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Saturday, 3 April 2010
03:17:20 AM (GMT)
Who's who 

Whos your number 4: Alex Sutherland
Whos your number 1: Austin Shipman
Whos your number 3: Robert Vall
Whos your number 2: Kate Schmalle
What is your relationship to number 4: He's like a brother.
What is your relationship to number 1: Best friend.
What is your relationship to number 3: He's like a brother.
What is your relationship to number 2: Bottom bitch, yada mean?

Random questions 

What would you do if #1 turned into a fish: Let him swim in orange juice.
Have you ever pictured any of them naked: I have pictures of one of them naked.
Do you WANT to see any of them naked: I already saw one naked.
Have you ever imagined being bf/gf to #3: No.
If so, why: He's a dude.
If you were in a relationship with #2, do you think it would last: I dunno'.
If you could spend a whole day with one of them, who would it be: 3, Robert and me
are the most alike.
Which one is more like you: 3, Robert.
Does #4 turn you on: He wishes.
What about #3: He wishes.
And #2: She wishes.
Also, #1: He wishes.
Which one do you get along with better: I get along with all of them.
Which one do you talk to the most: 3, Robert.

Lets talk about number 1. . . 

Where did you meet them: Poulsbo Middle School.
Was that a good day: Yes sir.
Do they like carrots: He loves them.
Do they like orange juice: FUCK YES.
Do they like coffee more: No.
What type of coffee: I said no.
Whats their favorite movie: Pineapple Express.
Do they like TV: He doesn't have cable.
Are they single or taken: Taken, Oceana Disanti.
Is that a good or bad thing: Good, Oceana's amazing.

Number Two seems interesting. . . 

Is this one your brother or sister: No.
How old are they: 14.
Do they make things fun: She tries.  
Are they female or male: Female.
Do they like Justin Timberlake: She had the hugest crush on that fag last year.
What about fruit: Sure.
Does the movie House of Wax strike their interest: I dunno'.
Is this person sexy: Hell yeah.(;
Would you ever lick this person: L-l-l-l-l-lick her like a lollipop.
If not, why: I would.

Number three sounds sexy. . . 

How long have you known this person: Since last year.
Is that good or bad: Good.
Does this person like empanadas: I dunno'.
Why: ...
Whats their favorite color: Purple.  
Do they fantasize about anyone that you are aware of: Asha Davis, his finacee.
If you could do anything to this person, what would it be: Awkward. Probably make him
try Mollies.
Does this person have any interest in vegetables: He loves brocolli.
Oh is that right: It is.
This person is sexy, aren't they: He has pepperoni nipples.

Number four is orgasmic. . . 

Do they have the same name as you: No.
Who is this person: Alex Suthland.
Oh thats nice: Yeah.
Do they like Atreyu: He hates them.
Whats their eye color: Bright brown/orange/gold/amber.
Is it hot: Hell yeah.
What's their view on steroids: They're bad, mmmkay.  
I think number four may be my favorite. What do you think about that: He's one of
Is this person too hot to handle: Yeah dawg.
Can I get their number: Fuck you, kid. You're a faggot.

Which one is more. . . 

Attractive: 2, Kate.
Nice: 4, Alex.
Sweet: 2, Kate.
Funny: 1, Austin.
Manly: 3, Robert.
Feminine: 2, Kate.
Random: 1, Austin.
Tasty: All of them.
Considerate: 4, Alex.
Conservative: 4, Alex.
Quiet: 1, Austin.
Outspoken: 3, Robert.
Hard-working: 3, Robert.
Intelligent: 3, Robert.
Observant: 1, Austin.

Who would. . . 

Be the first to save you if you were drowning: 2, Kate. She's a trained lifeguard.
Be the first to come to you when you needed to cry: 3, Robert.
Be the first to hold you in your time of need: 3, Robert. This guy would do anything
for me.
Sing with you in the car with the music on loud: 4, Alex.
Just lay down and talk to you: 2, Kate.
Not get tired of you if you hung out with them all day: All of them.  
Put your life before their own: All of them.
You hug right now: 2, Kate or 4, Alex.
You kiss right now: 2, Kate.
Be the first one to take you in if you were drunk and couldn't think right: 3, Robert
or 4, Alex.
LET you get drunk in the first place: 1, Austin.
Drive to you in the middle of the night if you car broke down: 3, Robert. Only one
who can drive. 

Last Questions 

Was this a good survey: Sure.
Thank you: You're welcome.
SALUT: Numa numa yay.

prettydowntomybones says:   3 April 2010   198434  
You always do these about people i don't know.
liarliarpantsonfire says:   3 April 2010   971708  
These are people I care about. (; 
prettydowntomybones says:   3 April 2010   257292  
You should do some about people you care about that i know. 
liarliarpantsonfire says:   3 April 2010   987146  
prettydowntomybones says:   3 April 2010   963126  
I don't know.
Think of people. 
liarliarpantsonfire says:   3 April 2010   373181  
I don't care about a lot of people.@prettydowntomybones 
prettydowntomybones says:   3 April 2010   423238  
Me either.
But i have to know a few, right? 
liarliarpantsonfire says:   3 April 2010   485147  
prettydowntomybones says:   3 April 2010   427705  
liarliarpantsonfire says:   3 April 2010   941138  
Name some people I know, taht you know. 
prettydowntomybones says:   3 April 2010   222521  
How about you name people you know, I know. 
liarliarpantsonfire says:   3 April 2010   866303  
prettydowntomybones says:   3 April 2010   827360  
liarliarpantsonfire says:   3 April 2010   736357  
It's an absolute, therefore it is an answer. 
prettydowntomybones says :   3 April 2010   748031  
Stop being smart. 

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