene again.

"But still... Kisuke... I'm not reliable. Any day, I'm certain Soul Society will send
people after me. Unauthorized bounty hunters have tracked me down before. I don't
know where your morality lies, but would you wish Haya to get caught up in the
crossfire or send her to fend for herself on the street? Even worse, she can see
Hollows. That's the kind of game they like best, those who can show fear before they
are killed." Rina said solemnly, sitting cross-legged. She didn't touch the cup of
tea poured out for her despite Urahara's assurances, convinced that it would either
cost her something later on or was spiked.

"Hey, Rina, did you know you'd be really cute with braids?" He suggested innocently.

"Kisuke!" She shouted, pounding her fist onto the table in frustration. "You-"

"Look, I don't know what to tell you. I am a previous captain of the 12th division
and the source of many bad things that exist today and I overcharge my
merchandise, but believe me, I'm not magic. You're asking me to provide for an
additional teenage girl who I barely know about. I'm just about as competent as a
parent figure as Benihime is friendly. Would you care to meet her again?"

The woman eyed the ordinary seeming cane in his hand warily. "I'd rather take a cero
to the gut. Benihime does something like that, doesn't she? No matter. I guess...
Then we have nothing more to talk about."

"I.. am.. nuh..." Haya choked the words out painfully. To speak so much in one day
was difficult for her. "Th- thing.. but-a... burden... am I.."

"You are a burden." Urahara admitted. "But you're more than that. It's possible you
have latent spiritual power. The sight for spirits and Hollows isn't something that
comes alone. If there was a use for it, I'd train you. But, seeing as there isn't...
Trust me. Take this opportunity and live a normal, happy life. You have no idea how
many would kill to have one."

Haya could feel the bile rising in her throat.

Normal? Happy? Have I been living a normal, happy life so far? What's happened
now... Alongside all of this new information about Soul Society... 

"Forget it."

"Ah-Aaah!" The girl yelped, startled. A male's voice was speaking directly into her


"Choose to forget it. Obviously, Rina and I will help you find some way of living.
After that, if you forget it, you can live the life Urahara speaks of. Also... Your
anger is pointless. That man is not obliged to help you. As to your life, happy
endings don't always happen..."

Can you read minds? How long have you been doing that?! Haya fumed angrily,
crossing her arms and feeling more than a little violated. 

"I wish. Your thoughts are very strong. I can pick up on them. Most people aren't
like that, lucky girl. Aren't you glad I'm one of the few who doesn't think you're
mentally stunted?" Rina's zanpaku-to said sarcastically. 

I see what Rina meant when she mentioned your rudeness.

"Hey, when you're a weapon, politeness don't getcha anywhere, toots. You aren't
exactly a real benevolent person in your head either, from what I've heard."

Touche. But then again, who is when they think no one's going to hear them?

"Excuse me?" Urahara interrupted. "What's going on right now?"

"Weh... we'rr.. j-just... tal... king..." Haya mumbled. Rina looked at her curiously.

"Well! My zanpaku-to doesn't take to others very easily. I'm glad you two are getting

Despite the coffee they shared together, the girl yawned and rubbed her eyes.

"Kisuke, I'll pay you if you lend us a room for a night. We're both pretty tired...
Her, mostly. I just nap in trees all day." Rina said.

The shopkeeper stood up. "Just stay for free, alright? I'll lead you to your rooms.
It would be impolite of me to kick out two lovely ladies at such a dark hour~"

The woman sighed and scooped up Haya in her arms, who had fallen asleep.

"You are up to something and I'm too exhausted to puzzle out what. Nonetheless,
that's real kind of you to have the courtesy of offering us a room without charge for
your own future benefit." Rina said, displaying a knack for sarcasm to match her

"Tut tut. You should be more trusting!"

"Said you before Benihime pierced my skull. Thirty-six stitches... And I had to slave
under you for five years to repay the debt of saving my live. Good night!" She said
loudly, sliding the door closed none too gently.

-End Zekkyou Knife, part three-

Bootheghost says :   30 June 2010   256351  
Some crazy cosplayer named Jess put in a request for her Final
Fantasy OC.

Breaking the fourth wall~~ xD This fic is made of win.

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