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100 questions :pCategory: (general)
Monday, 12 April 2010
06:43:14 PM (GMT)
I havn't don a quiz on here in like...forever.. xD

1. What is your name?

2. What is your favorite color?
lime Greeeeeen

3. What is your favorite candy?
skitlesss : D

4. How many friends do you have?
a few

5. Your favorite website is ____.
probably groove shark

6. Do you like chocolate?
depends what type...like i'm not all that into dark chocolate.. xD

7. Favorite store?
eb games

8. Webkinz, shining starz, or ty beanie babies?
TY stuffies of corse i still have like...1248249 of them from when i was a kid :p

9. Favorite nintendo ds game?
scribbl nuats

10. Do you like animals?

11. Favorite food?

12. What does it mean to grow up?
too becom more maturee

13.Who was in your last fight?
nick over the stupidest reason :

14. when was your last fight?
onn saturday

15. chocolate, strawberry, or original milk?
chocolate milk xD

16. Is it Idaho or Udaho?
..i dunno xD

17. Are you a nerd?
for video games and star wars yeah xDD

18. Are you popular?
noope, i wouldn't like all the attention

19. Are you original?
..not sure

20. Do you like tokidoki?
maybe..if i knew what it was xD

21. Do you like japan?
i dunno i'v nevr been there but theres an adbanded island near tokio..i think it'd be
cool to go there...

22. Are you racist?
nope, only for like jokes but i don't mean it

23. Do you hate chocolate?

25. Can you sing?
a little bit xD

26. Can you dance?
noope but i'd love to learn how to do a flare xD

27. Are you a virgin?

28. How many friends do you wish you had?
i dunno same as i do now i suppose

29. Mentos or chocolate?

30. moon or stars?

31. Do you love mountain dew?
uhmm not really

32. Are you single?

33. Are you famous?
noope i'd have better things to do then this quiz if i was famous xD

34. Who is your bf/gf?
ii do not have one.. xD

35. Who is your #1 enemy?
...i don't wanna say

36. Who is your #1 friend?
aaand i don't wanna single anyone out xD

37. Are you bored?

38. What are you doing tonight?
...drinking tea?

39. Tape, or stapler?
Tape? :D 

40. Coconutz or apples?
i've always wanted to try coconut...but never have soo apples

41. Windows or doors?
...doors? xD

42. Will you answer all these questions?
maybe xD

43. Would you do survivor man on discovery channel?

44. Would you do man vs wild on discovery channel?
ewww..no way....
(one time i saw him like crawl into an animals carcass to keep warm...if i was about
to die i wouldn't even go and do thaat xD)

45. What would you do for a klondike bar?

46. When was the last time you left your house?
uhmm like 3 hours ago

47. Do you have school today?

48. When do you have school?
Tomorrow.. xD

49.  Do I like chocolate milk?
did u already ask that xD

50. Is the answer for 49 yes?
No  it's a y did u ask me that? xDDD

51. Are we really half way through already?
...nope...51% xD

52. Do you have to go pee?
...no xD

53. Do you have to go poop?
......no xD

54. Are these questions just getting weirder?

55. hello kitty or chocolate milk?

56. Do you like kupika.com?
a little bit, it's nice to see peoples drawings

57. Do you have over 10 friends?

58. Do you have over 100 friends?
..no xD

59. Do you have over 200 friends?

60. Do you not have one million friends?
..... :

61. Do you like cheez-itz?

62. Do you like Maccoroni?

63. Do you like dove chocolate?
sureee i basiclly like any type of chocolate xD

64. What kind of shampoo do you use?
axe :D

65. What kind of conditioner do you use?
axe xDD

66. Do you shave your legs?
i don't think guys are supposed to..unless ur gay.. xD

67. Do you have a beird?
nope but i plan on getting a goattee or a soul patch....or both xD

68. Do you still wear diapers?
no xD

69. How many times have you peed yourself?

70. What is your favorite anime?
i'm not all that into anime probably...f.m.a?

71. Are you thinking your going to quit this test?
if there'd stop being pointless questions like that then..yeah xD

72. Are you failing a grade?

73. Have you lost all of your teeth?
YER COZ IM 900 ... no :D I dont even have all my grown up teeth yet

74. Have you taken a 1000 question quiz before?
i took one that i think was about 100 but i didn't finish it cuz nick powered off my
pc :

75. Fruits or vegetables?

76. Itouch or nano?

77. Are you having a sleep over tonight?
Nope...still nver been to one... 

78. Do you play an instrument?
2 :p

79. If you do what instrument?
i know how to play..the drums...tenor saxaphone...aand a little bit of the
trumpet..but i don't like it :

80. Do you like hamsters?
sandyy :'(

81. Cat fight or dog fight or neither?

82. Is there someone u like?

83. Are you sad?
...more bored then anything xD

84. Are you happy?

85. Are you lonely?

86. Are you mad?
...a little

87. Have you been in therapy?
nope, i got tesha she's like my theropist xD

88. Do you hate mentos?
nope...ther fun to bput in pop xD

89. Do you still play with dolls?
never had

90. Mountain dew rocks right?
sure xD

91. Have yo uever lied?
i'm pretty sure everyone has...

92. If you were to meet someone famous what would you do?
maybe get my shirt signed or like something signed xD

93. Would you become famous?
maybe i dunno if i could take being like watched everyday by the poparatzi...grammer
fail xD

94. Have you ever been dumped?
nope xD

95. Inuyasha or Super gals?
i used to really be into inuyasha xD

96. Do you think SmileyPurple is weird?
...huh? xD

98. Did you notice 97 was not there?
..no i did not xD

99. Should i put 101 up on here?

100th question.

Did you like this quiz?!?!?
suree quizes are nice xD

music_for_prez says :   12 April 2010   819561  
lol ima steal this quiz lol


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