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Wednesday, 14 April 2010
02:32:12 PM (GMT)
1? becky
2? sally
3? mehreen
4? adam

Okay, now lets hear about that number one 

How old is he or she?

When did you meet them?
er... 6 years ago 

Would you consider them a best friend?
hell yeah 

What's their name?
becky? XD

Do you know their middle name? ^

What would they say if you told their name? 
she wouldnt mind 

If they tripped and fell, what would you do? 
check shes okay, then laugh

Lets say an elephant came running at them. What would you do?

Are they afraid of farm birds?

Are you their number one?

Okay, now number two

Are they a good friend?
oh yeah!

What would you do if they died?
cry, alot.

The elephant scenario again.
chase after it XD

What color hair do they have?
naturally: blonde, atm: gingery, browny

Play any instruments?

What is their name? 

Have you ever met them in real life? 
urr... yeah

Say they were in a burning building. What would you do?
duh... try my hardest to get her out!

Whats their name?
you've aske that already... its your fault for not paying attention XD

Your number three

Whats their name?

What type of music do they listen to?
mainstream and shes addicted to Micheal Jackson

What color eyes do they have? 

Say they got smaked by a hooker on the street. What would you do? 
knock that hoe out XD

What's their favorite color?

Do you actually like them as a friend, or was it all just a fake? 
hell yeah!

Would you lie to them?
i'd try my hardest not to

What if they lied to you?
i'd be annoyed but get over it get quick enought

Would you say they are a best friend also? 

Do they consider you a best friend? 
i think so

Play any instruments?
i bit of guitar it think

If so... any good?
i dunno

Do you know their birthday? 
september the 25th 

What would you do if they died? 

Do they have any nick names? 
some, but there not exactly nice 

Do they have nick names that only you call them?
not that i know of

And four.

Whats their name? 

Do they skate? 
hes too clumsy for that XD

Do they play any instruments?

Lets say they came up to you and said they had aids, what would you do?

Who is their favorite band?

Does music play a big part in their life?

Do you think they will read this? 
the chances are slim.

Why are they your number four? 
i put the names down randomly, all four of these people are my number one 

Not good enough for number one?
see above

Would they resent your answer? 

Did this totally bore you?
it passed time 
Last edited: 12 June 2010

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