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Sunday, 28 March 2010
09:44:07 PM (GMT)
Have bothered writing one of these down in awhile. This isn't TLO, it's just my way
exploring the existantial possibilites inherant within and infinite reality.

Basically, I have an overative imagination when I'm tired.

Which is all the time.


      "Used to be robins," Amber said glumly. Darcy turned around from the window.
"Yeah, but people feed robins all year round. Robins don't gotta fly anywhere to get
food." Darcy eyed her sisters poor posture and laziness with distaste; she slouched
over a laptop chin in hand so that when she talked her jaw clicked together after
each sentence.
      "I still don't see why it got changed to red wing black birds." Amber sulked
with a click. Darcy made a big show of being on the Back Yard Bird Count, but AMber
thought she was more of a show off than an ornithologist.
      "Well fine then, just call up the birds to complain about the symbol of
springtime," the elder said in vexation. "Honestly, what would you like the
first sign of spring to be?"
      "I dunno, maybe sunlight? Warmth?" myabe the sign cold be a migration of
dragons... "It's almost sixty degrees out!" "Whoa, fifty five degrees. Gosh, you
proved me wrong, finish counting so we can go swimming- Oh wait. half the
pool still has leftover ice on it," 
      "It's melting though. Oh hey, here's something you'll like- there're peepers in
Fishkill," Darcy said encouragingly, hoping to get Amber out of the house so that she
could count birds.
      "Yeah, yeah, count your red wing black birds," Amber said. It only took a
moment for her curiostiy to get the better of her though, so she put her laptop down
and heaved herself off the couch. Facebook could wait- the frogs cold realize their
mistake and start hibernating again any second.
       She stepped on to the driveway, instinctively avoiding piles of maple trash.
What it the red a white stuff, anyway? Polin, seeds, what? Amber leaned down to take
some of it in her fingers, but the pile moved away. Around her, indivigual peices of
maple trash shifted and unfolded, revealing fairies.
      "Oh! Are you the symbols of springtime then?" Amber asked in
astonishment. As one the fairies shook their heads, and pointed to the edge of the
The red wing black bird sitting there finished swallowing it's peeper.
      "Oh come on! I meet a group of magical fairies, and you just wanted to proove
my jerky older sister right?" Amber demanded. The fairies nodded.
Amber went back to her laptop.
     "Did you hear the peepers?" "I don't want to talk about it," Amber clicked.

Kirti's Mind Theater- end.

Note: I live in the north eastern United States. Pretty much everything in my region
was named by Native Americans, or the Dutch. "Kill" in Dutch means "stream". Fishkill
is a real town, named for it's stream of the same name.

But as you can imagine, it  really freaks out little children ^_^"

‹[[Joanna;;Oh No She Didn't ♥]]› says:   29 March 2010   693783  
I have an overactive imagination too when I'm tired, only when I'm
tired nothing I write makes any sense. There are too many grammar
errors xD

Have you ever had dreams where you had a really good idea for a story
and then you forget it when you wake up? It sucks, doesn't it? xD
Kirti says :   29 March 2010   914223  
Surprisingly, my dreams aren't very interesting. My subconcious is
truly lazy and boring. People talk to me when I'm asleep, and I sound
completly coherent, and all the messages in my dreams are stated in my
dreams. It's very annoying >.< 


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