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what a waste of life. LOLCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 6 April 2010
01:05:38 AM (GMT)

Time started: 10:44 PM
Name: Haru
Single or Taken: Single
Sex: Bitch.
Birthday: May 16
Sign: Taurus
Eye colour: Brown. Shit brown.
What are you wearing: B-ball shorts & a black tee.
Where do you live: Under a rock. Berlin Germany. 
Righty or lefty: Right. yo'.


Where is your favorite place to shop: The internet. hurhur.
Colour: The dead leaves. 
Number: 3.14
Boys Name: Hannes. 
Girls Name: FFF. Peaceloveagicepichippiefuckedname.
Animal: None. Allergic. 
Month: Apirl.
Movie: The Last Song. FFF.
Breakfast: Granola Bar. 
Favorite cartoon character: Chowder? Toshiro Hitsugaya? ;D Ed Elric. hohoho.


Given anyone a bath: Like 47 times. 
Smoked: p-p-pot.
Bungee Jumped: Not yet.
Gone skinny dipping: hurhur.
Eaten a dog: V-V-Vegan. 
Put your tongue on a frozen pole: FFF. I caught mono like that. 
Loved someone so much it made you cry: HAHAHA.
Broken a bone: Nien.
Played truth or dare: MHM.
Been in a physical fight: Shovels are fun.
Been in a police car: Curfueee. fml.
Been in a hot tub: Fersho. with the cop.
Swam in the ocean: With the cop.
Fallen asleep in school: Too many times. 
Ran away: OLOL. too many times.
Broken someone’s heart: HAHA.
Cried when someone died: wat.
Cried in school: Oh the laughter. I stand corrected. HAHAHAH.
Fell off your chair: Bad position. ;o
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: HAHA.
Saved AIM conversation: Nein.


Your good luck charm: My Flamel pendant. I never take it off. ;w;
Best song you ever heard: Oh dear, it changes every day. T_T
What’s your room like: Pastel-y pink (Hate that kind of pink), with posters and
drawings posted on the wall. Messy desk and bed. (I never use my desk for what it's
for. I always do work on the bed. D; )
Last thing you ate: Chocolate eggs. (Easter. )
What kind of shampoo do you use: Um... *checks* Head and Shoulders... *scratches
Best thing that has happened to you this year: ...*cough cough been asked on a date
Worst thing that has happened to you this year: ...Ed left for about a month... (Ed:
I thought you weren't going to tell anybody about that...)
Do you believe in karma: ...No. It never seems to work.


Chicken pox: Yes. I still have a indentation on the bridge of my nose from when I
had them. 
Sore Throat: Yep. It sucks not being able to sing. (Or talk for that matter.)
Stitches: Nope. I've been lucky. (And safe...)
Broken nose: Nope, luckily.


Believe in love at first sight: *shakes head* It takes months, even years, to truly
fall in love. (Ed: You romantic.) (It's true!)
Like picnics: No, it's always windy and cold when I go picnicking. T_T
Like school: NOOOOOOOOO.
What schools have you gone to: One christian school, two public schools, and
homeschooled for two years.
Would you eat a live hamster for $1,000,000 dollars: NO! That poor hampster!
Who was the last person that called you: One of my best buddies. :3
What makes you laugh the most: ...I wish I knew. .____.


You yelled at: Your dad.
Who broke your heart: OLOL. what heart?
Who is your loudest friend: FFF. Your mom.


Do you like filling these out: Not really.
Do you like yourself: OHOHOHO.
Do you get along with your family: OLOL. NO.
Obsessive: That drum beat, and those soft key's in melody. 
Compulsive: Desire to yell at everyone.
Anorexic: OLOL. 


What are you listening to right now: Blasphemy.
What did you do yesterday: Dad's house. 
Hate someone in your family: Not worth it.
What car do you wish to have: Car?
Where do you want to get married:OLOL. marriage. I highly bet by 2020 only 20% of
people will bother.
If you could change anything about you: O there's a lot. 
How many remote controls are in your house: Like 5
Are you double jointed: YEH.
Last time you took a bath: Why would I sit in a tub of filth? Gross.
The last movie you saw at the cinemas: The Last Song.
Do you like scary or happy movies:Scary.
Black or white: White.
Root Beer or Dr. Pepper: Dr. P
Vanilla or chocolate: Vanilla.
Silver or Gold: Gold.
Diamond or pearl: Pearl.
Sunset or Sunrise: Sunset. 
Sprite or 7up: 8up.
Cats or dogs: Dogs.
Coffee or tea: BOTH. 
Phone or in person: Ew. People.
Are you the oldest, middle, or youngest: 1 older brother, 3 younger. 
Indoor or outdoor: OUT.
End Time: 11:07 pm.
Last edited: 6 April 2010

Pill says:   6 April 2010   240206  
Sex: Bitch

ValVal your amazing

Btw, im one of the mods ;o
Message me. C:
Pill says:   6 April 2010   831724  
You have good taste my friend C:
Ima stop reading now xD
Pill says:   6 April 2010   598233  
Oh and sorry for comment spamming.
But a hint to whom i be.
‹✁HaruDesü™› says:   6 April 2010   145861  
I knew who you were before you made the account. (; 
Pill says:   6 April 2010   484077  
No way in hell xD
or did i say i was making a new one?
‹✁HaruDesü™› says:   6 April 2010   540139  
i'm magic. 
your profile + avatar style is unique. (; 
or maybe i'm that good. 

FF. italic fail. 
Pill says:   6 April 2010   400689  
xD Maybe Both :o
‹✁HaruDesü™› says:   6 April 2010   142462  
Barack Obama is a sexy man.

just sayiin'.

i just noticed, you said message you. 

Pill says :   6 April 2010   938445  
He can me.

Yes C: Please do.

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