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my thoughts on "GOD"Category: personal opinion
Friday, 7 May 2010
02:37:38 PM (GMT)
who is GOD? he is something different to everyone. he could be a savior or hero, but
for me God is.... in a word non-exsistant. 
i mean even if he was exsistant to me i would consider him nothing more than a
sadistic asshole! 
i'm what they call ATHIEST! i don't believe in god. i also don't believe in the
general standard of heaven or hell. 
and by this i mean heaven to me is were your most happy or feel at peace where as
hell is the dark abis of tourture and suffering. 
now, granted we all experience feelings of both. 
but i believe that deep down if we were set in a eternal placement of heaven or hell,
we would know the difference. 
like for instance, hell for me ( as of right now ) 
is when i feel the need to grab a shiny metal blade and drag it across skin to see
the waterfall of crimson. 
rest assured i feel relived, horror, torment and fury all at once. that for me is the
worst hell that i could possibly imagine. 
not the blade itself but the emotions and repercussions.
and god is supposadly supposed to "save" us and he "loves us all" but then why do so
many wind up in the generic hell in bible stories?
if he was a loving, caring or forgiving as all claim then there would be no hell.
they would all be allowed into the sacried land. 
so yeah he's a non-exsistant asshole. 
those are my thoughts feel free to love, hate whatever! 

~burning desire

‹$h@naYn@y› says:   7 May 2010   414703  
OMG Im so with u on tht one girl lol he is a myth. (:
Burning_desire says:   7 May 2010   273574  
oh hells yeah ! ha glad to see i'm not the only one =D
‹$h@naYn@y› says:   7 May 2010   814189  
Lol same here (:
Burning_desire says:   7 May 2010   814677  
coolness! you should check out my other post! and if you don't mind
check out yours !
‹$h@naYn@y› says:   7 May 2010   533365  
lol ok but i didnt post anything
‹☠EmilieENDING☠ ✄♥› says:   7 May 2010   621078  
YEAH! "God" is a load of bullshit. I just recently made a diary entry
about this as well. I'm all with you, dude.
exquisite says:   7 May 2010   320616  
Well it's your opinion, which is understandable, but like most
atheists you're focusing on the Christian God. 

What are your views on gods/godess' from other cultures? Are your
views the same?

Also, in my opinion... by blaming a lot of wrong in life on a God you
don't believe in seems like you have some sort of belief towards God
since you're making an statement about it.

Btw, I don't believe in God either, I'm just saying.
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   7 May 2010   550363  

Your opinions and beliefs are yours and I respect that. However, how
can you bash and blame God when you say you're an atheist? Atheism
means you don't believe in religion, not that your anti-religion,
right? So why waste your time on a god you don't even believe exists?
Why focus on only one religion? Why don't you bash Buddhism if you're
so anti-religious? This makes me question who is actually an atheist
and who is just saying these things to be spiteful. ._. If you want to
be taken seriously, maybe reconsider your definition of atheist and
focus less on religion. 
‹burblegurm› says:   7 May 2010   153450  
xl I'm bumping this as I write even though I don't want to.
Why must someone have to go "god god god" when it coems to religion?

I agree with Doo and Maria, I respect your beliefs but bashing god is
the last thing you do. You can say how you don't believe in him as
much as you want but bashing him is out of the question. 

Why must every athiest I see on here goes straight to christianity?
‹[[Joanna;;Oh No She Didn't ♥]]› says:   8 May 2010   859792  
I'm a Christian, and I respect your opinion. I just don't agree with
it. I respect it though 
But I will say this; I have an atheist who is my friend, but she
doesn't go around bashing religion. She just makes her points clear on
why she believes what she believes. Bashing God ain't gonna make
anything better.
‹lorai.yaoicaek;› says:   9 May 2010   215649  
i personally think that humans were gorillas or something.
we kinda morphed i guess as time passed.
it's really up to your opinion if you want to think about god, or
adjust to the scientific side of the 'god' idea.
i really don't mind Christians or whatever. people have different
opinions, you should think about other people's feelings too. what if
someone reading this was a christian? it's logical to think that their
‹Cowards•Are•Golden› says:   9 May 2010   281933  
"and god is supposadly supposed to "save" us and he "loves us all"
but then why do so
many wind up in the generic hell in bible stories?
if he was a loving, caring or forgiving as all claim then there would
be no hell.
they would all be allowed into the sacried land" < <<<IAGREE.That's

‹Cowards•Are•Golden› says:   9 May 2010   383727  

Ahem. Sorry, it got messed up. I was trying to say to you that humans
did not evolve from apes. I just learned about, so I feel like I
should correct you. Humans supposedly evolved from a common ancestor
between apes and humans. No actually apes themselves. It's a pretty
common misconception though, so I don't blame you. >_< 
‹lorai.yaoicaek;› says:   9 May 2010   605675  
it's okay. [x
i'm just saying to the creatarr of this diary, if you have opinions of
a religion. don't bash it. give a simple opinion. it just makes you a
crazyhot says :   9 November 2016   101865  
hey look jackasses


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