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Sunday, 13 June 2010
10:04:07 PM (GMT)
A N S W E R - T R U T H F U L L Y

1. Do you like anyone?: YESS SIRR REE 
2. Do they know it? yes 
3. Simple or complicated? simple very simple 

IN - T H E - L A S T - M O N T H - H A V E - Y O U

4. Had sex: no 
5. Bought something: yea 
6. Gotten sick?: yesssss 
7. Been hugged?: yeah 
8. Felt stupid?: no 
9. Talked to an ex: everyday lol but he wasnt really an ex just a hole lot lika one
10. Missed someone: yeah 
11. Failed a test:  uhhh 5 outta 69 yeah i failed lol 
13. Danced:yeasss lol 
14. Gotten your hair cut?: yeah 
15. Lied: hmm thats for me to know and u to guess... lol 


16. Nervous habits?: bitein my lip and scratchin nail polish off nails 
17. Are you double jointed?: no
18. Can you roll your tongue?: yes its quite cool actually  
19. Can you raise one eyebrow?:my fave thing to do lol it freaks my one friend out to
the point she almost cries lol 
20. Can you cross your eyes?: si
21. Do you make your bed daily?:pshhhh no 
22. Do you think you are unique?: darn tootin!! 

H A V E - Y O U - E V E R'S

23. Said "I Love you":yeah worst mistake EVER!!!!
24. Given money to a homeless person: yeah i was in NYC and he was sleepin...i was
kinda afriad he was gonna wake up and go canible on me lol 
25. Smoked?: a girls gotta have some mystery? correct? 
26. Waited all night for a phone call?:yeah... and t never came 
27. Snuck out?:nah no one worth sneakin out with lol 
28. Sat and looked at the stars?: too many times to count 


29. Do you swear/curse?: depends on my mood and the day 
30. Do you ever spit?: no... once in softball i was pitchin and wanted to look
professional so i did...but i walked that gurl lol o well 
31. You cook your own food?: yeah i love cookin 
32. You do your own chores?: depends on my mood 
33. You like beef jerky?: yess i love it!!! is that weird? 
35. You're happy with your life?: no 
36. You own a dog?: no
37. You spend your money wisely?: depends lol 
38. Do you like to swim?: sshhh yeah im a fish all summer long 
39. When you get bored do you call a friend: i txt bryant but i dont call anyone lol

D O - Y O U - P R E F E R'S

41. Flowers or angels?: flowers 
42. Gray or black?: Gray
43. Color or black and white photos?: black and white 
44. Lust or love?: Lust love hurts too much
45. Sunrise or sunset?: Sunsets r the wayy to go
46. M&Ms or Skittles?: M&Ms r the bomb!!
48. Staying up late or waking up early?: wakin up early nothing on tv at night lol 
49. Being hot or cold?: Cold... lik i always am
50. Winter or Fall?: fall is more diverse but winter takes better photos so... both 
51. Left or right?: right sadly
52. Having 10 acquaintances or 2 best friends?: would i rather? 2 bffs actually 10
53. Sunshine or rain?: Rain.


Sleep in a bed of the opposite sex?: Yeah.
Hooked up in the woods?: EFF NO!! 
Drank a bottle of alcohol by yourself?: no i onyl drink glasses no hole bottles...tho
i could have one night lol 
Hooked up in the shower?: nver. i do not hook up!! 
Been Dumped?: uhh metaphorically yeah we were never together but we might as well
been...eeryonethought we were... 
Stolen money from a friend?: no...they steal money from me...  
Slept naked?: no!!! shorty shorts are as nake as i go!!
Been in a fist fight?: uh i slapped someone...but wait yeah i guess... if u count
givin someone a back and blu eye.... 
Snuck out of your house?: uh no one 2 sneak out with awnswered abouve moron!! 
Had a crush on a teacher?: blahahahaha no..okay maybe lol 
Seen someone die?: no 
Been on an airplane?:never 
Slept all day?: hmmm hmmm hmm yeah 
Missed someone so much it hurt?: yes...i have missed someone till i was sick too... 
Fallen asleep during school?: duh whats math for anyway lol 
Been lonely?:  more times than not... 
Cheated in a game?: no i play fair..most of the time 
Been to the ER?: ha yeah it hurt 
Been in a car accident?: no i dont think so 
Had detention?: yeah 
Missed your first love?: aLl the time.....
Cried yourself to sleep?: yeah alot actually 
Sung in the shower?: hehehehe perhaps... 
Kissed a complete stranger?: EHHH NO!! tats ewwwy 
Laughed so hard you cried?: ha yeah i laugh till im sore all the time lol 
Cheated on a bf/gf?: no but just about every guy i "Date" (act so much like we r
datin everyone thinks we r) has a girlfriend lol yess im a whore i know deal with it

Regretted hurting someone?: nope never once have i regretted it. 
Regretted loving someone?:yeah i knew he was trouble...but i couldnt resist....he
makes us good girls go bad lol 
Been SUPER happy?: yes!! when bryant asked me to go to the fair with him!!!! lol

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